The Sisters’ Tale – Chapter 1

I was a die hard fan of AM but i did not like the track after 7 years leap. I liked Shivangi’s character a lot but it was ruined.
After the leap it was shown that shivangi divorced tej. I just want to change this track and show shivangi positive.
This fanfic starts from the day agam got his memory back. Two hours after agam got back home.

Agam plays with baani and jojo. Nimrit comes and asks them to compelete homework first. Jojo agrees and asks baani to come. They go. Agam says jojo is just like you. No one can say jojo is not your daughter. Nimrit says and no one can say bani is my daughter. She is just like shivangi. Agam asks where is shivangi? Nimrit says she is in US since last 3 years. Agam says ok but why. Nimrit says she is in coma since 4 years. Agam is in shock and asks how. Nimrit says 4 years back, when jojo was 1 and baani 3….shivangi, baani and nimrit are walking and jojo is in baby car. Baani walks on road and shivangi sees her and a car which is about to hit baani. She shouts baaniiii and runs to save her. She holds her and gets hit by car and gets unconscious. Nimrit shouts shivangiiii…..and she is lying still even now. She is in US with Sarvajeet BHAIYA and gayatri BHABHI. She cries says tej is most hurt by this and is broken from inside. Agam hugs her and says don’t worry shivangi will get fine soon.

Bani and jojo do the homework. Agam comes and asks jojo to fill the date. Jojo asks the date. He says 12 oct. He remembers that its Nimrit’s birthday day after tomorrow. Bani says she does not celebrate. She wants nobody to wish her and does not accepts the gifts. He asks why. Bani says mumma went this day and since then mumma does not celebráte her birthday. He gets puzzled. Jojo says shivangi mumma went this day and since then nimrit mumma does not celebrate her birthday. Bani says yes nimrit mumma says she will only accept shivangi mumma’s wish first from her mouth.

In US Shivangi opens her eyes and shouts Baaniii. Doctor checks her and calls sarvajeet. Doctor informs him that shivangi woke up.

Amrit Joins the parts of nimrit’s torn pic and says happy birthday. Yug looks on.

Credit to: Dia

  1. What is AM??? Dia… I don’t know …Is it a serial??? Which one… And don’t as I asked you like this..

  2. Omg i luvd it

    nd brity it is the serial amrit manthan

    but don’t get cnfused
    its not me who is writing it
    its sone other dia

    1. Oho… It’s you Dia… I think I had seen you in serveral pages… Thank you…

  3. Really interesting yaar Dia !!!
    N wich serial is it n on wich channel ??

  4. Hye
    thankyou for the comment dia
    this serial ended one or two years back mandy and it was on life ok
    This serial is amrit manthan brity

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