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Chapter 21-Weird Thoughts.
A/N:*I am imagining Parth samthaan as Prateek.*
“Prateek are you there?”I asked as I opened the door of the terrace.I have a lot of explanation to give him over my sudden disappearance.

I looked around to find that Prateek was still lying over the thick mattress on the terrace floor.
I made my way nearer,only to find him actually sleeping.I felt guilty for keeping him to wait this long and ruining his night out,which he arranged especially for me.
I settled myself on my knees over the mattress.I adjusted the comforter so that he doesn’t get cold. I was steeling glances to his well built muscular figure.In his pink and black T-shirt he was looking really innocent while sleeping.
I was caught off guard when suddenly he caught me by my waist and I ended up balancing myself over his chest.
My eyes widened and I tried getting out of his hold,but his grip became tighter.
“Stay.Please don’t leave again.”he mumbled,I realised he was still asleep.
Once my face was inches closer to his, I couldn’t stop myself from gawking over his well sculpted face.He had a prominent jawline just like Sanskar.
‘I am surrounded by beautiful men.’I wondered.What the hell is wrong with me?
I was cautiously removing Prateek’s hand from my back so that he doesn’t wake up,when on the spur of moment I noticed someone standing at the doorway.
A shiver ran through my spine seeing this strange figure not so far from us.
I noticed Prateek adjusting and opening his eyes.
“Swara? What are you doing over me?”he said rubbing his eyes and stretching his hands making his biceps bulge more.
I sat straight without any further adieu,blushing all the while.
I noticed that the person standing on the doorway was now gone.
“When did you return?”he asked sitting up.
“Ahh…Just now.”I said sheepishly.
“Are you leaving again?”he asked stretching his hands and resting them over his knees.

I stood up pacing the floor and switched ON the fairy lights.It added a soft feel to the whole environment.
“I am not going anywhere now,not before having this wonderful hot chocolate.”I said pouring the drink in mugs.
“Won’t you ask me why I left?”I asked sitting beside him and pulling the comforter over us.
“I know you will,if you want to.”he said thinning his lips.
I told him literally everything, whatever was going on in my mind.How Sanskar and I suspicioned Tanuj.How Ragini was going to elope from her own wedding,and how much she loves Laksh.He was right saying I would tell him everything if I’m okay with it and if I really WANT to.
“That’s shocking.So all this while Ragini was faking being happy about her wedding.”he was bewildered.
“I don’t know what to do Prateek?We have no proofs against Tanuj but I have an instinct that he is doing something wrong.”I said keeping my palms over the hot mug feeling its warmth.
“…and what if you don’t get anything against Tanuj,in all of this chaos Ragini is the one who looks guilty.”he said raking his hair.
“I know..”I said sighing since he was right.
“Okay fine just leave all of that.Tell me about yourself.”he said smiling and showing his perfectly even teeth.
“Hello my name is Swara Kapoor.I am a software engineer.What about you?”
“Well hello to you as well.My name is Prateek Samthaan and I am a web developer.”he said giving me a handshake.
“That would be the lamest introduction EVER!”I exclaimed and we both burst out laughing.
“Remember that stupid game of Vani’s? That ‘Blindfold kiss’.”he said quoting the words.
“Ya! How can I forget?That was the weirdest game I ever played.”I said whilst laughing.
I remembered how much nervous I was since it was really not normal for me to kiss a complete stranger.
“I thought you were my partner the moment you freed the scarf from my eyes.”
“No,actually my partner was Kavita.”he said awkwardly.

I burst out laughing at his reaction.
“Why are you saying line that?She is so beautiful.”I tried defending her.
“It’s not always the outer beauty Swara. You know how she is?”
“Hey tell me the rest of the pairings.”I asked excitedly.
“So you and I ended up with Sanskar and Kavita respectively.Manik ended up with Ahaana instead of Nandini,Ajay with Vani instead of Ahaana and Karan with Nandini instead of Vani.”
“That was totally messed up.”I laughed off.
“There was nothing serious in that game,so no couple was offended or so.”
I reminced how Sanskar just gave me a peck below my lower lip. Yes I was embarrassed by that.
After a few minutes of sitting silently and discussing about most random things over this planet,we planned to head to our room.
We were in the lift when Prateek said-“Oh god! it’s already four?”he said checking his watch.
“Ah I can’t believe I didn’t sleep for a whole night.”I said rubbing my eyes.
“I hope you didn’t get bored?”he asked sliding his hands in his Bermudas.
“No of course not. I am happy that someone just heard what l felt and I could give a piece of my mind to someone.”I said while getting out of the lift with him.
“Nice to hear that.Well let’s meet at the breakfast table. I’ll meet you after my workout and my morning routine. I am so not interested in getting a sleep…Hey! Good morning Ahaana.”
Suddenly we saw Ahaana in the lobby.
“Uh..Prateek and swara! Good morning.What are you guys doing this early?”she said playing with her hair.
“Nothing much.What about you?”I asked.
“Actually I was just going to Ajay’s room.Excuse me.”she replied hastily.
“She just comes here to meet Ajay.”Prateek said yawning and crackling his hands.
“What do you mean by that?They can’t live in a single room,not with the elders living in the same hotel”I stated.
“Not even different rooms but different hotels too.”said Prateek confusing me.
“What? She doesn’t have a room in this hotel?”
“No,she is staying at the skylarks and that too alone.”Prateek told me shrugging his shoulders.

