Shastri Sisters 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji finding something in kitchen. Alka comes to her and asks what is she doing. Bua ji says no one is doing her work, so she has to do it. She says she has to make food for Hari and does not take her help. Alka helps her and says she will make the halwa. She asks for a chance. Bua ji asks how will she make, if there is no ghee. Alka asks for a chance. Bua ji says fine, make it. Alka starts cooking the halwa. She asks Bua ji to taste it. Bua ji likes it a lot. She says she will give her prize and smiles. Bua ji says she will teach her all rituals for puja and asks her to get the halwa outside. Alka smiles.

Minty and Nikki come home after shopping with Rajat. Sareen is happy that Nikki is gone. Nikki greets him and he holds his heart saying he has chest pain, so he was praying that it should go. Minty smiles. Nikki says be habitual to it, as I will stay for few days here. He asks whose bag is this. Rajat says its my bag. They have a talk. Minty says my sister is here to support me and goes with her. Sareen says they remind me of Raavan and Kumbhkaran. Sareen sees anklet in Rajat’s pocket and takes it. He asks whats this. Rajat says its mine, bracelet, its fashion. Sareen jokes and says tell me, else I will call Raavan.

Rajat says he has found the girl. Sareen smiles and asks who is she. Rajat says I will tell once she says yes. Sareen says it means someone will come to support me in this house. Rajat says control. Sareen lifts him happily and laughs. Rajat hides it. Minty and Nikki have a talk. A boy comes to take the ball from him, and calls out his name. Neil is lying on the floor drunk. He asks for the ball and Neil wakes up. He writes his suicide note, for Devyaani, saying he loves her and he can’t imagine his life without her, please understand my love. He cries and says if she does not come to save him, he will understand that he is nothing for her. He says he will end his life and keeps the letter in envelop.

He goes and gives the ball to the kid. He asks the kid to give the letter to Devyaani. Hid hand bleeds and he hides it. Golu thanks him and leaves. Nikki sees him and asks him to give the letter. Golu says no, Neil asked me to give it to Devyaani. She says she is going to Devyaani and will give her. He says fine and gives the letter. Nikki does have wear specs and throws the letter unable to read it. Anushka thinks of Rajat’s words and waits at terrace. Rajat comes to her and says he came to tell her, but she is here to dry clothes here. She says no, and stops him. She says I was waiting for you. He smiles.

She says she wants to know who is that girl. Music plays………….. Ishq dua hai…………….they fall and the clothes fall over them. Saajna……………..plays…………..He says he came to tell her name, she is………… She asks who. They hear Nikki coming and get away from Anushka. Nikki sees them standing far and asks Rajat what is he doing here. He says he came to see his shirt and lies to her. Nikki says come, Minty is calling. He goes with her. Minty gets the letter by Neil. She reads it and is shocked. She cries reading its Neil’s suicide note.

Neil goes to the place to jump. He waits for Devyaani and she does not come. Minty prays to Lord to save Neil till she reaches him. She says she will die if anything happens to him. Neil thinks about Devyaani’s words. He walks to the end if the cliff.

Neil says Devyaani did not feel my love when I was with her, maybe she will realize when I die, bye Devyaani. He closes his eyes ready to jump down the cliff.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Neil, why should you finish ur life 4 that dumb devyani?

  2. I want anu to be a lovelady for rajat.:-o:-)

  3. Thank God Neil doesn’t jump, but why all this for Devyaani?

  4. Yaar plz trailer me Jo dikhaya hai vo naaaa ho

  5. i guess that minty take revenge from devayanni for neil and make her engazement drama for devyanni and rajat.and finally when rajat come to known that .he said in roka that he loves only anu.and devyanni left heart broken.and she will come to say sorry to neil.i wish my words come true.and then we can more scenes of my fav anu and rajat.thank for update.

  6. Ohh sad! pBas neil sucide na kare ab neil kya yar devyani nahi mili toh kya hua me hoon na 🙁 love u neil

    1. Mai b yhi soch rha tha……
      Neil Suicide Na Kre…
      Anu or Rajat Mil Jaaye

  7. And devyaani ko apna pyaar nahi mil paye ga :/

  8. Itni jaldi proposals and all mat dikhao pls. Rajat Aur Anu ko ye pyar aur mehsus karne do. Some more scenes without proposal and acceptance.

    1. Sara Madm Ko Romnce Bahot Pasnd He Shayed

  9. Rajat and anu they fall I like the song

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