Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev comes to golu’s school on a bike and says him whatz up junior, if he was missing him. Golu points at other children’s mothers and says they are missing him more and says because of him he has gained wait and people call him golu. He says people will scold him because of him. Dev asks how. Golu says he took him for a vacation, so he could not read. Dev says if he has done mistake, he will bear punishment from teacher. He lifts Golu and walks. Ladies stare at him.

Suhana packs her bags and says Sona that she wants to meet her father and know how Mr. Obodro looks. Bejoy shouts he will not her Suha go, Dixits are tricksters and will trap Suha. Suhana gets afraid and hugs Asha. Asha asks Bejoy not to frighten baby. Bejoy apologizes and says he does not want her to go to Delhi. Sona says Suhana must have tought well. Bejoy says Suha is still a baby. Suhana says she has grown up now.

Dev walks into Golu’s class room and meets his teacher. Teacher gets mesmerized seeing Dev and says what a pleasant surprise. Dev says he meets her during every PT meeting. Teacher shyingly says Golu has to improve a lot. Dev says they met may times, so hey are connected now. Teacher starts staring at her.

Sona tells Bejoy he should let Suhana meet Dev and family. Asha asks Suhana if she can manage as she will not have daadu and dida there and Sona will not come with her. Suhana says she will manage.

Dev continues and talks about other class teacher. Teacher says she will pay more attention on Golu and make him improve. Dev says okay then, he will move as there will be other parents waiting to meet her. Teacher says she can come to his house and teach Golu and holds pen. Dev writes his mobile number and says she can call anytime. They both walk out nd Golu tells he fooled teacher well and says no hanky panky. Dev says okay junior an walks lifting him.

Suhana tells Sona that she was joking, she will not know, says what if she was a demanding daughter. Sona reminisces Dev telling what if he was that kind of husband. Sona tells Suhana that they are going to Delhi. Suhana excitedly thanks her. Bejoy says Suhana is completely like Sona and not like Dev.

GKB scolds her servant in broken English. Ishwari comes and sits on sofa. Golu comes calling her. GKB asks how did he come so early. Golu says big chachu spoke to teacher and saved him. GKB says when big chachu is around, there is nothing to worry. Golu says they went on a bike ride. GKB says those days were so good when Dev used to be here. Golu asks what happened. GKB starts badmouthing that Dev was caring so much for his mother and family, but his ex-wife changed him completely and now he does not come home regularly or meet is mother. Ishwari silently hears. Golu says that means big chachi is bad. Selfish Elena also hears everything but does not utter anything. GKB’s broken English continues.

Dev enters his office. Employees congratulate for his success and says whenever he comes and picks stock, their company benefits a lot. He announces 2 months bonus and asks to keep that bonus as he is closing this company. Vicky is shocked hearing this. Dev says till now whatever they have traded will be closed and their company will not deal in stock market. Employee says but sir… Dev sends them all. Vicky shouts why did he close trading company, they were getting profit only from that company. Dev says he will not become Dev dixit if he wears clothes like him and says he is closing his company, but has left Vicky’s 500 crore company, she should learn to run company and not interfere in his ideas. Vicky angrily leaves. PA comes and gives mails to Dev. Dev throws them in dustbin and says he has hired him to check all this mails, if he should give him 2 months bonus and restricate. PA apologizes. Dev asks him to go and look at his work. PA says he got invitation for award, but he said he will not come. Dev asks why. PA says Sona is awarded best women entrepreneur of the year award. Dev says Sona is his ex-wise and asks to go and tell he is attending award function.

Precap: While traveling in car, Sona looks out repeatedly. Suhana asks whom she is looking at. Sona says nobody. Dev tops his bike next to her car, but they don’t notice each other.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Subhashini

    Guys socho,dev already knows that sona is a business woman….so somewhere he knows something about her in this 7 yrs….so may be he follows her….
    But ek tharaf he didn’t know that he have a daughter….so may be he not follow her….
    Harae baba kya confusion yaar….cv’s nae hum sab ko itna confusion mae kar raha ae…..in sab ka ans jaan kililiyae kitna din wait karna padega patha nai…..totally confused….. But show is interesting….

  2. Junee

    Hope Sonakshi mentions in that award ceremony that her daughter was the driving force behind her achievement!Will be interesting to see Dev’s reaction as a viewer in that ceremony! Reverasal of roles if we recall Dev’s achievement award ceremony !

