Mahakumbh 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwari and Punnu telling Maai and Rudra about Maya, she is studying Ma and is from Allahabad. Maai asks Rudra to show he is really apologizing from heart. Rudra goes. Maai tells Tiwari that Rudra is going to college, from the cemetery, and prays for him. Punnu and Rudra go to college. Rudra looks at the building. Punnu says all the best, show your Jalwa, Maai said apologize and come, and sings Humse Bhool hogai, Humko Maafi dedo. He leaves. Rudra looks for Maya. Dr. A P G Rao is welcomed as guest speaker. Everyone clap for him. Rao says I thank some people for their contribution to our country. Maya listens to him. Rao talks on the topic Can we Cheat Death? The people say its impossible. Rao says its possible, what if I say humans can be immortal.

Maya says it does not have scientific logic, we expect from you those things that has scientific base. Rao says I will explain you by science. He says people don’t know and explains about Jellyfish rebuilding cell capability and that can be called immortality, and scientists trying to stop cell deformation, and they can try to take humanity towards immortality. He says about Amrit Manthan. Rudra asks about MA class. The clerk says everyone are in in library hall. Rao says Amrit is substance which makes a human regenerate cells, no one has reached the amrit, but we have faith. The guy says do you believe in this faith and Amrit. Rao says belief is waste without science and science is blind without belief. A girl asks is this Amrit story true, why did they not get any proof in Mahakumbh, how can we believe.

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Rao defends his statement. The girl says if Amrit is really there, everyone will be wishing to get immortal, and we don’t know whether anyone will protect it, if Amrit is seen in Mahakumbh, who will save it. Rao says protectors are born in 144 years and they have powers to fight the evil powers. Maya asks who are they, can we identify them. Rao says yes, its sensitive info, maybe they are standing infront of us and we don’t identify them. Rudra enters the hall. Maya looks at him. The man asks who are you, what do you want. Maya goes to Rudra and asks how can you come inside like this as a bull, seminar is going on, wait outside, go. Rudra leaves. Maya apologizes to Rao.

Rao says we are talking about Amrit protectors, they are seven Karur. The man says if anyone has true knowledge about it… Rao says then he needs lots of protection, as many evil forces can do anything to get it. Shivanand recalls Rudra. Maya meets Rudra in the canteen and asks did he come to say anything. He says apology. She says oh, you came to apologize to me, did Maai send you or you came yourself, Punnu said you don’t refuse Maai for anything, maybe she pushed you and came inside the seminar hall opening the door with a bang.

She says I m your guest in Banaras, but you are my guest here, I will get something for you, and then apologize. Few guys tease Maya. Rudra looks on and gets angry. Maya stops Rudra and asks him to leave. The guy says she got bodyguard for her beauty. Maya asks Rudra to leave, she will manage. Rudra leaves. Maya scolds the guy for spoiling Banaras name. She leaves and looks for Rudra. Punnu and Maai wait for Rudra, and see him angry. Maai asks what happened. Rudra says nothing. She asks Maya did they fight again. Maya says no Maai, we did not fight. She says I will talk to you later and leaves.

Maya tells Rudra that she knows he came to apologize to her in campus, but she did not forgive him, she will forgive him, if he takes her in boat and show the Ghat. She asks shall I call Maai. Rudra agrees and frees the boat off the shore. She sits in the boat. He pushes the boat and sits. He rows the boat. She asks about the Ghat and talks to him, while he is silent. Maai and Punnu look on. Punnu says a guy and a girl can never be friends. Maai slaps him and says shut up. She smiles seeing them. She says sometimes human talk to themselves, and says he does not talk to someone else. She asks him to say anything, else Ganga’s water will freeze seeing his face. He tells the names of the ghats. She says great, you have good knowledge about ghats.

Rudra and Maya reach the shore. She asks him to hold her hand, else she will fall. He holds her hand and she smiles. She says there is one thing, you are interesting, you don’t know to apologize, and don’t talk, you don’t know whats friendship. Rudra takes out the half note and recalls Charles. Charles is also seeing the other part of the note.

Maya asks Rudra to come with her to Allahabad. She says you, Maai and Punnu…. Rudra shouts shut up, and scolds her, he says I will kill you of you try coming close to me and my Maai Mui.

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