Mahakumbh 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra walking towards the entrance. Swami ji shows the ashram to Grierson and passes by. They don’t see Rudra. Rudra sees Nanu off his bed. Nanu acts like cleaning the bed. Maya asks why is he doing this. Nanu says a human should do his work on his own, this is my Guru’s place, its my duty to keep it clean, a human has to take his deed’s responsibility himself. Rudra says everyone should do his duty, and you have to do your duty in Poornima event. Nanu says I m not in any state to do any duty, this darkness is my fate, I don’t want anyone to know about my state, this is my repentance to be away from the world. Rudra asks him to face the world as he has done his duties years ago, till when will he hide himself in darkness, some day he has to come out.

Nanu says but son.. Rudra says if you called me son, come with me, trust me. Swami ji is greeted by many devotees. Rudra brings Nani there and the crowd goes to him. Rudra says Nanu will do the puja, as he is the head and alive. Swami is shocked and comes to his dad. He asks his dad to come and do the puja. He signs to him. Nanu goes along. Rudra thinks he has brought Nanu out of this darkness, when their true face comes out then… He looks on angrily.

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Some other saints come there. Rudra walks around and Maya smiles seeing him. Rudra sees Chote Mama keeping an eye on him. Charles comes dressed as Raavan and sees Katherine dancing. He sees Rudra, and says his timing is good, he meets me when Charles is on imp project, don’t worry, we will meet soon, I will find you in this Mahakumbh, this is Charles’ promise. He dances with the kids and sees Katherine. Rudra gives fake smiles to Maya. Maya says I can’t believe this, I m very happy seeing you like this. Charles sees the bag and tries taking the phone. He gets the phone and dances making his way to leave.

Maya asks Rudra where is he going. Rudra says he wants to go and asks her to come. She says I don’t have permission to go out, and asks him to come soon. Rudra looks killer attitude looks to Chote Mama and leaves. Rao says there is something, which is not coming in our understanding. Charles comes and laughs. He jokes on Rao and says acting is fun. Rao asks him to give the phone. Charles jokes that the world is such that people are asking favor from Raavan too, and gives the phone. Rao asks Tiwari to track the unknown number. Tiwari says he will find. Charles jokes and Rao calms Tiwari.

Maya smiles and recalls Rudra’s words. Piya…………..plays……………….Thapadiya Maai comes to her and sees her smiling. She asks will she break Rudra’s trust. Maya says you just see my mistake, I feel you and Rudra has last birth relation, so you both don’t trust me. Thapadiya Maai says we have this Mahakumbh relation, you think about yourself. Maya sees her mum’s pic and cries. She says I was 8 year old when my mum died, I did not see my dad, and I did not have anyone to talk here, I met Rudra and my life changed.

Thapadiya Maai gives her shagun bangles and says don’t cheat him, I know your love is true. She smiles and makes Maya wear it. Maya happily cries and holds her hand. The doctors talk. A man says change my duty, handling this woman is tough, she is not taking any medicines or injections. The other doctor says its unbelievable case for us, how can anyone be alive without having food for years. He goes to give her injection and Dadi stops him, saying its her body, she has made it alive for 24 years, the medicines suppress illness, not end it. He says your organs have damaged, you can die without medicines. She says you are a liar, some people spread illness and then make medicine factories.

He asks is she any Lord. She says some mantras and says this is not imagination, this power is by sense and some gets it by death. Rudra comes and hears her. She says we should know to complete our powers, we are Lord of our body, if we stay with balance, we don’t need medicines, you all go, my grandson will come. They see Rudra and leave. Rudra walks in and hugs her.

She says my son Rudra, you have grown up now. He kisses her forehead and holds her hand. He asks Dadi, where is Maa. Dadi says who went where in that unlucky day, no one know, the house can turned into desert in one moment, your Maa was there when they misguided us. The nurse brings milk. Dadi says she won’t drink. Rudra asks her to have it for his sake, and makes her drink it. She says you did not tell me about yourself. He says I will tell everything Dadi. He thinks he will tell everything after raising the curtains from the secrets.

Nanu talks to his sons. Swami says he will succeed, they will get Amrit, Shivanand’s son is in our hands completely. Nanu says yes I have seen him. Chote Mama says I have also seen, whats this joke, why did he get him here to play with our respect. Maya comes there. Chote Mama says he is touching our girl. Nanu says we can make Rudra marry Maya if needed, and can kill any one of them too. Maya is shocked.

Maya is shocked as Nanu shows his truth. Maya cries. Rudra says he won’t forgive Maai Mui’s murderer and confronts Swami ji on his plan. Dadi talks to Rudra.

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