Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav takes out his tiffin box and asks Abhiman to join him. Abhiman says he is not hungry. Raghav eats Soniya’s prepared food praising her and then acts as sleeping. Abhiman then slowly takes food and starts munching. Raghav wakes up and says human cannot be away from food. Abhiman says food is tasty. Raghav says it should be as Soniya prepared it.

Anjali sees them eating and says Soniya that she is feeling hungry. Soniya gives her tiffin box and says dada that friendship begins with sharing food.

Raghav says he will clean tiff, Abhiman says he will clean it and says please. Raghav says please looks good from his mouth. He then asks if he knows to play game. Abhiman says no and says when he was 8 years old, his dad died and since then, he worked as a news paper and milk delivery boy to earn and study. Raghav says impressive, he is a self-made man. Abhiman says in childhood, he used to play a game with his dad. Raghav asks him to teach him. Abhiman says he will not. Raghav says he is sorry that he requested him. Abhiman says he requested him, not bad. Raghav says if he is afraid that he will lose in his own game.

Soniya watches them playing via binocular. Dada thanks Soniya for uniting 2 brothers. Anjali says she wants to eat proper food and wants to go home. Soniya says they will not see brother’s love again. She thinks Raghav did not call her at all in brother’s love. Raghav on the other side says Abhiman that he has to call Soniya. Just then, he gets Soniya’s call who asks if he reached the destiny with any problem. He says yes and cuts call. He asks Abhiman if he does not want to call anyone and says why will he as he is khadoos. Just then, he gets a call and Raghav says he will tell his girlfriend that is stuck in jungle. Abhiman says he is enjoying it. He sleeps on grass and asks Raghav to sleep in car. Raghav’s diary fall down. Abhiman asks what is it. He says it is his papa’s diary and is a lucky charm for him, so he brought it as his papa’s blessings before starting a new project. He goes and sleeps in car.

Soniya sees them sleeping separately and asks Anjali to shout like a witch/chudail. Raghav gets afraid hearing chudail’s voice, goes and sleeps next to Abhiman. Abhiman asks why did he come here. He says he thought he got afraid, so he came to give him a company. He asks how did his papa die. Abhiman says he got a heart attack. Raghav asks what was he. Abhiman says chef. Raghav says even his papa wanted to become chef and that diary has his reciepes and jokes that they may be separated brothers at kumbh mela. Abhiman gets irked and asks Raghav not to be personal, says he does not have any brother and does not want any relationships. He asks him to go and sleep in car. Raghav asks what problem he has and why he gets so rude suddenly. Abhiman says it is too personal and he does not want to answer him. Raghav angrily goes and sleeps in car.

Ratna gets worried about Soniya and Daada. Daadi asks her not to worry. Deepu asks her to relax and have faith in god. Fruity says Soniya tells if we think good, only good will happen. Soniya comes home with Daad and Anjali and acts as being sad. Ratna asks if everything is alright. Daada asks her to tell the truth. Soniya then laughs and says everything is perfect and this birthday, she will celebrate with her both sons. Ratna happily hugs her.

Precap: Goons surround Abhiman. Raghav runs to rescue him./span>

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