Ek Saath Rahenge Palak aur Pakhi – Part 1

Guys I’m back!!

Mohini: She got up at 5am again. This girl

Rahi is seen coming back home 🏠. Rahi comes back and sees Mohini sitting on the bed 🛏.

Rahi: mom, y r u here.

Mohini: Y can’t u stop being so serious for just once.

Rahi: mom please u know y.

Mohini: I don’t want to repeat the past. Get ready for college.

Rahi: okay

Rahi got ready for college

Piya’s house

Piya got ready and thought of Pakhi

Piya(in mind): Where are u choti? I really miss u.

Suprya: Piya ur getting late

Piya: Coming, Ai

Piya leaves for college.

Mumbai Anisha College

A Range Rover stopped in front of the gate

Rahi and Manvi came.

Manvi: Rahi Di where r u lost

Rahi(Wiping tears): nowhere

Rahi was thinking about Palak

Rahi(in mind): I miss u di.

A girl came running to Manvi

Manvi: Hi diya, did ur brother Akash come.

Diya: au Akash’s lover.

Rahi got shocked

Rahi: Manvi!!

Diya: Rahi, I’m just joking 🙃.

Rahi went

Manvi: u idiot Y di-

Diya wasn’t noticing Manvi she was looking at Sumedh who had just come with Piya.

A voice: oy Diya what’s so interesting.

Diya turned and saw Akash

Diya: Akash bhai

Precap: Akash-Manvi’s convo. Diya slips and falls into Sumedh’s arms. Piya-Rahi meet and feel each other’s presence. Shalaka returns.


  1. Awesome episode! But I am getting confused with the characters. But please you don’t worry it will get comfortable after some episodes. ❤. Really it was interesting. Moreover waiting for long episodes

  2. Jasminerahul

    Mohini rahi bonding is cute.what past is mohini talking about?Will piya meet rahi?Guess manvi n diya love akash n sumedh.perfect pics

  3. Radhakrishn

    Loved Mohini-Rahi bonding. Is Shaheer as Sumedh, Ritvik as Akash, Rhea as Diya and Kaveri as Manvi??

  4. Radhakrishn

    Hey when will you update, your another ff??

  5. Samaila

    I submitted it. Will come in a few hours.

  6. Samaila

    The casting is right

  7. Prajkta

    Nice start….Will take some time to remember the new names for the actors, as not used to it….. Loved the first part

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