Hello Pratibha 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunita looks at Pratibha’s face, and says to Mahir that she thought Pratibha would at least tell him the truth but when she saw that she wasn’t telling him anything she felt bad. She thinks the elders must stand with the truth even in worse situations as well. Pratibha was ashamed. Sunita comes to ask Peehu but Peehu leaves the table. She comes across Rashi in the way, Rashi asks why is everyone so sad. Sunita smiles and says she will see Bubu who was just crying. She passes by Pratibha and whispers she wanted to be truthful. Sunita’s husband says it wasn’t Pratibha’s fault, neither was Suniti or Peehu’s; but it was someone’s mistake for sure. He and Mahir leave the table.
Sunita comes to crying Peehu. Peehu complains that she didn’t expect this from her, Sunita says she went to talk to her mama but she didn’t listen. She got her PTM paper and handed it to her papa. Peehu stand up and wipes her tears. She says she is right, her mom took revenge from her because she didn’t took her to PTM. She says sorry to Sunita, as she took her wrong. Sunita hugs her and smiles victoriously. Peehu was angry at her mother.
Pratibha comes out from the kitchen, nervous. She looks at her room door, and moves towards it nervously. She turns but then heads to come in. Mahir opens the door and asks hasn’t she been extraordinarily late to come to the room. He calls Peehu aloud.
Sunita cheers that today there will be a big drama. Peehu comes to the room. Mahir asks why she didn’t take her mother there. Peehu says her maa never had an experience of going to a PTM, she should have got embarraced in front of her friends. Pratibha interferes, Mahir says to Peehu that tomorrow her mother will go with her to school and will clarify that Sunita isn’t her mother but Pratibha is. He was firm in his decision and turns around. Peehu runs to the room while Pratibha keeps on stopping her. She comes to Mahir and says that she know Peehu did wrong. But if she go to her school this way, there must be a drama. Mahir says it is because of her that Peehu feels ashamed of taking her to school. He gets her in front of the mirror and says look at herself, did he marry this woman. He says she is going to the school and tell everyone she is Peehu’s mother.

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Pratiba comes to Peehu who was crying. She says she can atleast eat food, even if she doesn’t want to talk to her. Peehu says does she think about anything else than eating, she cries that she has created a big problem for her. Pratibha says she doesn’t know how her dad got that PTM paper. She assures Peehu that she will make everything well tomorrow. Peehu cries worried what will happen tomorrow. Pratibha says she must talk to her papa, and if he doesn’t agree she will come to her school and talk to her principle.
She says what reason could it be that she had to take her chachi to school. Peehu shouts that these excuses won’t work, and asks her to leave her alone. Sunita cheers that it will be fun if Pratibha goes to Peehu’s school. Pratibha leaves food on the table. Peehu packs her bag, Anmol comes and teases her for getting scolded. He updates his status that his sister got hit. Peehu holds hand on Anmol, she had bag in her hand. Anmol asks what is in it, and goes behind her. Peehu warns him to leave, else she will hit him. He leaves still teasing him. Peehu watches the bag.
Pratibha was doing dusting of the table and thinks what Mahir had told her last night, had he marry such a girl which she has become. Bubu comes to her and says he needs his big mom. Pratibha asks she needs Bubu too, and asks if he likes his big mom. Why doesn’t anyone else at home like her, does he also dislike her manners. Why she isn’t liked by everyone else then. Bubu says he likes her.
In the morning, Mahir tells Pratibha to go to school, Sunita will look after the kitchen. The husband asks Sunita that she is hungry, Sunita goes to the kitchen in the bad mood.

PRECAP: Everyone is unhappy with the bad cooking of Suniti. Sunita says she can’t have a comparison of Pratibha in kitchen, as she is kitchen queen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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