Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman sees Deepika working on her desk and asks if she will not congratulate him. He happily congratulates him. He asks her to tell truth what happened. She says if he will believe her. He nods yes. She tells him how she found his hard disk in her drawer and she found it blank, so she copied her designs and kept hard disk back on his desk and was coming out when he caught her. He says her designs were really good and nobody would tell these are done by a trainee and asks why she does not want to become CV. She says she will but when time comes and she wants to get trained under his experienced hands first. He agrees and asks if she can have lunch with him tomorrow. She agrees and they both both friends again.

Soniya walks through Ratna’s office thinking what connections Ratna has with Negi even after kicking him out of office. Ratna gets Negi’s calls repeatedly and she cuts them. Soniya goes to Ratna’s cabin and Negi calls on landline. He thinks it is Ratna on the other side and tells Soniya instead that Soniya has seen him with her and how she suspended him to lure Deepika for his CV position and how he inebriated Anjali, etc. Soniya shockingly hears everything. He says you did all this so that Soniya herself could take her sisters out back to her old house, etc. Ratna comes into her cabin and is shocked to see Soniya there. She asks what is she doing in her office, asks to speak up as she is getting worried. Soniya thinks know that she knows truth, she should confront Ratna. Raghav comes there seeing Soniya and asks what is she doing here and asks if Deepika is made CV. Ratna says both Abhiman and Deepika could not give presentation, so on a seniority basis, she made Abiman as CV. Raghav is shocked to hear that and says Deepika must be very sad and he and Soniya should go and cheer her up. Soniya says she won’t be sad until she has a jiju like him and says she will meet him in the evening at house and walks out.

Soniya’s sisters get their ordered dress couriers. Rathi says Deepika must be sad after not getting CV position as she had worked hard for it and what if she does something to herself. Fruity says jiju is preparing her favorite paneer dishes to cheer her up. Deepu hears everyting and thinks she should show her acting to them. She comes in front of them sadly. Sister try to cheer her up. Suhasi sees sad Deepu and thinks Ratna ruined her happiness and she pity her. Deepu says she will wash her face and come and runs. Rathi asks Anjali to console Deepu.

Anjali comes to Deepu’s room and tries to console her. Deepika laughs and says who needs creative director post. Anjali asks who got position then. She says Abhiman. Deepu says tall and handsome Abhiman.

Soniya reminisces how Ratna tried to lure her sisters with her coslty gifts and tried to ruin their lives and thinks that means Ratna has not accepted her at all, what problem she has with my sister, she will ask Ratna about it.

Precap: Soniya show Negi’s conversation recorded on mobile to Ratna. Ratna gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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