Mahakumbh 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maai asking Rudra to have food and praising the food as Punnu liked it a lot and was asking for more. Rudra says I m not hungry and lies down covering himself in anger. She asks what happened, and sees him shaking. She asks what happened again. He says we are not related to that girl, she was talking about taking us to Allahabad, I will never leave you, and hugs her. He cries and does not know how to get his anger out. She gets worried. Pandey talks to some man and he says I have checked the recording. Pandey says talk slow. The man says Grierson was talking about Shivanand and his son Rudra, everyone is finding Rudra. Pandey asks her to leave and reads the translation of Sanskrit on the paper. He thinks Pandey has damaged my eye for that Rudra, I will get that Rudra and I will take revenge from Swami ji for my insult and also get big amount.

Maya and Maai see each other. Maai tells her that she got Rudra in cemetery and everyone got freedom from the world by my hands and he has made me tangled in the biggest relation of the world, he made me Maai. She cries and says he calls me Maai Mui, my motherly love got less for his wound, so he shouted on you, his hidden pain of heart came out. Maya apologizes to her. Maai says its not your mistake, he hates to hear about Mahakumbh and Allahabad, don’t know when will this burden go off his heart.

Swami and Pandey come for meeting the PM. The assistant says PM is not free today and can’t meet. They sit in the conference hall and talk. Pandey tells about APG Rao. Swami ji asks Rao which ghats did he choose for his project. Rao says the sectors. Swami ji says you can choose any ghat by your wish, but not this Ganga ghat, it has devotion of people and its under our centre. Rao says govt has given us all freedom and we have chosen this three sectors. Pandey checks for Grierson’s number on Swami’s phone.

Swami ji says the final decision will be taken by collector, I will go myself to meet him. Rao says fine, I don’t have any problem. Rudra exercises and recalls Maya’s words and the Mahakumbh. He recalls Udiya’s death. The scene shifts to Poland. Shivanand thinks about Rudra’s wish to see Mahakumbh, and losing him. Grierson gets Rao’s lecture recording and is shocked. The lady asks what is the matter. Grierson says we came to know about Rao’s knowledge, it means he knows about the seven protectors, which he does not want to tell us and is hiding, it means he knows a lot, he need info from him, keep tracking him.

Pandey feels cold and meets his brother in law. He asks about the number and did he find out. He says its VIP type, all info is locked, I just found its from Poland. Pandey says we will know everything soon, once I know, then see what I do. Grierson keeps an eye non Shivanand and gets a call from Pandey. Grierson talks in hindi and Pandey is shocked. He says he is talking in hindi. Pandey says I m talking from India, and have imp news for you, which will make you glad. He says about Mahakumbh and Shivanand, my name is Pandey, I m linked to swami ji since 15 yeears, you want Rudra right, he is alive, and Swami is hidden this from you, he has an eye on Rudra and has all info. Grierson asks I want proof that Rudra is alive, send me any sample of his existence.

Pandey says that will be done, what will be my profit. Grierson says he will get anything once he does the work. Pandey tells his brother in law to book Banaras ticket, as their fate will be changing now. He laughs. Maya sees Rudra’s bare back and the sign on it. She is stunned. She apologizes to him, and he continues to exercise. He leaves and she asks him to stop, she accepts she did a mistake, but listen to her once. He wears the kurta. She holds him and says I did not wish to hurt you, I did not know about your past, I have hurt you, I m sorry.

He says be away from me and my Maai Mui, I don’t want to keep any relation with you. She says a person should get one chance to rectify mistake. He says it was my mistake to agree for friendship. I request you to go to your Allahabad. She says I know it was bad happened with me, move on, till when will you hold your past. He says till it holds my present. She says you feel its only you with whom bad happened, I also lost much, I did mistake by becoming you friend. She gets asthma attack and looks for the pump. Rudra turns and looks on shocked. She takes the pump and it falls. He gives it to her and she uses it. She gets better and sees his hand on her shoulder. He moves his hand away.

The guys tease Maya. Rudra beats them. Maya asks him not to leave her hand as he has held it now. He says all the best for her match. Grierson tells Shivanand about his son Rudra in India.

Update Credit to: Amena

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