Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik comes and stands next to nandini and says that I wanted to ask something. He says that do you know what a tie is. Nandin asks if it is a musical note and Manik says that it’s something like that and what did you thought. Nandini gives the definition of tie and Manik says that we will use these notes for the next play. Manik asks her is she can try and Nandini agrees and sits to play the piano. As she does Manik sits behind her and gives her a bracelet and says that we should mark our beginning with something that is ours.
Nandini stands up and holds Manik’s hand and they are about to kiss. Soha comes in and says Hey, she says that I have been looking for you all over. Manik apologizes and says that I got stuck somewhere and apologizes again. Soha says that I know you must have got stuck somewhere otherwise you would have come. She says that don’t get stuck anywhere as I have arranged a photo shoot for the album cover. Nandini says that we have to focus on the songs, Soha says that you might be the manager but this is my father’s album so if I say so than it will happen.
Harshad brings Navya to the hospital and after calming her down she calls the nurse who takes her to a room. He meets the doctor and says that just make sure that Navya doesn’t gets to know to what is happening and do it quickly. The doctor says it will be easy and no one will know. Navya asks the nurse of what the injection is for. She argues with the Nurse when the doctor comes in and relaxes Navya down.
Aliya, Muktii and Dhruv at the room for the photo shoot when Muktii asks about the flower. Soon Nandini, Soha and Manik come and Nandini says that the three songs are not even ready yet which are the basic of this album. Cabir also agrees with Nandini while Soha says that I know how to bring a yes out of my father.

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Navya is fighting with the doctor as she doesn’t wants the injection. The doctor tries to persuade her when Harshad comes in and asks her to what is going on and asks her to relax. Navya keeps on fighting and says that she doesn’t wants the injection and runs off from the place. Harshad chases her while she manages to escape.
Soha has brought three stands for Manik while two stands for the rest of the Fab5. Manik asks why the difference and Cabir says that you need to work on as we are naturally good looking. Aliya proposes with a jacket and so does Nandini and Manik goes with the one which Nandini brought up. Soha says that you are a rockstar and should look like one and will wear the clothes I have brought. Cabir says that Manik won’t wear these clothes and Manik also agrees. He takes the jacket and says to Nandini that we need a few more changes.
Manik is trying the jackets when Nandini asks of what he thinks about Soha. Manik slows down in his talk just to annoy Nandini and drags her inside as well while asking for the jacket. He asks her if she is jeolos and says that you don’t need to be. He says that you don’t need to be jealous of her while kissing her Nandini says that let’s go a little slow. She says that let’s be friends and Manik says that we can’t be friends and Nandini asks why not. Manik doesn’t answer and asks Nandini to go out as his friend needs to change. Nandini asks him to calm down and at least listen to her. Manik says that there is nothing to hear and tells Nandini to leave and so she does.
Aliya is coming out when her hair gets stuck in the door. Dhruv helps her and as they are walking Dhruv sees the tattoo on her back. Manik is doing the photo shoot and Soha asks him to concentrate. Soha stands with Nandini and says that he is soon going to be mine. Nandini says that you should hold you hopes high while and tells Nandini about Manik visiting her last night. Manik says that he doesn’t wants the shoot right now. Soha says that they will be somewhere in the background and Soha says that the others will be in the background. Nandini says that there is going to be a blast now and Manik refuses for the album.

Precap: Muktii asks Manik of what is going on between him and Nandini.

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