Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav brings Soniya out on a romantic date and feeds her ice cream. Soniya sees a roadside tree and starts looking at it happily. She sits on a bench and tells Raghav that whenever she used to get sad in childhood, she used to come and sit on it. Raghav says even he used to do the same and asks if she is lying and if Ratna told her about it. She says she is not lying. He says he had many memories related to this place and says he met a girl here. She asks if he gifted his magic chime to that girl. He says yes and oaths on her. They both realize that they are those girl and boy and tell they met him in childhood. She says she has kept that magic chime till now and shows it to him. He gets excited seeing it and says it is the same one. He says he is very slow as he is trying to propose her since childhood and got a chance now. They both share a romantic moment. Ek rishta aisa bhi….song plays in the background. Soniya hugs him and says she does not want to lose him. He says their love story is filmy, they met in childhood and married now.

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Raghav prepare juice and serves it to Abhiman and others and says today it is their last day in this house, so hge and Soniya want to make this day special with a sumptuous dinner. Fruity brings a box and Raghav gifts it to Abhiman. Abhiman asks what is it. Raghav takes his toys and says he thought these toys were his, but he was wrong. He hands toy to Abhiman and tells that he will be spending time with Ratna now. Soniya asks if he will not gift him anything. Abhiman hands over his watch and asks him to watch it for 22 years and then come back home. Raghav thanks him. Abhiman gets emotional, but acts as still angry. Raghav says sometime our eyes speak than our mouth and asks if he will not hug him the last time and himself hugs him. Everyone get happy seeing that. Raghav asks Abhiman to take care of himself. Abhiman also reciprocates.

Sisters and Raghav start singing Ek dusre se karte hain pyar hum…..song… Ratna and dada/dadi also join them and continue the song…. Abhiman gets emotional, but claps and says they do an excellent drama, says he will remember this day and asks them to pack their bags and come down. Servants bring bags down. Ratna emotionally hugs Raghav and Soniya. Raghav, Soniya and sister pick their bags. Dada stops them and tells Abhiman that they all are going on his demand as they love you. He says Ratna tried to find you out with news paper and radio advertisements and had gone mad. Daadi says Ratna was very tensed and did not care about her unborn child, they thought he child will die in womb itself.

Precap: Soniya rescues Abhiman from a car accident and meets with accident herself.

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