Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naina screams with nightmare in her bed. Her mother comes home from Pooja and tells her sister to wake her up. Rekha asks what she had as nightmare, Naina says she has now begun to see bad people in dreams. Vijay came on the door and heard this. Naina denies telling them about names of villain in the dreams. Rekha scolds Vijay for not coming in her dreams, at least she won’t get fearful. In the washroom, Naina scolds herself in mirror for having Don in the dreams. Vijay knocks at the door, saying her dream is going to be fulfilled. She slaps the door at his face, Vijay tells her mother and Rekha about the director who is ready to give Naina a heroine’s role in his next film. Naina opens the door out of shock. Vijay says this is a confirmed news, the director wants to meet her right away. Naina jumps out of excitement, then assures her mother she is doing this for her only. She will fulfil each of her dream.
Raja was dressing up Vikrant in the garden. Vikrant asks if it’s something special. Raja says they are going to their new house. Vikrant says this one is good, but small like him. Raja tells Vikrant he is a prince and must stay in a palace. Vikrant says every prince has a princess, and Raja has a Rani. He asks about Raja’s Rani; a needle pricks in Raja’s finger. Laila comes to call herself as his Rani. Vikrant leaves drinking juice. Raja apologizes Laila for last night. Laila qualifies she is used to being scolded for every petty matter in these years. She holds his hand, assuring she is ready to own every of his pain. Raja says precious things have to be kept safe, not to show case. Laila says they are going to a new home, he must promise not to take old pains there. Raja gets ready to leave, as it’s late.
Naina arrives at the set with Vijay and asks about director. The man there says he has gone to meet the financer. Naina cries for being late. Vijay asks them about financer’s home.
Raja arrives at the palace of Amirkot, remembering about his childhood with Rani and Bindu. Vikrant notices Raja to be lost in thoughts, and drags him inside. Laila assures to turn this palace into a home for Raja. Raja breaks a coconut along with Vikrant. Naina steps inside the palace then and was left in awe. She calls it a palace of any Raja. Raja walks inside the palace, leading Laila and Vikrant. Vijay watches the director speaking to Raja’s men. They walk inside, while Naina comes to meet Vijay. The director complains for being late on set, Naina reads her practiced lines. Vijay interrupts, but the director was compelled to cast her.
Raja comes into the room, watching his and Rani’s bed empty and was hurt. His associate comes to inform him about director’s arrival. Raja was ready to provide any finances only if the ending of the film is the way he wants. The director suggests it would be tragic, but then agrees to Raja. Outside, Naina wonders whose house is this and goes inside to see it; she would also thank the financer this way.
Raja goes to the hall, saying he came to get rid of the memories of Rani. He screams he won’t be defeated by the memories of Rani. He has made a palace, and got what she had snatched from him. Rani has lost. He laughs hysterically, but was shocked to see Naina standing right behind him. Rage fills his eyes, and pins her to the wall. Naina loses her voice, Raja holds the back of her hair asking if she wants anymore pain. Naina keeps on pleading to leave her, resisting against Raja but he held her close.

PRECAP: Raja holds the collar of his man, who shows Raja a photo of Rani’s dead body and explains she was exactly like Naina.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Writers….what are you doing to my heart? It breaks every time I watch these episodes. My heart hurt at today’s episode. This is so sad. So hurtful. Poor Raja…that man has been through so much and to see his agony in this episode…broke my heart completely. I have to say Raja looks so dashing in his suit. I love this guy!! ❤️ Totally hot. Ahmmm…this Naina girl, I find completely annoying. What’s with this silly “mummy” she keeps saying? It grates on my nerves every time! I don’t like her. When you look at the flashback the real Rani was so elegant and sensible and didn’t do those foolish, childish behavior. Can’t stand Naina. That precap…troubles me. I wonder what these writers are up to? It can’t be the real Rani is dead. That better not be. The real rani was class. This Naina girl is plain silly. I will watch in great anticipation. Writers…I’m looking forward to happiness. Hope we get to the bottom of this mystery soon. My gosh…this is too much sadness and heart break. I really hope the real Rani alive.

  2. By the way, apart from looking so incredibly handsome, excellent acting and expressions by Sartaj Gill. I love his acting. He is such a brilliant actor, expressions and all. Excellent!!

