Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya sees Raghav coming back with mang teeka and asks him to apply it on her forehead. He asks why did she break the oaths they took during marriage. She asks what does he mean. He asks who is Abhiman to him. She says Abiman is his elder brother. Raghav gets emotional and says she was hiding such a big word from him and whole family knows about it except him. She made him an outsider.

He goes downstairs and tells Ratna that he used to feel in childhood that he should have an elder brother who would protect and take his side, whole family did not tell him that Abhiman is his elder brother, even Soniya betrayed him. Ratna says it is not Soniya’s mistake, she had asked her not to tell it to him, she was worried that she will lose even him. He says he wants to know why Abhiman hates him and insists. Dada says he will tell and says each story has 2 sides and both sides are right, it depends on which side you see. Daadi says for them, Ratna is always right.

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Dada starts story how Raghav’s dad Shekhar wanted to become chef and in between got married to Ratna. He says after Ratna wanted them to be financially stable, but Shekhar wanted to become chef. He fought with her and left with Abhiman leaving just a letter. Ratna got devastated after separating from Abhiman, Shekhar did not have any right to separate a mother from son. Raghav asks why did not they search them. Daadi says they searched a lot, but did not find them. Shekhar did not know that Rnat is pregnant, soon Raghav was born and Ratna forgot everything and got busy in bringing him up and taking care of family. She says fight with the world, Ratna become tougher and she became tougher even on Raghav. Raghav asks why did not she inform when he grew up. Ratna says she got afraid that even he will leave her. Daada says Raghav it is up to him whom he will be with. Soniya says she has promised Ratna that she will celebrate birthday with both sons. Raghav kneels down in front of Ratna and says he will fulfill Soniya’s promise and emotionally hugs Ratna. Ratna asks if Abhiman will agree. He says he will make him agree. Soniya apologizes Raghav for hiding the truth from him. He says he should apologize her as she did it for family’s goodness. Fruity asks them to stop their drama and make her sleep. Daada says all is well that ends well. Raghav says until he brings back Abhiman, it is not the end.

Abhiman wakes up hearing door knock. He opens door, but does not find anyone.

Ratna wakes up in the morning and sees a flower bouquet and whole family wishing her happy birthday. She thanks them. Raghav hugs her. Soniya takes her blessings. Ratna says Soniya that she gave a precious gift of her life. She takes daada/daadi’s blessings. Fruity gifts her hand-made card and says she did not have money, so she prepared it herself. Ratna says it is very good. Other sisters also wish her happy birthday. Khushi asks what is her plan. Deepu says looks like she is having a solid plan. Raghav says once his brother comes, he will taunt all sisters. Sisters say it is not fair. Soniya says plan is simple, they will remind Abhiman’s childhood, asks Raghav to bring him home. Raghav goes to Abhiman’s house and knocks door. Once Abhiman opens door, Raghav hugs him.

Precap: Raghav brings Abhiman home. Abhiman sees Ratna holding aarti thali for him and asks if she is his mother. Ratna says yes.

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