Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita scolding Shagun. She says she knows she came here to get Raman back. She asks Shagun to shut up and just listen. She says you came to get this house, money and same place, it means my place by using Adi, what sort of woman are you, you want to stay here by using Adi’s pain, I hate you, how can woman be such, Raman can’t even bear you, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi don’t want to come close to your shadow, you are here because of me, I went against Raman to get you, if they can accept you on my saying, they can throw you on my one word, and you raised hand on my daughter. Shagun says just listen to me, you are mistaken. Ishita stops.

She starts laughing, and says this is your problem, someone begged and you stopped. Shagun says sorry, I won’t be, I know you, you don’t know me, you can’t kick me out, what will you of your goodness, do you have courage to break Raman’s heart, can you make him away from his son, as you also love him, he did not say you I love you, but you love him. She says its sad that you are showing attitude on his love which he never said, you feel I will be scared by your threatening, after coming in this house, will I leave so easily, how stupid of you. I won’t go anywhere, Adi’s state is such, that Raman won’t make him leave and not me, Adi wants his mum and dad, not Ishita aunty.

Shagun says Raman knows this well, Raman can do anything to keep Adi with him. If you try to make Raman against me, I will take Adi and leave, Adi was feeling safe in his family, and he can get unwell again if I take him away, and I m sure Raman won’t like it, and you can’t see your husband sad, am I right? I m sure you will think about it, it needs courage to be bad which you don’t have. She leaves. Ishita gets angry and teary eyed.

Raman gets mail from Adi’s school and shows Ishita. He says its from his sports teacher, Adi is selected for football camp, Adi will be excited, I will reply Adi will surely come, he will be very happy. Ishita recalls Shagun’s words and cries. She recalls Raman’s love for Adi. Raman says I will tell Adi to prepare. She says Raman won’t be able to bear, how can I hide it from him, I know Shagun’s plan, she will use Adi, no I can’t let this happen, I have to stop Shagun anyway, I can’t let Raman get hurt.

Suraj and Mihika are on the way and talk about new bank manager Manisha Kochar. Suraj says I fixed meeting with her. Ashok asks why should I go. Suraj says make a good impression on her, don’t think anything wrong with her. Ashok says ladies can’t say no to Ashok Khanna. Suraj says you are single and you like women with kids. Ashok says don’t taunt me, I will meet her. Raman asks Mihir to meet the girl, she is nice and she read your profile. Mihir asks which profile. Raman says she did not see your face so did not reject you till now. Mihir asks why did he make his profile on matrimonial site. Raman asks him to move on, just meet her, then we will decide.

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Mihir says I don’t want to meet. Raman insists and says I have seen her. Bala and Pathak come and ask whats going on. Mihir says I see you called them to convince me. Raman asks them to say marriage is good. Bala gives a look that he disagrees and even Pathak is not able to say good things. They ask Mihir to marry. Mihir says I won’t, their face shows their state after marriage. Raman asks him to get married, its not a sin, and tells the same venue and time where Ashok is going.

Shagun asks Ishita did she not get Raman to throw her out. Ishita says I m enough for throwing you, I don’t need my husband for this, I did not tell him as he is everything for me, and Adi is everything for him, I m not insensitive like you. Ishita scolds her and says I will ruin your plans. Shagun challenges her and says you will lose in your goodness. Ishita taunts her for not studying in school, and says goodness wins over evil at the end. She says I forgot for what I came here. She gives money and says take this money, and from next time, don’t shop for my daughter, as we don’t take anything from guests, and we give them and send, save this money for your old age, as there will be no one to support you. She leaves. Shagun gets raged and shut the door.

The matrimony site girl with same surname Kochar comes to meet Mihir and wishes the guy says yes to marriage meeting her. Ashok comes to meet bank manager Kochar there as Suraj fixed the meeting. Mihir comes there too. Ashok meets the wrong one and says his company’s turnover. She smiles seeing him and is mistaken that he is the one who came for marriage matter. She finds him hot and thinks to marry him soon. Ashok thinks she looks convinced and talks ahead about his business. She says she has much time for him. Mihir sits on another table and waits. He hears the name Kochar and meets her, who is the bank manager.

She asks him about their meeting. He thinks she looks elder to me, did Raman see her and like. She talks to Mihir. He goes to freshen up. Mihika comes there with Vandu and sees Ashok with the girl.

Mihika asks Ashok what is he doing here. Ashok says meet Miss Kochar, banker. The lady says oh, you don’t want to tell her. Ashok asks what. Mihika says he is her husband and scolds Ashok. Ashok says its business meeting. The lady asks is he not ashamed to put ad on matrimonial site being marriage. She leaves. Mihika scolds Ashok and says I can’t believe this, are you so desperate. She goes out. Mihir messages Raman for choosing Kochar for him. He hears Mihika and Ashok talking. She says I will tell everyone that I m pregnant. Mihir is shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to allow Shagun taking part with Ruhi in run, as Adi will get family feeling. Ishita gets upset.

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  1. hi guys.i a good news of ishra that ishu partipipate in ruhi sports known more just vist shagun v/s ishita.and iam sure by wearing saree also ishu will win at any cost.iam happy today.if u all know it already than ignore it.good evg guys.

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