RadhaKrishn 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Adds To Radha’s Confusion

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Krishna informs Gopis that if they pray in Ambikeshwar temple, Mahadev will fulfill their prayers for sure. Once he leaves, Radha fumes that Krishna did not even look at her and invited Gopis to meet him in temple. Ugrapath permits Ayan and Jatila to visit Ambikeshwar temple. Krishna asks Balram to prepare a bullock cart for him, which he does an dtries to sit in it. Krishna says he can go and sit with parents and calls Gopis to come and sit in his chariot. Radha walks there with her family. Krishna loudly says he has still 1 person’s space left in his cart. He greets Jatila and Ugrapath and requests Jatila to sit in his cart. She denies. He then asks Ayan who also denies. Krishna then drives his chariot. Radha requests Ugrapath if she can sit with her friends. Ugrapath permits.

Kans meets guru Shukracharya again who says he already helped him a lot and cannot anymore. Kans requests to send his asur Sudarshan to stop Krishna from reaching Ambikeshwar temple. Sukracharya reminisces Mahadev’s warning that he can use his powers but not misuse them. He shouts Sudharshan is half dev and half asur and calls him. Sudarshan snake emerges, and Sukracharya orders him to kidnap Krishna. Sudharshan says he cannot do that. Sukracharya says he will get mukti if he does that. Sudarshan agrees.

Krishna with Gopis and Radha reaches temple venue followed by others. Yashoda asks Balram to go and be with Krishna. Balram says Krishna asked to be with baba always. Radha gets jealous seeing Krishna paying attention to Gopis ignoring her. She sees him braiding a Gopi’s hair and showering flowers on her. She questions him and he asks her not to disturb her. She walks away fuming and thinks what does he think of himself. She then sees Krishna playing bansuri sitting on swinger in front of her. Krishna greets her. Radha asks who is with Gopis if he is here. Krishna says Gopis are with their love and she is with her love. He continues his speech while Radha looks at him fuming.

Precap: Radha watches Krsihna stepping on snake Sudharshan and killing it.

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