Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Hospital girl comes to Raghav’s shop. He asks what is she doing here. She sees him in peon dress and taunts that he was acting as a rich industrialist’s son at hospital, but he is just a peon. She asks him to call his boss Soniya. He says Soniya is not here and will come late. She gives Soniya’s passbook and scolds him that because of him, she lost nanny’s job. He says the way she misbehaved with fat man, her punishment is very small. She says she is late for interview and leaves. Rathi comes and laughs seeing him in peon’s dress.

He says Soniya used to tell her sisters are her strength and says though she makes mistakes, she is different than other sisters and he is always there to help her. He walks in to change the dress. Rathi opens national leader costumes boxes and is shocked to see rani laxmi bai dresses in them. Raghav gets tensed seeing exchanged dresses.

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Fruity informs Deepu that she used to call dada and give news about their daily routine. She says they cannot trouble daada/daadi like that. Fruity asks if she can continue calling dada. Deepu say no. Rathi comes and informs sisters about exchanged constumes and tells jiju is in trouble now. Deepu says they should help jiju and nothing is impossible for Soniya’s sisters.

Ragahv speaks to his supplier, but he says he cannot do anything now. Sisters come there and feels sad for their jiju. Raghav says he is a businessman and will not feel the defeat and will continue his struggle. Once sisters leave, he thinks since he met with hospital lady, only bad is happening to him, earlier Rathi went missing and now wrong dresses. He looks at Soniya’s pic, takes sword and says he is a warrior and will fight. Khan comes there and encourages him. Raghav says we got 6 dress orders, what about 19 left.

Fruity gets an idea of selling dresses in Fruity’s fancy dress school competition and says the will divide into 2 teams and will sell them. They all look at Soniya’s pic an feel inspired.

Deepu irons Khushi’s school dress and asks her to get ready. Rathi wakes up Fruity and asks her to get ready. She spills milk on file by mistake and gets worried. Khushi also sees that and gets worried. Raghav is busy preparing breakfast. Deepu scolds Fruity, but then stops thinking Raghav would hear their fight. Raghav brings their lunch boxes and asks Fruity to get ready. Fruity says she will not go to school. Deepu and Rathi fight that they will get Fruity ready. Raghav asks what happened to them. Deepu says they will take care of themself and will help him. He says he is lucky to have them and asks to pray that his customer accepts order.

Precap: Raghav sees Soniya’s dad’s scooter and thinks who brought it here. Abhiman says he brought it.

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