Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman sees Deepika coming to office and sitting on her desk. He comes out of his cabin and asks if she is alright. She asks why is he asking that. He says she usually comes on time, but today she is late. She says she was awake whole night and was dreaming. He says generally people get dreams while sleeping. She says people dream about their future while awake. He asks her to tell her dream and he will see if he can help her. She says she was dreaming about a tall and handsome man whom she was attracted, but could not see his face. He asks what happened next. She says then she went near him to see his face. She goes very near to him with a just an inch gap between their face. Peon comes and asks what happened next, whole staff asks. Deepika gets shy and leaves.

Raghav shows his business plan to Ratna and Soniya’s sisters and says Ratna bought a royal property in narsing garh some years ago and he wants to convert it to a hotel with 5 restaurants in it. Ratna says it is a good idea and asks when wants to execute it. He says in a week as he wants to finish it and go to honeymoon. Anajli and other sisters taunt him. Fruity asks what honeymoon means. He says daada/daadi will tell her its meaning and leaves. Daada says when moon falls on honey, it is honeymoon. Soniya says when 2 people will live together and understand each other, it is honeymoon. Fruity says then she will go on honeymooon with her friend. Deepika asks her to stop joking.

Soniya suggests Ratna to send Abhiman with Raghav on an official work. Ratna calls Abhiman and asks him to go on an official work in the morning.

Deepika meets Abhiman and sees him enjoying corn. He gives one to her. She asks why did he call her. He says he is going to Narsing Garh on an official work tomorrow. She says she knows. He asks how. She says she stays in Ratna’s house and she spoke to him in front of her. He asks whose face she sees in her dreams and asks her to close her eyes and imagine. She says how can she now. He forces her to close her eyes and dream. She closes eyes and imagines him. He asks whom did she see. She lies that she did not see anyone. He asks her to see today and tell him. She says he really cares for her. He smiles.

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Raghav comes to room after bath. Soniya hugs him from behind and says it is a surprise for him and since he is going away for 1-2 days, she wants to make this moment special. He taunts that she is getting romantic since hearing about honeymoon. She acts as getting and asks why did he tell about honeymoon in front of everyone. He says she is his legally wedded wife and it is his duty to love her. She says whatever it is, he should not tell about it in front of children. He asks her to accompany him to Narsing Garh. She says she cannot as she to take care of her shop. He taunts that her work is more important than him. She asks him to stop taunting and asks to help her in packing. He asks what should he get her. She asks him to get bangles. He looks at her romantically. She asks why is he looking at her like that. He says he will be away from her for 1 day, so he wants to look at her until he satisfies. They both get romantic.

Raghav gets down after getting ready for the trip. Fruity and sisters wish him all the best. He asks why are they so excited. Ratna brings aarti for him. He asks what is special. She says he is going on a business trip, so it is a good luck for him, performs aarti and wishes all the best. He asks where is Soniya. Rathi says she is near car.

Soniya asks Raghav to call him once work is done. He asks why. She says she will be missing him, so wants him to come back soon. He asks about Deepika. She says she has gone to office early. He asks why all sisters are so hard working today. She asks him to forget that and come back home soon after work. He says okay and leaves. Once he leaves, she calls Deepika and asks if Abhiman has left. She says yes.

Soniya says Ratna that she will follow them both. Ratna suggests to take someone. Sisters insist they will. Ratna suggests to take Daada and Anjali.

Raghav’s call breaks down on the way to Narsing Garh. Abhiman stops his car and asks where is his going. Raghav says it is none of his business.

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