  3. Hiii friends……???

    Hoyyy hoyyy are kya acting hei Sharica ka…. like CHAMELI ??? lots of clrs in dem….. Awesome ???

    Suhana said”Agar socho mei aisa wala beti hoti tho..(Same like Dev …Am literally crying dat time bcoz of Sona Ka expression……..)

    Am really Madly adicted diz show …… Monday Ka episode miss kiya little busy hu…. but online pe dekhliya meine kal Ka episode bi Sony liv pe dekhliya …… Humko na iss KRPKAB Ke bina rehna bahuttttttttt Mushkilllllllllllll???

  4. LeeSa

    This one is for dev-sonakshi

    Is behte dard ko mat roko
    Ye to saza hai kisike intezaar ki
    Log inhe aansu kahe ya deewangi
    Par ye to nishani hai kisike pyaar ki

  5. Chanpreet0815

    Socho agar mai vaisi waali bet I hoti toh. Wow what a line spoken by soha.
    Dev superrrrr se bhi uparrr. Bht hi cool or calm lag raha h. jese uski life normal chal rahi h. without no stress. He told that company band kr do. Mujhe bht acha laga uska new look.
    Sona jese react krti h ki use koi farak nhi padta. Jab ki usko khud ko pata h ki use farak padta h. Verna vo shock hi nhi hoti.

    1. Asmita...

      fark Dev n Sona dono ko hi pad raha hoga…. par koi bhi show nahi karega…. I think wo dono aise pretend karenge jese unhe koi fark hi nahi pd raha…

  6. Chanpreet0815

    Dev ne kya sunaaya h ishu ko. Maine sab se pyaar kiya. Sab ki khushi me khush tha. Yeah soch kr ki sab meri khushi me bhi khush honge. Lekin aisa kuch nhi hua. he is right. Agar ek decision usne apne man se liya toh dev ki jindagi me uske maa ki importance kam ho gai dev badal gaya. Wow.
    Dev ne bht sahi kaha ki aaj se mai apne baare me sochunga apna dhyaan khud Rakhunga.
    mai aisa nhi bol rahi ke dev pura sahi h.
    lekin uspe ek baar bhi kisi ne trust nhi kiya naa uski maa ne or naa hi sona ne.
    Maa ki galti toh he hi. She didn’t accepted sona. Fir use bacha bhi chahiye tha. Aur jab dev ne 5 crore diye the saurav ko toh itna issue nhi banana chahiye tha. haa agar puch ti dev ko ki tune paise diye h toh dev haa bol deta. Bas udar hi topic close ho jaata. or jab sona paise dene aai thi toh lele ti. Vaise bhi sirf paiso ki vajah se itna bada issue create kiya. Dev ne sona ko jo baate Sunai vo bilkul galat thi. Firr jab vo Nashe me tha jab sona aai usse milne. Tho sab jaante h. Dev kabhi bose family ko unke ghar se nhi nikaal sakta. becoz vo khud bhi toh us incident se guzar Chuka tha. vaha dev ki koi galti nhi thi. Or vo paper usne vickey ko bahar feKne ke liye diye the. usme bhi dev ki koi galti nhi thi.

    Sona ko pata h ki vickey kaisa h. Fire usne uski baaton par trust kaise kiya. Jab dev sona se keh raha tha ki usne papers nhi banaae. Tho bhi sona ne us Pr trust nhi kiya. Dev ne tab jo kuch bhi sona se kaha. vo bilkul galat tha. Dev ko bhi pata h sona ese kuch bhi nhi kr sakti. Paiso ke liye shaadi nd all. Lekin firr bhi dev ne usse ye sab words kahe uski bhi galti h.

    In all dev or sonakshi alag hue isme UN 3no ki galti h.
    Ishwari, Sona or Dev.

    Ham sirf ishu ko hi galat nhi bol sakte. Usse ko kuch expect krna bekaar h. Lekin in all galti 3no ki hi h.

    Aur ek baat. Harr kisi ko lagta h ki vo sahi h. Dev kahega mai apni jagah pr sahi hu.
    Sona kahegi mai apni jagah sahi hu.
    or Ishu kahegi mai apni jagah sahi hu.

    Lekin mujhe toh 3no hi galat lagte h.
    haa itna jarur h ki kisi ki galti jyada h or kisi ki galti kam.

