Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya tries to call police, but Pavan stops her and says if she calls police, then she should forget Rathi and asks her to keep the issues in this room itself and get ready for their marriage. She says this will not happen. He says if she does not agree, then he will kill Rathi, so she has to decide if she wants to marry him or lose her sister. He gives here 25 minutes ultimatum and asks her to get ready and come down. Anjali says he cannot confine them like this and Raghav will come and save them. Pavan gets irked and says he will not come back after his insult.

Raghav at police station tries to convince inspector to come and save Soniya and her sisters from Pavan. Inspector says without proof, he cannot help him and says he should thank Pavan instead for sparing him. Raghav says he does not have proof, but will he wait until Pavan harms them. He gets Chintu’s call and says inspector to come with him and see proof now. Inspector asks his junior to go and check with constable.

Pavan misbehaves with Anjali and slaps her. Soniya asks how dare he to touch his sister. Pavan says when you are so tensed seeing your one sister in pain, what will happen if your other sister is dead and says she does not have any choice but to marry him now. Fruity says Raghav jiju is much better than him. Pavan says he is his Ravan jiju and nobody can save her from him now.

Raghav takes inspector and constables to Pavan’s house. They search for poof, but does not find them. Inspector says Raghav that he is wasting their time. Raghav says he is sure they will get proof against Pavan only in his house. He sees a love note on floor and shows it to inspector. Inspector says this proof is not sufficient. Raghav then sees hotel bill and requests inspector to come with him there to get some clue. Inspector agrees.

Pavan forces Soniya to get ready for marriage soon. Sisters request Soniya not to accept him. Fruity says Raghav will come for sure and save them. Deepu backs Fruity and says though you did not believe Raghav, he will come and save us.

Raghav calls Pavan’s mother and informs her about Pavan’s plan. Mother says how can this happen, if it is true, she herself will get Pavan arrested.

Pavan asks Soniya and sisters to stop their drama and get ready, else he will kill Rathi. Deepu says they are not afraid of him and says they will get his truth in front of his mother and whole world. He says my mother is sitting in marriage hall and waiting for me, I will convince her that Rathi eloped and to save Soniya’s dignity, he is marrying her, then his mother will be proud of him. He asks Deepika if she has any other master plan, if not, then to get Soniya ready in 5 minutes and come down. He says they have only 5 minutes to decide about Rathi’s life and dorns bridal vein on Soniya, says either marriage or Rathi’s funeral.

Baarathi’s get tired waiting for Rathi and her sisters. They ask Khan why are they taking so long. Khan says Rathi is very shy and must be taking long time, says he himself will go and get them down. He goes up and is about to open the door when Chintu stops him and hides with him. Pavan comes out and walks out from there. Chintu informs Khan about the whole incident. Sisters think Pavan cannot confine them for a long time and they will get him arrested.

Fruity asks Soniya why did she scold Raghav and sent him away, he would have saved them else. Soniya reminisces scolding Raghav repeatedly and he requesting her not to ruin Rathi’s life. Khushi tries to connect landline back and call Raghav, but phone does not connect. Deepu says to save one sister, they cannot risk another sister’s life and says they will not let her marry Pavan. Fruity prays god to send Raghav soon. All sisters hug each other and cry.

Precap: Soniya gets ready as a bride and comes down. All baratis are shocked to see that. Pavan smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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