Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sudha accepts the vows of marriage and the rituals continue. Chandar walks away from the hall. They take wedding rounds. Kailash smiled, Sudha cried. Sudha comes at the terrace of the house where Chandar was asleep. She sits beside his bed and cries, he wakes up at once. He holds at once, he says that she is a great lady, she is much more than what he has thought her of. Sudha puts some flowers in the feet of Chandar bound in her dupatta. He asks what she is doing. She then puts red colour on his feet. She says that she will no longer listen to anything he will say. She keeps her head on his knee and cries. Chandar was silent. She takes the flowers from his foot, wrap in again, crying she will take them with her. She stands to leave, Chandar stops her and asks if she is really going. Crying, she says she is leaving the house, not his heart. He holds her hand and says he doesn’t know how, but please don’t go. Sudha says she will have to leave, she tells him to take care of himself and her papa. She asks him to leave her hand, he has no right to hold it now. The farewell bidding rituals take place. Sudha leaves thinking that she prays this house never gets unpeaceful as it has kept her like a princess. She has played her in this house, spent her childhood. Her memories are associated with this house. Mr. Shukla stood outside the door, and blesses Sudha to stay happy. Sudha asks him to forgive her if she ever did a mistake, and take care of himself. Sudha tells Chandar to take care of Papa’s medicines, and drink only milk tea. It isn’t that he stops taking care of himself if Sudha has gone. She tells Binti to take care of Chandar, hugs Mai and both cry loud. Kailash keeps a hand on Sudha’s shoulder and takes her along into the car. Chandar shuts the car door. Chandar and Sudha couldn’t take off their eyes on each other until the car had moved on. Chandar turns to face Binti who was staring at him too. She then goes inside along with everyone leaving Chandar alone.
On the river bank, Chandar sat alone on the stairs. He looks at a girl standing on the boat, the vision clears to be Sudha. He calls Sudha but it was Binti. She corrects that it is her, Chandar asks what she is doing so early here. Binti says she came to pray for something. Chandar asks what she had to pray. Binti asks what he was looking for and why he called her Sudha, was he looking for her. Chandar says Sudha has gone, it seems everything has gone with her. Binti says that he let her go, she says that he must have taken Sudha from Kailash, he let Sudha go instead. Her uncle also did so. Chandar says it was good for Sudha. Binti says that for Sudha, he has always taken the decisions and they were even right. But this time he was mistaken. She says that she is afraid this time and Chandar must also be afraid of this. Binti leaves.
Chandar arrive at the library and indulges himself in the daily routine. He comes to cobbler one day in winter, he asks to repair his shoe. He was lost, recalls Sudha instructing the cobbler. He tells him to do it right, and instructs just the way of Sudha. The cobbler says that he is just instructing like the madam. Chandar is silent, he pays the cobbler. The cobbler asks where madam is, he didn’t see her for long. Chandar leaves without answering.

PRECAP: Sudha takes her jewelry off saying she isn’t a bride at all. Chandar asks what she is doing. Sudha says she did as he had said but not anymore. Mr. Shukla tells Binti and Bua that Sudha is not well, we must go to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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