Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells his friends to take care of his mother while he will fight those Asuras along with his father. Kesari remarks that it is time to practise your lessons. The kids cheer for Hanuman. Hanuman attacks the Asuras. Kesari applauds him. Hanuman says you can sit on one of the stones and guide me like you do during the training time. Kesari sits down on one of the stones. He guides Hanuman. One Asura tries to hit Kesari but he instead hits him. The Asura falls at a distance. One Asura begins to walk towards Anjana. Kesari and Sakha take care of him together. You only were following me. Sakha throws the Asura high up in the air. The remaining 3 Asuras surround Hanuman. Kesari joins him son. Kesari and Hanuman together take care of all the Asuras. Anjana is touched. The fight ends. Hanuman hugs his mother. Anjana looks at Kesari.

In the palace, Hanuman tells everything to his Nani. It was so much fun! Nani is glad to see her daughter smiling finally. She seemed very upset lately. Hanuman remarks that he can do anything to make his mother smile. Nani says Anjana is very lucky to have a son like Hanuman and a husband like Kesari. May they all stay happy like this forever. Hanuman too wants his mother to smile always. Anjana looks at the moon. I cannot see them all getting sad. I cannot even imagine that this is the last night that I will be spending with them. I will have to leave them. Indra Dev’s words echo in her head. She looks worried. Hanuman observes her. He also looks at the moon. Minister comes to inform Kesari that a lot many Asuras have come over. They are troubling / torturing the Rishi’s living nearby.

The Asuras stop the Rishi’s from praying to Indra Dev or Vishnu. No yagya will be done. The Rishi’s try to oppose them but get beaten in return.

Minister shares that their neighbour state has called for an emergency meeting, to discuss on the same. Kesari tells ANjana that he will be back soon. Maybe it can take a day’s time. Hanuman too wants to join his father but Kesari wants him to stay back in Sumeru. Someone should stay here too. Kill them if they come here too. Hanuman nods. Anjana gets teary eyed. Kesari is ready to leave. Anjana asks him if he can stay back tonight. Kesari is surprised. Is there a problem? She denies. You just got out of a big trouble. I wanted you to take rest tonight. He understands her concern but points out that he is a king. He has to stand for his citizens always like a servant. He should never rest. She nods. I don’t want you to ever think that you are bound in anything because of me. She hands over his mace to him. Save the citizens and the Rishi’s. Kesari is sure Anjana wants to tell him something. We will solve it together if there is some problem but I have to leave at the moment. I promise you, I will talk to you on this matter first thing tomorrow morning. She touches his feet. You made a promise but how will I be able to fulfil it? I don’t even know if that morning will even come or not. Kesari once again agrees to talk to her as soon as he is back. Take care of yourself and everyone else just like you have been doing always. He leaves. A tearful Anjana looks at him. She watches him from the balcony too. He turns once to look at her and is boggled to see her all emotional. Anjana cries seeing him go.

Anjana is in the temple. What is happening Lord? My Swami is not with me even when this is the last night when I will be with him! I will have to leave for Swarg real soon. I cannot even wait for him to return. Atibal overhears her. This is such good news. I will have to tell it to Ravan asap. Anjana says the happiness returned just now in our lives and now I have to go away. No one will be able to bear this separation. They will even fight with Indra Dev if they find out the truth. I did not even get a chance to tells Swami the truth or I would have made him understand. This is destiny. I cannot tell anything to Hanuman. He wont be able to take it. If I hide this truth and leave then it will be adharma. Guide me Lord. What should I do? Strong wind starts blowing. Anjana’s attention gets to the papers kept in the temple. I understand what you want me to do Mahadev. She writes down a message for Kesari. This is my last greeting to you. I am helpless in front of fate. Hanuman comes there. Anjana wipes her tears before turning to look at him.

Precap: Anjana thanks God for giving her strength so she did not cry before Hanuman. Ravan is glad to know that Urvashi’s jealousy separated that vanar from his mother. Anjana leaves everything on fate.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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