KKB (A mysterious love story) (Part 12)

Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ guys gadhi will never stop. So let’s go

Mehra Mansion, Rhea’s room

Rhea looks at Prachi and her pictures.

Rhea(emotional): I only had 1 chance to live peacefully with u. Y did leave me? I’ll never forgive myself. It’s all my fault.

Rhea starts crying.

Vasundhara mansion

Deep takes of masks from a board. The pictures are of Aarohi, Tara, Netra, and Abhimanya

He takes Aarohi’s picture of the board and puts Anamika’s picture on the board

Deep: This game is only getting interesting

Singhania House

Anamika is attending a call.

Anamika: Can’t u get anything right.

Speaker: Sorry ma’am

Anamika: I’m giving u just 1 more chance, get that in ur head.

Speaker: Okay ma’am

Netra comes

Netra: Y r u so stressed

Anamika(angry): I told that idiot to just get some information and he-

Netra: 100,99,98,97,96……2,1,0

Anamika calms down

Netra: come on Manvi(Anamika’s PA) will take u shopping 🛍.

Anamika: right

Mumbai New Mall

Ranbir was at a store

Ranbir: If I don’t buy these shoes 👠 then Mishti will literally eat my brain.

Mishti’s room

Mishti: Bhai was very happy. Did he see Prachi? No, if he did he would’ve said.

Mumbai New Mall

Anamika is in a accessories store. She sees a few clips and earrings

She buys the clips and earrings while Manvi gets lost in the mall.

Precap: Ranbir-Anamika have an eye lock.

Anamika: What are u-

Ranbir carries Anamika in bridal style (Bekhyali plays in bgm)

Sorry for the short episode. Tell me ur opinions in the comments below!!🥰😍🤪😜

  1. Radhakrishn

    Sad for Rhea. Now she has realised her mistakes but it is late but not too late.

    Why Deep has Abhimanyu, Tara, Nethra and Aarohi’s photo? Where is Aarohi? First time I agree with Deep saying that the game is getting more interesting.

    Which character have you chosen for Manvi??

    The precap seems interesting + lovely + suspicious.

  2. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Deep replacing Arohi’s pic with Anamika is shocking. Poor Rhea is suffering badly. Even the most shocking thing is, Arohi, Abhimanyu and Netra are Deep’s enemies but why Tara’s pic is there. Is he going to revenge Tara too? Precap is lovely.

    1. Samaila

      That will be told in the future episodes.

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