    Baht jyada hi long speech ho gai h.???

  7. Chanpreet0815

    And one more thing love me understanding or trust hona bht. Important h. Or dono me vo things hi missing h. Tho ye kaisa love h

  8. Chanpreet0815

    Watch it.

    1. Sneha1

      But I don’t think it will happen so soon….

  9. indira chatterjee

    Divorce milna etna aasa nahi hota, Dev aur sonaka Divorce jaldi kaise ho gaya. Sona ko Malaum nahi tha ke wo pregnent thi, how could be it possible? bakowas and phaltu serial hai. Kya director bahut jaldi me hai? Sab Kuch ekhi episode me dikhana chahta Hai?

  10. This story getting very interesting track…. Waiting for their first meet after 7yr

  11. Dev and Sonakshi first meet at an award function; clashes between Dev-Sonakshi amid public!

    January 18, 2017 


    The upcoming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness the most awaited moment. Dev and Sonakshi will meet each other at an award function and they will get emotional after seeing each other.

    Dev and Sonakshi will meet each other at an award function where Sonakshi is supposed to get best business woman of the year award. Dev will be proud when Sonakshi will receive the award!

    It would be surely amazing moment for the fans. The eye lock amid Dev and Sonakshi will be seen as well in the upcoming track. However, the clashes amid Dev and Sonakshi ill be visible through out the award function.

    1. Sneha1

      I am just waiting for their first meeting… it is going to be a love hate moment…..

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Ek ke baad ek twist aa rahe h show me

  12. Purvi128

    Haayyeee … mere DevAkshi .. ?????????????? itna rona aaraha hai … CVs plss let them meet soon …. So sad … precap is so good … Sona looking out of window searching for his Mr.Obodro … How cute … still she loves him but will never accept … I was feeling so bad for her …. Ms.Khargosh ….
    Wanna cry …??????

  13. Varalakshmi

    Check the link dev & sona meet face to face https://youtu.be/5Y-QEvsFB0E

    1. Junee


      1. Varalakshmi

        My pleasure

    2. Priya9876

      O terriii!!!????
      Big Chaaa aap ye Kya harqatey kar Rahe ho???

    3. Priya9876


      Sona looks stunning❤❤???

      Awesome Make OVER????

  14. Sneha1

    Yaar.. I still have a doubt….
    ev Sona ka divorce kab hua…..

    1. Junee

      Me too have the same doubt!

    2. Priya9876

      Divorce nhi hua….

      1. Junee

        Fir ex wife kyun keh rahe hey??

      2. Junee

        Priya as per Varalakshmi’s last link they are divor. As per that writeup. Kucj samajh mey nahee a raha hey isiliye just dekhte rehna chahiye aur jitnee illogical stuffs hey usko golee marna padega mere khayal se

  15. annika princess

    Nyc episode . Like the looks of sonakshi and dev both and golu is the cutest .Like the ex-gareeb ki beti dialogue. But Bijoy is till the same. Should have mellowed down a bit. What about Saurabh Neha ,Nikki and Riya?

  16. Chanpreet0815

    I don’t think so ki devakshi ka divorce hua. Agar divorce hua hota toh sona soha ko dev se milne nhi deti.

    1. Junee

      Nahee firbhi dena padta otherwise if Dev would come to know he can always file a case against Sona! So the custody of a child has to be worked out and Sona has started that in an intelligent manner gradually!!

  17. @indira chatarjee….agr apko KRPKAB Bakwas ar bekar lag raha h to use dekh kar ar yaha comment kar k apna precious tym kyu waste kar rahe ho??

    1. Junee

      Plz don’t show so much of intolerance by suggesting not to waste time! This page is for every fan and everybody can comment negative or positive!Its perceptions that ate aired and we need to be tolerant towards each other! This page is not about just praising the show and saying goodies! If someone has not liked something let that be said. Its important to show some tolerance!!

  18. Junee

    As per Varalaksmi’s link , Dev and Sona are divorced! Yeh kaab hua makers we just knew about prenup! Makers, in the name of drama u have lost track of a lot of things and plz sort out the query of the viewers as u show the episodes!Looks like This writer has boarded a superfast train!
    Anyways , as per that link we are in for more torture by GKB! God ,when will they show this woman being pounded/ crushed!! ????
    That will be the day for celebration by KRPKAB ians!!!

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