Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika and Ashok dancing on the song, Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai……………plays……….. Everyone look on feeling embarrassed seeing them. Mihir feels hurt and drinks. Ashok gets closer to Mihika watching Mihir. Everyone clap. Shagun gets angry seeing them. Ishita says who could you. Raman says ignore it. She says I will ignore, how will Amma ignore this, see her. She goes to Amma and Amma wipes her tears. The ladies talk about Mihika, whose affair was going on with Ashok, and they met on marriage in the bedroom, she ruined her BF’s life for rich Ashok. Ishita hears them. Vandu and Bala see Mihir crying. Vandu says I can’t believe how is Mihika behaving, I will talk to her. Bala says she is married, we can’t stop her.

Mihika scolds Ashok. He says I m showing off my trophy wife, so you torture me at home, so that you can pretend to world that you are my perfect wife. He asks her to drink, and makes her drink forcefully as she refuses. She takes him to a corner and scolds him. He says I have to do this infront of everyone, if you stop me at home, don’t cry, it does not suit you, smile now. She cries. He says your family is here, what will they think, go and do touch up with smile paint, everyone should think we are happily married couple. Vandu hears all this and sees Mhika crying, and leaving. She says Mihika is acting to be happy, why did she take such a big decision.

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Mihika freshens up. Ishita comes to her and says everyone has seen it, you did great today, whom was you showing off, Mihir or Amma Appa, everyone was talking why you married Ashok. Mihika says let them. She says if you love your husband, keep it at home, don’t do at public place infront of Mihir and family, did you come to put salt on Mihir’s wounds, you had relation with him for 4 yeears. Vandu comes and says Ishu enough. Ishita says come with me, and Vandu stops her. She says I want to go bathroom, I m pregnant. Ishita says sorry. Vandu asks her to leave and she will come. Ishita leaves.

Amma cries and Appa asks her not to cry. Mrs. Bhalla mixes wine in the drink, and gives to Amma, to relieve her tears. She pacifies Amma and says don’t cry for that Menka Mihika, forget her, drink this. Mr. Bhalla signs what. Mrs. Bhalla winks to him. He takes Appa away. Vandu talks to Mihika and says I knew you are not happy. Ishu wanted to make you say truth, I can see it, I m your sister, won’t you tell your Akka…. They cry. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that Mihika can’t be happy with that bad man. Amma says she wants coffee. Mrs. Bhalla insists and asks her to drink.

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Adi looks for Shagun. Mr. Bhalla asks him to come with him, and says we will have kabab/tikkas. Adi says he is looking for mum, and leaves. Mr. Bhalla says he is getting bored along, as Ruhi and Shravan are not here. Appa says he will be back, its fine. Adi asks the waiter did he see Shagun, and describes her. He says yes, she is there, maybe drunk. He runs to Shagun. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla about Adi. She says no. He says I will find him. He asks Mr. Bhalla, and he says he went to Shagun. He blesses Raman to enjoy with Adi, as he is enjoying in his old age with him.

Shagun tells Adi she is fine. He asks her to come. She says no, my friends are joking about me, shall we call you by Mrs. Khanna/Bhalla or Ms. Arora, I came in this party for you, else Ishita and Mihika… I can’t bear them, I want to sit alone here, and shows her and Raman’s old pics, and today she is alone. She cries and says Ishita will make Raman against me, you go, I will come. Adi leaves. She thinks Adi will get my place in Raman’s life, this is all I want.

The waiter says uncle has sent this for you. Mrs. Bhalla sees Mr. Bhalla saying thanks for one more loaded. She drinks with Amma. Amma says I m Amma, you are mummy, our children it they behave like this, what will we do. Mrs. Bhalla says just slap and bring on right path. Amma gates raged and says I will go to slap Mihika, as you said. Mrs. Bhalla says you are stuck at one point, sit, she does not deserve to be brought on right path, she has gone mad. Amma cries and says I can’t see Mihika like this. Amma drinks Mrs. Bhalla’s drink too. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to leave it on Lord. Amma kisses her and thanks her. She says I m feeling very light now. Mrs. Bhalla says see I said, its good. They hug and smile.

Vandu stops Mihika and says we need to talk. Mihika says I don’t have anything to say, I have to go to my husband, you and Ishu can’t bully me, I won’t tolerate this, I m grown up and can take my decisions. She goes to Ashok and asks him to make a drink fro her. Vandu and Mihir look on feeling bad. Romi stops Mihir from over drinking. Mihir drinks a lot seeing Mihika. Ishita sees Adi worried. She goes to him and asks what happened, did anyone tell you anything. Adi recalls Shagun’s words. She asks again about Shagun. Adi says don’t acting to care for me, won’t you let us live, and defends Shagun, and says you snatched Raman and Ruhi, and Mihika snatched Ashok from her, are you not ashamed to get her earrings, no one wished her on her anniversary, shame on you. He leaves. Ishita recalls Raman’s words what counselor told him to make Adi feel secure, and they have to show Adi that he and Shagun assure him that they are for him, Adi can get better.

Everyone take family pic. Adi sees Shagun far. She signs him to smile. Adi stands with Ishita and Raman. Ishita senses he is upset and makes Shagun in the family pic. She says I need one good family pic with Adi. Raman looks on.

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  1. Wow wat a story. Pehle Raman Ishita se door jana chahta tha aur ab Ishita Raman se door jana chahti hai. great story. Makers ko itni bhi samajh nahi hai ki kya dikhaana chahiye aur kya nahi. People want to see positive/happy/good mood and not this bulshit negative drama. Yeh love story shayad adhoori hi rahegi hamesha. I agree with al the comments above but we cannot ignore this show bcos we love Ishra so much. Now, we are habituated to seeing them everyday for 1 minute atleast. We wanted to see so much love and romance between these 2 wonderful and beautiful people but our dreams are shattered.

  2. Hey tum sab ko yeh show pasand nahi to mat dekho par yunh aisi baate mat karo …….haa hume bhi Gussa aa raha hai makers par aur hume bhi yeh curent story track pasand nahi……par humyeh show sirf IshRa ko dekhane ke liye dekhate hai…….to agar aap logo ko story pasand nahi to pls makers ko blame kijiye show ko nahi …..aur yeh kya poster ke baareme bakwas likha hai……uwe poster par humare IshRaRuh ka pic hai inn bloody makers ka nahi so pls makers & writter ko blame kijiye show ko nahi……

  3. Ekta Kapoor , Shagun , Adi , Ishita and Raman ——- U gys are literally tooooooooooooooo stupid to insult ! I don’t want to insult Ishita and Raman they are ideal and this cannot happen in this world .
    Just stop being affected by that stupid ADI ! Don’t spoil your relations ! He hardly cares for u !
    And Ekta Kapoor U r just Impossible just clear this mess or u and ur serial is in a big trouble. Many people have requested not to show negative things but why don’t u understand ?
    I am telling you ekta that u have spoilt such a good serial and u r making it worse DAY-BY-DAY .

  4. You guys just stop giving so much attention to this serial . People are seeing spoilers , SBS , SBB just let it be yaaar ! Don’t watch this CRAP . This serial is the worst show on this UNIVERSE.
    There is one similarity between this serial and Sonakshi Sinha — Both are good for nothing !

  5. I Just Hate this serial . CCHHHHHIIIIIIIIII is the word for this serial .

  6. Only one word for this serial —- AAAATTHHUUUUUUUUUUU
    Feel like to pisssss on the poster of this serial !!
    If the makers of this serial of this serial can see this comment then , I would like to give u an award for making the Worst Serial ever !! U guys are just good for nothing .

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