Tu Mera Hero 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu falling on Panchi. Kamlesh and everyone ask Titu how did he come here. Panchi smiles and thinks Lord has answered her prayers. Surekha gives an explanation to save Titu, and reminds Govind that he told her Titu was playing with Sundar, and he has hidden in tempo. Tity says yes, maybe, I wanted to get saved from Daroga/inspector. Govind and Kamlesh asks Daroga? Surekha says not you, police and thief in game. Govind asks Titu why did he not shout to stop tempo. Titu says there were mattresses and I was stuck under it. Surekha says everyone knows Titu has come to meet Panchi. The girls tease Titu and take a selfie with them. Govind asks Surekha about the story she made and she lies to him.

Rekha thinks where did Titu go. Mukund brings uncle home. Uncle asks Rekha about Titu and Govind. Rekha says they are not at home. Uncle says I will not leave them, they are not here after inviting me. Rekha asks why did he not get his wife and kids. He looks very strict in his words. Mukund takes him to the room. Titu talks to Golu and tells he has reached Panchi’s home. Golu says what are you saying. Titu says I understand there is something hidden in every bad thing, I have come here, I will meet Panchi and ask why is she taking revenge from me, I will ask her why is she doing this. Golu says yes meet her and talk well.

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Panchi tells Rachna that love has strength, Titu has come here as I was wishing. Rachna says I get very happy seeing you happy, I wish we would have got more time to do your dream wedding. Panchi tells her about the dream wedding and she always wanted, beautiful decorations, it not grand, but lovely. Govind passes by and hears this. Rachna asks will you get sad. Panchi says no, all my dreams got fulfilled and Lord will plan to make my marriage supercool. Rachna asks her to come for haldi. Titu takes pics with girls.

Panchi looks at him. Titu signs her to come down. She thinks did he say I love you, not it might be I like you, no he is asking me to meet. She signs him she will come. Surekha talks to Titu. Panchi comes there to meet Titu. Govind stops her and asks her about her dream wedding, they are hurrying up in wedding and is she happy with this. She says she is happy and asks him not to worry. Surekha tells Titu its just one day now and she is worried. Govind asks Surekha what does she mean. She changes her words and Panchi could not talk to Titu as Rachna calls her.

Everyone has haldi in hands. Bhagwati asks Rekha to tie Sundar’s dhoti. Rekha says she is not her servant. Keshav comes and Bhagwati asks him. Keshav bends to tie the dhoti. Rekha asks him to be careful and calls Bhagwati a stranger. Keshav leaves. Bhagwati gets sad and taunts Rekha on being strangers between her relations. Rekha scolds her and calls her shameless. Mukund says leave all this, think where is Titu. Rekha says don’t know, I did not see him going out. Mukund says I saw Titu with Surekhha, did he run away from marriage.

The girls ask Panchi to show her mahendi, and like it a lot. They joke and she laughs. Kamlesh sees it and says its very beautiful, and even Rachna‘s mehendi is very good. Rachna hugs Pratibha. Chetan’s parents come there. Kamlesh says you have surprised us. Chetan’s mum says you surprised us by this big shock, you should have not kept Panchi’s marriage along with Rachna’s, else we should have known this. Kamlesh says we will go inside and talk peacefully. She says fine. Titu comes home and sits upset.

Rekha acts sweet and asks where did he get haldi applied, when she grinded it now. Surekha and Govind come. Surekha says he has got it at Panchi’s home. Rekha asks how. Govind asks Surekha to tell the story.

Surekha says about Lord sending Titu there at Panchi’s home and blessing them. Rekha is puzzled and thinks how did Titu reach there, its something fishy and have to find out.

Surekha asks Titu to come out. Govind walks there and is shocked seeing Titu.

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