Sanskar’s POV-

“Sanskar,Swara what are you guys doing here at this time?”I heard Kavita calling us from afar.

“Enjoy the explanation!”Swara exclaimed pushing me out of the lift and shutting it whilst waving us.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

“Sanskar what were you doing with her?And you didn’t even come to my room last night.”she asked pacing towards me and clinging to my forearm.

“Actually..Ragini called me and Swara for dinner with her and Tanuj’s parents.Since you were sleeping I didn’t want to disturb you.”I lied.

“Oh.”she mumbled.I knew she wasn’t satisfied with my reasoning.Why will she,no one normally has a dinner at two in the night.

Even though I was the one who suggested to drop by Kavita’s room I just wasn’t able to get my mind off Swara.
The fact that I knew she is at the terrace with Prateek made me more restless.I was wondering what they must be up to.
Maybe they were cuddling,kissing or worse-making love?
I brushed those thoughts away and tried to spend as much time with Kavita as I could.
She was my girlfriend for god’s sake!
“Sanskar are you there?”Kavita’s words brought me out of trance.
“Uhh yeah.”I hummed,playing with her fingers.
“Listen Sanskar I was wondering if we could extend our holidays even after Ragini’s marriage.I mean can’t we just stay here longer and spend some time with each other?”she said keeping her head over my chest.
I can’t take this anymore. I untangled our fingers and got up from the bed.
“What happened Sanskar?Where are you going?”asked Kavita bewildered.
“Listen I will talk to you in morning.Just sleep,I have something important to complete.”I said and rushed out of her room.
I just can’t help it, I have to talk to Swara and tell her about my growing attraction towards her.
I pressed the button next to the terrace and raked my hairs involuntarily.
Why am I so nervous,it’s not that I am going to propose her.
The lift dinged,and I ascended towards the door of the terrace.
The moment I entered I noticed it was completely dark out there.’What if they have already left?’I wondered.
I was about to leave when I heard someone humming.I noticed Swara lying over Prateek and he was holding her by her waist keeping her really close.A sudden pang of jealousy crept over my heart,which made me clench my fists.I couldn’t take it anymore,I spun around and left.
All throughout my way back I was devastated. I couldn’t think straight.I opted going to the hotel lounge and spend some time alone-to think.
All along the time I was sitting at the lounge all alone I just couldn’t stop myself from remembering the scene I encountered at the terrace-Prateek and Swara in such a close proximity.
But why was I so jealous? I mean she wasn’t even in a relationship with me, I never asked her out and I also had a really beautiful girl as my girlfriend.
“What would you like to have Sir?”a waiter asked me.
“Nothing.”I plainly denied.
The waiter gave me a confused look and still stood there.
I gave him a bloodshot look and said-“A plain glass of water.”
He looked around and left.I stood up and decided to go to the balcony of the lounge,if I’ve had known there will still be this much rush and that too at three in the morning,I won’t have come here.
I wandered around and kept on admiring the beautiful seascape in front of me.I didn’t realise it was already half past four now.The sun was about to rise and spread it’s golden rays.
Out of nowhere I received a call from Swara.All the frustrating feelings made their way back,I opted to switch my phone off.
Swara’s POV
The moment Prateek left to his room I made my way towards Sanskar’s room.I couldn’t wait till morning to tell Sanskar that Ahaana was the person with whom Tanuj meets each night.
I had already gave him a million calls but this idiot Sanskar had turned his phone off.He was not even in his room.
‘Ugh..Where is he?’I wondered stomping my foot.
When I was done finding Sanskar in all possible ways I decided going to my room and getting some sleep.
On my way back I saw Sanskar in the hotel lobby,I was confused seeing him wondering like this.
Suddenly he saw me and instead of greeting me or anything he changed his path and went towards the lift.
I covered the distance between us and called his name.But he being the arrogant jerk he is completely ignored me still keeping his back on me.
“What the hell is wrong with you Sanskar?”I asked him pulling his arm and making him look towards me.
“What do you want now?”he asked jerking my hands off his arm.
“Where were you?And why is your phone switched off?”I asked folding my hands in front of my chest.
“You know what Ms.Swara Kapoor,I don’t owe any kind of explanation to you.But if you really want to know what I was doing the whole night then listen-I was making love with Kavita,so I switched my phone off. I didn’t want any kind of disturbance.”he said rolling his eyes and almost shouting at me.
“Anyway I have to tell you something about Tan..”
“Listen you.. I am really sick of your idiotic investigations against Tanuj so please keep me out of it. I will just help you with Ragini and Laksh eloping today at midnight.Understand?”he said with rage and got inside the elevator.
“Fine then!”I shouted with glistened eyes while the doors of the lift were shutting.He didn’t even spare me a glance and just left.
While going back to my room, I knew what not to do-Never talk with this arrogant idiot.
I have to do things all alone now.Everything-from solving this Tanuj’s mystery to helping Ragini and Laksh elope today.

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This chapter consisted of both Swara and Sanskar’s POV.

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