Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Mihir bringing everyone to the new flat. Everyone is upset. Iyer take a flat and Bhallas takes the other one. The man shows the flat and says you will get everything here and have to buy few things. He says he will show the bedroom. Ishita see the flat. Mihika and Ishita exchange their bags and Mihika goes. Raman sees Ishita outside the flat and opens the door for her to walk in. She goes inside the flat. Raman stands out and sees the bracelet. Sadness takes over Raman once again. He keeps the bracelet in his pocket and leaves. Mihika sees everyone upset. Mihir too looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says puja items are set. Simmi says I have made the room fine and Ishita went to set her room, but there are three rooms.

Mrs. Bhalla says you take third one, where will Romi sleep. Mr. Bhalla says he will sleep in hall, but where is he. He calls Romi. Simmi says he went to his friend, maybe phone battery is dead, he will come. Mr. Bhalla says he will leave message that they are here. Ishita asks them to sleep, its late. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t sleep now. Ishita says she will make tea. Mrs. Bhalla says how, there is nothing. Ishita says I will check. Raman brings few items for immediate use and says use it as of now. She says tea powder…. He says see it yourself. He goes.

She checks the box. Raman takes the bags to the room. Ishita gives milk to elders. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to give milk to Amma too, as she might be very tired after all this shifting work. Ishita goes to them with milk glasses. Mihika asks Amma to have coffee. Amma says no. Ishita asks Amma to have milk. Amma cries. She says it was all dream house, we took it by loan. Ishita says don’t cry, I know its big loss, but we are safe and sound, home is by people, we are with you. She says don’t worry. Mihika says we have insurance, be positive, everything will be fine.

Also check ‘Raman’s reaction goes aggressive; He hurts Ishita thinking of her deceive ‘

Ishita says Appa will make everything fine, we all are grown up. Amma says see, Mihir and Raman gave this big house and solved our problem. Mihir says everything will be fine, trust me. He asks Ishita to go and take rest. Mihika says yes go, Raman will be waiting. Ishita says I was thinking to stay here tonight. Amma says no, Raman is troubled, you go to him, I m fine, don’t worry. Ishita says ok, don’t cry now. She hugs her asking her to take care. Mihika hugs Amma. Ishita comes out of Iyer flat.

She thinks of Raman’s speech. Raman is in his room and checks the bag. He gets a saree and throws it in anger thinking of Ishita and Mani. He thinks of her words and Mani asking her to marry her and leave Raman, and Ishita agreeing to him saying he is her hero. He gets angry and cries. Ishita says I don’t wish to see Raman’s face now, its so rude. She cries. She says I won’t go there. She says I can’t be with Amma Appa, they will be in tension. She wipes her tears and goes to Bhalla flat.

She comes to the room and sees Raman drunk and crying. She sees the bracelet on the ground. Raman smiles and taunts her. He says you are standing quiet, not giving lecture, as you are caught and afraid. He holds her hand and hurts her, while she asks him to leave her hand. He says why, to hold someone’s hand. He says you are answering me now, and don’t even see me. She says what to see, this state of yours. He says you are showing care. She says you don’t care for me, you did not see me in party. He asks did she see him. She says you did not need me. He hurts her. She says stop it Raman, I m not here to manage your mood swings. Power goes. She starts leaving. He shuts the door.

He gets angry and taunts her. He tries touching her and she moves away. He says you will get dirty if I touch you right, you can’t be dirty after what all you did, I will show you to get rights. She says move away, you are not in your senses. He says what will you do, you want to be close to someone else. He pushes her and says he is her husband, she is his daughter’s mum, get the rights of the wife. He says I will show all rights of a husband, why are you afraid today. She says she is not afraid of him, what is he proving, showing his manhood, making him scared. He says don’t talk being a woman, as her respect is valuable than her life, you are Raman Bhalla’s wife, everyone knows this and see your actions, what did you think, I will cry at the corner, no, I have cried a lot, now I will make you cry.

She says you have become an animal, I won’t talk to you. He says you called me animal, now see what I do, I was human and you made me animal. She says what nonsense and pushes him, crying. She says she won’t stay with him. She leaves. He says why will you be with me, as you want someone else. He says Mani…………… childhood friend, turned love now, all shit. Ishita cries coming to the living room. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………..Raman cries in the room. She gets a call and is shocked. She says what, Romi met with an accident, I m coming, don’t worry. She says whats happening today, I did not see more bad day than this. She says she will tell Raman and runs to the room.

She sees him sleeping drunk and says he is not in state to hear about his brother. She says she will go herself. Romi is treated by doctors. The doctor says Romi has to get proper tests done. Ishita says we will show him to family doctor. She asks Sarika how is Romi here. Sarika says ask him, what was he doing on highway, he was running. Ishita asks Romi. Sarika says Ashok was right, he will promise and then run. Mani looks on. Romi says yes, I was running, my accident happened by your calls, why are you punishing me for the baby, please go. Sarika scolds him and says be happy, I m going. Ishita tries stopping her. Mani says let her go, we will talk to her later, lets see Romi now.

Raman wakes up and thinks how he misbehaved with Ishita and told some really stupid words. He says Ishita and looks around. He comes in living room and does not find her. He thinks did she leave him.

Raman argues with Ishita, seeing her with Mani again. Mani says he will go. Ishita says no Mani, and stops him holding his hand. Raman looks on angrily. Ishita says why are you going. (Feeling so bad for Raman, this is really a torture for him, after his bad past…. !!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. mani is not bad but we don want a triangle love story here. Kahiin to hoga ka sequel lagra YHM. a beautiful love story became a hate story 3. how can ishita not understand raman’s problem here. she wanted to see the jealous part of raman and here it is for her. don know her real problem. she just says I love … but she doesn’t conclude the statement. does she need mani’s approval or is she thinking that wat will he think abt her. disgusting serial.