    1. And I love the sound track they play for him as Don. It sends shivers up my spine. But I like the music. Exciting!!

      1. I also like the background music for Raja, it sounds like a cross between Jason Bourne, James Bond and Mission Impossible musical content rolled into one…..very Don -ish if I may add. ? ?

  3. Naina is childish now…but her character will become elegant as story progresses…she will groom herself into a queen after knowing raja’s past n for his love…naina is connected to rani…either twin or has got rani’s face through plastic surgery…I believe in the mayhem that happened 10 yrs back naina’s face may have burnt n docs gave her dead rani’s face…

  4. This naina could be his daughter from rani

    1. Can’t be. It’s a 10 year leap. Any child would be 10 years of age not an adult.

  5. i hope that naina is rani otherwise its stupid

    1. Yes, I think and hope so too. Maya, a few episodes ago when Naina ‘s sister had questioned their mother on why Naina looks different from her and where did she come from as they look vastly different, do you remember how evasive and uncomfortable their mother was while she carefully explained in only few words? I’m really hoping that Rani lost her memory (like in soapland) and this lady is passing Naina off as her own daughter. Raja had admitted Rani for surgery back then, I wonder if that little act will have any bearing in the story later on. Time will tell, huh!!!!! You know, Raja is still haunted by Rani ‘s memories and subsequent betrayal, so I’m questioning in my mind, why will he still recall these events if it wasn’t important? If Rani is dead, OK….you really have to wonder what’s the purpose of the serial if they won’t meet again, right ? So that’s why I still feel Naina is Rani. If she isn’t, it makes no sense absolutely to continue with the title ETRETR. I hope writers are thinking of this.

      1. I share the exact same thoughts Naz. The exact thoughts. Well said. I’m sure something happened at the hospital and a memory loss rani is being passed off as someone else’s daughter. I hope in being around the palace and shooting for the film jerks her memory. I found it interesting that Raja wants the story to end the way he wants. Tragically. If Rani is the lead in the film he’s financing then raja could have in th film playing out the events of 10 years ago with the betrayal of Rani and Iqbal. Something there, like the actress pulling the trigger could jerk her money. I Hope so.

      2. Oh yes that’s so true, maybe shooting for the film in the palace ought to jerk her memory, this is what you and I think, LOL…..and hope for.

  6. I hope that naina is rani its the only sensible outcome otherwise im done watching this show

  7. I want the real rani back

  8. I don’t know how but somehow I am sure that naina is rani only who lost her memory.Though her behaviour is childish and nowhere resembles the graceful rani,still there are some glimpses of her personality in naina like her stubbornness,self respect.desire to achieve everything on her own,fearlessness which made her to enter the premises of a don which raja could not help noticing.I can’t imagine how the grievously injured rani reached the junior cine artist mother after being declared dead by the police but in soap land everything is possible. I think her junior artist mother wants to fulfil her stardom ambitions through naina seeing that she is heroine material.So she is carefully hiding the truth that naina is not her child.Whatever it is I fervently hope like everybody here that rani will get back her memory during the last scene of the movie shoot and tell raja the truth.I request the writers to end the mental agony of the viewers by finally uniting raja and rani.

    1. Well said. I agree completely and hope for that too. ?

  9. I wonder how does it matter as long as eisha is there…naina’s character is fresh n bubbly too…what if producers continued with the character of rani n changed eisha…then we all would have hated it all the more…n eisha is 18 yr old in real life…making her look n play a 28-30 yr old after a 10 yr leap is not easy…so they introduced a younger n bubbly character naina…

  10. Rani is cute and nice dramebaaz

  11. Raja knows. What he is doing, he just want 2 find. Out who naina is using the palac.

  12. I think that the character of rani could not be fulfilled by naina or somebody looking like her
    The story is for raja and rani
    ..their love…raja loves real rani…he loves her frm his childhood and that love cant be replaced by someone else.
    If nania is the real rani..then the serial actually makes sense…oterwise its disappointing the viewers…
    Raja couldnt spend his life..hating rani…he is still unknwn about rani and iqbal reality…and this is possible only when rani herself makes everything clear to raja…hope to have a happy ending …seeing raja and real rani together..

  13. If 10 years leap is not actually possible with rani…i am confused why the writers have leaped the story…it was nt necessary…they could carry the story with real rani alive…and raja as a don….why there is a need to make rani dead….the viewers are not demanding that at all..they are not interested to watch a new character naina…

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