Mahakumbh 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya greeting Swami. Swami asks do you are Rudra, I m thankful to you for helping Maya. All the devotees leave. Swami ji talks about his dad, and says he was my good friend. He says whatever happened that day, should have not happened, it was a cursed day for Mahakumbh, and many lives were lost. Rudra asks him more. Swami ji says everything is in fate hands, but the bomb blast was not for your dad, it took away many lives. He says it ruined many things. Rudra asks how did it happen, who did it and why, you would be knowing it, tell me the truth. Swami says calm down, whatever happens here, the answer is also here, your problem started here and will end here, if you are here, we will find those people who are responsible for this.

Rudra rages in anger. He asks Maya to take Rudra, who is his guest and like Lord. Maya says we have many more guests Mama ji. Katherine and Thapadiya Maai are outside, and talk. Katherine takes selfies. Thapadiya Maai asks her to take her pic too. Maya takes Rudra with her, and says my world lies here. She falls and he holds her. She says thanks. Thapadiya Maai asks Katherine to greet Gau Mata. Swami ji comes there and Katherine bumps into him. He says I m sorry, and greets her. Swami welcomes her and asks her to stay here peacefully. She says thanks. He says Thapadiya Maai that she has the whole Allahabad.

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Maya takes Rudra to her Nanu. He says you have come, and seeks her help. Rudra looks at him. Maya takes some pics and shows Rudra. Rudra is shocked seeing his parents pic. He cries recalling his mum. Chalres comes home and shows the bag to Rao. He gives Katherine’s bag and talks to him. Rao asks him to get all info about Katherine. Charles jokes. His student comes to meet him and hugs him. He says I have come here and I did all arrangements, why are you staying here. Rao says I m on duty. He says till you are here, you will have food from my home, and shows his fav food. Rao smiles. Charles sits to eat. Rao introduces him as Tiwari, and Charles as his grandson. Charles says I m glad to meet you. Rao talks to Tiwari and says it will be tough to manage Mahakumbh this time. Tiwari says this time nothing wrong will happen.

Rudra asks Nanu does he know about his parents. Nanu says your grandpa was like my brother and your father was like my son. He says when you lost Shivanand, the Mahakumbh had bad shadow, and it has ruined your family. He says your ashram as Saraswati Kund and had Amrit, don’t know who were those enemies, and your grandpa did not tell me anything about it. He says we were in Kanpur, and till we came back, everything was ruined, I heard some people took your dad and a Sadhu took you, and then I got ill and I could not protect the Kund.

He says the culprit will be punished, and I will help you in every way. Rudra asks where is he, I m here to find him, once e comes infront of me, I will not leave him. He says Pandey’s name. Swami ji says I know him and I will get him infront of you. Pandey hugs the money and eyes it. He counts the money.

Grierson hires a haveli by a politician. He asks him to stay peacefully and call him for help. He thanks him for taking care of his niece’s education. He says this chef will make everything for you. Greuerson thanks him by the interpreter and says he does not need any help. The man leaves. They bring out Shivanand from the car. Shivanand asks about Rudra. Grierson asks him to firs help them and decode the book. Shivanand says there was another book after it, and it states the location of stars when Amrit appears. Grierson asks him to say what is it. Shivanand says bring my son, then I will tell you. Grierson calls Pandey and says he is in Allahabad. Pandey says did you call Swami, I could not find Rudra, and how much will I get for this work.

Pandey tells his wife about the call. She is shocked seeing the money. He asks her to get lassi and she goes. Nanu asks Maya to take care of Rudra and not let him go out, as people can be after him, they have to save him in every way.

Maya tells Rudra about the man who killed Maai Mui. Swami ji catches Pandey. Shivanand says few things related to Amrit. Rudra angrily stands.

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