Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rathi devastatedly walks in a public park reminiscing how Deepu scolded her and told that after Soniya, she is elder and has to take care of house well. She think Deepu was right, but she could not take care of family. Abhiman comes there jogging and clashes with her. She does not notice him and continues to walk subconsciously. He reminisces Deepika asking him not to pester her fame and continues his jogging. He comes home and hears Daada talking to Fruity who tells that Rathi has left home. He takes phone and tells Fruity if she really loves Rathi and wants her to come back, she should tell him what happened. Fruity sees Deepu coming back and cuts call. He calls Deepu, but she cuts his call repeatedly. He then calls Raghav, but even he cuts call. Dada encourages him to call on landline. He calls landline, but Deepika gets annoyed hearing his voice and tries to cut call when he says he wants to inform her about Rathi and says he saw her in Lalit garden/park and asks her to reach there right now. Deepu thanks him and informs Raghav about it. He rushes towards garden. Sisters tell Deepu that they will also accompany her to garden and they all rush towards garden.

Soniya’s sisters and Raghav reach Lalit garden and start searching Rathi, but don’t find her. Raghav asks Deepika who told her that Ragthi was here. She says Abhiman. Abhiman comes there and asks if they found Rathi. Raghav gets annoyed seeing him and scolds Deepika for believing Abhiman. Abhiman asks them to believe him for Rathi’s sake. Deepika says whole family believed him before and got betrayed and now they cannot believe him. She says she called him to gain attention. He says he is not and asks to believe him again. She says she will not and walks out. Raghav calls commissioner and gives Rathi’s missing complaint. Commissioner asks him to submit Rathi’s pic. Deepu gives him pic. He asks them all to go home while he goes to police station. He then thinks he could not keep Soniya’s promise.

Fruity and Khushi tell Deepu that they will not have breakfast until Rathi comes. Raghav comes home with Rathi. All sisters hug Rathi and ask where did she go. Raghav says she was in shop. Deepu says she checked shop and it was locked. He says he she was inside shop and it was locked from outside and signals Deepu. Deepu says he is right. Raghav reminisces how he found her in park wandering. Rathi says she will never go out again and hugs sisters. Raghav says even he is there and hugs them all and says all is well that ends well. Deepu asks what is well in it. He says he lost 1/2 kg while finding Rathi and asks everyone to start breakfast. He says he got a new order for 26 th January and asks Rathi to help her.

Anjali asks Deepu who told Abhiman about Rathi missing. They go and asks Fruity who told Abhiman. Fruity gets nervous and runs into her room.

Raghav rents peon costume to a client. Client asks what if it is loose. Raghav says he will try it and show him. He changes dress. Client says he looks like a peon in this dress and says he will come back in a few minutes and pick it back. Raghav looks at Soniya’s pic and says he has to work hard to convince clients. Hospital lady comes there to return back Raghav’s passbook and is surprised to see him in peon’s costume.

Precap: Raghav’s ordered 26th January national leaders’ costume gets exchanged with rani laxmi bai costume.

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