  2. where was mani when param attempted to rape her. where was mani when Ishita was going through a heck during the accident proceedings of her mother. now y only mani. mani, mani, mani irritating. Ekta u just make porn movies with sunny leonne. Love stories is not ur cup of tea.

  3. change the title poster plz. keep mani and ishita’s romantic still. this is their love story. they r made for each other. raman to beech mein aaya beech mein hi jayega. wat a script. really appreciate the writers. do onething show this serial in a closed room in a 3d format to Ekta kapoor only. F…

  4. This nonsense was created by only ishita how she can say I luv u n talking about leaving her husband and daughter and running away with mani I know she was not serious but I have not seen this types of friends ekta just cut the character of mani otherwise the serial will go down there were no comparison of mani with Raman he looks ediot fool infont of Raman

  5. Hey guys.. Don’t support ramanan’s current attitude..I know his past was too bad..but he should not compare everything with his past which will make his life hell as now..Even Isitha is behaving stupid now (will never say wrong in her friendship buthe forgot to understand ramanan).. Even ishu had bad past.. Does she holding that now?? .. Cmon raman move on..Trust is the most important thing in the life..if u doesn’t trust isitha den no fulfil in life yaar..Be open to each other.. keep rock yhm!!

  6. Ishita please understand.. and talk to raman.. when he is in sense… Both of u darlings(Raman & Ishu).. Keep ur anger & EGO a side for few mins and speak.. Clear ur problems man.. Daily.. I’m expecting that raman will propose today and watching serial..and it was going worser and out of track.. Please fix this.. almost a week.. days .. the anger & EGO wall.. Entered between u… BREAK IT NOW>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. plz yarr bus kardo i hate mani plz love confess karado..:-( i and every one ixx waiting for love between ishra..:'(

  8. plz yarr bus kardo i hate mani plz love confess karado..:-( i and every one ixx waiting for love between ishra..:'( mani is not bad but we dont qant love triangle …the best thing in yhm is that every prblm shorly solved bt thxx time long long and long ….we want love as in 15 septmbr and more bt now…me crying..:'(囧囧

  9. Wt nonsence is being shown…..raman suddenly gtin impatient and aggrasive…and spoilin his sum-wt left image in front of ishita….wt ever d problm is…raman showin his manhood is nt d solution

  10. Mani is probably a bent guy

  11. Gddhdskbvfhks

    I don’t like ramans attitude. Why can’t he understand that they are only friends.

  12. My 6th comments is wrong.raman and mani is not wrong person it is Ishita wrong.raman every tell to Ishita she not understand raman past(life) is so dark .plz understanding his felling.
    Ishita -your importance your husband not a other person

  13. Coming episode in….
    .I hope today end of Raman misunderstanding love confusion Ishita tell thing and i hope Ishita understand his feeling.not leave Raman

  14. Ishita you too also stop all this and confront raman and stop all these…. Friend is friend and husband is husband.. tell your feelings to raman.. Raman you too stop this..

  15. Ishita doing over. har kam k liye usko mani chahiye. friendship ko friendship ki tarah rahna . mani is waste in the serial .i love raman

  16. why mani comes between ishu and raman. mani makes this borring plz get out the mani from this show nd ishu and raman comes close to each other

  17. plz koi to ishu ko smjhao such a fool woman mani is not important for her

  18. Oh god stop these nonsense..

  19. stop the nsense storyline or the show will lose its TRP

  20. Please change the track and make ishita realise that raman is hurted due to her behaviour and also at the same time raman should realise that ishita is not wrong.
    Mani should now marry Sarika and prove her friendship with Ishita.
    Atleast for sometime show ishita and rman together and their realisation of luv fr each other.

  21. all crab …..ishita ne hi mani msni zada kiya h …so koi b husband jealous feel karega n koi bhi wife apne bst frnd ko I love u …ill leave my family 4 u ..n itni baar hug nai krti ..specially she knew ki raman hates mani …..n epi meitna cry kiya n makin raman guilty ……usko hlp krni thi toh mihir ki hlp leti …ya bala ki …bt no mani hi mila na ……n mani bhi itna interference …itne calls n msgs …binkamke …..hattzoff …..

  22. “mujhe dekhneka time kaha tha tumhare paas?”
    “mere paas time tha. aapko meri zaroorat hi nahi thi”
    what bullsh*t is this? why talk in riddles? why doesn’t Raman just ask Ishitha what she was doing with Abhimanyu. and ishitha just tell Raman that she was taking care of Romi-Sarika issue? And whatever may the case be it’s not right for Raman to hurt Ishitha like that. I agree that Ishitha is moving a little too closely with Abhimanyu but to say they are wrong is just too archaic. What she said about being in love and leaving her husband and child was utter rubbish though. She didn’t even put in much sarcasm to make it seem like she was joking. And to say what Raman did was right coz Shagun cheated him is wrong too. Not all women are like Shagun and can’t he see that in his mother (Santhoshi) and Simmi. They’re true to their husbands. why should he judge everyone because of one person? in spite of knowing all the things Ishitha did for him…….but seriously, just talk about it instead of just assuming.

  23. yaar log kahani pe maza to tab hoti na jab kahani pe twist or triangle ho….kya aesehi smoothly jayega to serial boring hojaye GI….ekta did right (Y) channel jari rakho Abe ye serial he is mein dhire2 sab hotahe movie ki tarha nhi he….

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