Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Shagun talking on phone. He asks about Nani. She says she is fine now. Adi gives all updates to Shagun. Ishita cries and Raman comes to her. He sees her crying and asks what happened, did Adi say anything. She says no. He says why are you crying, if you went to say a story to him. She says no, stories have vamps, stepmums and every stepmum is bad. Whatever I do, I will always be stepmum. He says you are a doctor and regarding your steomum by these stories, mum calls you Yashoda Maiyya, she was more than real mum, you are Ruhi’s Ishi maa, who got her real mum from road for the children’s sake, who gave Ruhi more love than her real mum, stop reading the nonsense stories, you will become Adi’s Ishi Maa and he will also love you like Ruhi, he will be afraid of you as his dad is afraid of you. She smiles.

He asks her to stop crying and come. Shagun gives Adi more tips to be smart and act normal, else she will use him. Adi says yes, I will act sweet. She says just remember, that house is yours and she is evil queen which we have to throw out. Adi says yes, I know, and I promise till you come back, I will make her leave this house. She says good, I love you.

Its morning, Raman says extra work and extra cleaning, she does not get peace. Adi comes and greets Raman and Ishita. She says your hot choc is ready, have it. He thanks her. Raman asks did he sleep well. Adi says yes, Ruhi is right, Ishita says good stories. He asks Ishita to make dosa, he likes it. She gets puzzled and says I will say when its ready. Raman says Rinki Bua is coming today, she was your fav. Adi leaves. Raman says Adi is behaving normal, then why is Ishita’s mood upset. Raman says I m thinking to have omelet in breakfast, after default dosa. He says I will make it, as you won’t touch eggs.

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Raman talks to Pammi and asks her to send Ruhi, as her Ishi Maa is getting mad, make her talk. He holds the phone and Ishita talks to Ruhi. Ishita asks her to come soon. Raman says I was very afraid and taunts her about yesterday night, and calls her witch type. She runs to beat him. They bump into Mrs. Bhalla. She says did you not get any place to romance, give me notice so that I stay in my room. Raman says what romance, she was beating me. Mrs. Bhalla says good. Raman says its too much, dad and I will case on you both. He taunts them and Ishita says he called you witch mummy ji. Mrs. Bhalla goes to scold Raman.

Everyone wait for Rinki. Simmi says you used to be with Rinki all the time when you were small. They have breakfast. Shagun calls and Simmi gives the phone to Adi. Adi says I m fine, I will take allergy medicines, Ishita will give me. He asks Ishita to give throat infection medicine at night. Mr. Bhalla goes to check Mrs. Bhalla’s BP medicines. Adi looks on. Rinki comes home with Romi and greets everyone. They get glad and hug her. Rinki asks why did they call her so soon, but I will be going back. Raman says take mum along. Ishita says I find out, you can join same course here. Raman asks her to meet Adi.

Rinki says she got gifts and asks Romi to get it. She is glad meeting Adi. They all have a good family time and laugh. Rinki gifts everyone. Rinki says I missed home food. Rinki says she missed thee party, as Simmi and Romi sent pics and made me jealous. Raman says I will keep welcome party for you. Rinki says I love you all. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi comes home, and says she is going to meet Rinki Bua. She says she did not get time to miss Ishi Maa. Ishita asks did you not miss me, anytime. Ruhi says I enjoyed with Pammi aunty. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi and says Adi is getting set, its because of Ishita. Pammi says yes, Ishita came in our life when she took Ruhi to hospital when she had cough syrup. Simmi says yes, and tells about that girl who made Ruhi had that syrup, and they have misunderstood Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says end should be good. Ruhi says I will just come and leaves. Ishita gets sad and says Ruhi did not miss me, I missed her a lot. Ishita gets Ruhi’s book, and reads Ruhi writing she missed her a lot. She smiles and says Ruhi missed me so much, and hugs the book. She says I missed you too. Ruhi comes and asks is she reading her dairy. Ishita says sorry, whats this Nautanki, you did not miss me. Ishita says I missed you so much. Ishita hugs her and says I missed you too. She kisses her and they smile. Everyone enjoy in Rinki’s welcome party. Rinki hugs Amma. Raman wants to talk to Ishita and she is busy with everyone.

Rinki sees Mihir and shows Simmi. She says it was very sad what happened with him, after what Mihika did. Simmi says yes, his heart is broken, but he is living. She says Jiju did wrong with you. Simmi says don’t talk about him. They have a light talk about Raman and he became Santa Claus on Christmas, Ishita and Raman are romancing these days. They laugh. Raman talks to Ishita and she says she is annoyed, and will not talk. He thinks to do something.

Raman sings intehe hogay intezaar ki………… Adi takes Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines. Ishita dances for Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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