Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying he has to go as traffic will be high. Everyone say they will come along and he should meet Ishita and Ruhi. Raman says I will go alone and I can’t go if I see Ruhi. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop Raman, else Ishita will fight. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to go, and take care of him. Raman asks Romi to take care of everyone and not hurt anyone, be a good boy. Romi says I will be good, and scold me by email, I will miss you. Raman hugs him and asks Mihir to take care of office. Bala says but you will come in few days. Raman says you are perfect Bala, I can’t tell you anything. He greets everyone. Simmi says nits wrong, you said bye to everyone, what about Ishita. Raman says I will talk to her on phone and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla cries and prays for Raman.

Raman is on the way and thinks about Ishita. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………………….plays…………… Ishita and Ruhi come home and cry knowing Raman left. She says how can he go so soon. Mani comes and asks about Raman. He asks did she not go. She says he did not meet me. He asks whats his problem. She says he did not wish to see Ruhi’s crying face. He says what nonsense, he is lying. She asks what. He says he has applied for PR stay in Singapore and told MD that he does not want his family to be there and took single flat, he is lying to you, I met his MD now, I was shocked when I came to know this, I don’t know, he is going forever, when he met me yesterday night, he was speaking strange and now I understand it.

She says did he say this to you. Mrs. Bhalla says so he was crying at night. Mr. Bhalla says I will talk to him. Pathak comes there and Mihir asks what happened. Pathak says Mani is right, Raman wants to go far from Ishita, he told me to give this file to you and say you are free. Ishita is shocked seeing the divorce papers. She cries thinking about Raman’s farewell words. Pathak says he stopped me form telling you and told me to give this file when he leaves, I could not wait so I came here. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did he do this. Mani says he feels he will leave Ishita to free her as he does not deserve her. They say they will talk to Raman. Ishita says no, I will talk to him, how dare he give divorce to me.

She takes the papers. Mrs. Bhalla says even I will beat him, he is mad. Romi says go and teach him a lesson. Mani and everyone say they will come. Ishita says no one will come, just mummy ji will come, he is leaving the one who gave him birth, and giving divorce to me, he does not who is Ishita Bhalla. They leave. Raman is at the airport. He sees a girl calling Papa and gets upset. Ishita drives and says he is unbelievable. Mrs. Bhalla says he is same as childhood, and she will slap him. Ishia breaks the signal and is stopped by traffic police inspector. Ishita says I won’t stop for him, I will drive faster he is after us. The TPI comes infront of the car and stops them. He asks for license. She says let us go, we are in hurry.

He says show the papers else come to police station. They try explaining him and he laughs saying he hears excuses all day. Raman hears a man saying his wife is dentist and manages everything well, she is all rounder and loves me, but when she fights…. Raman laughs hearing this. Ishita scolds the TPI and gives the lecture. She says my life is ruining, if your sister and mum’s lives were getting ruined, would you stop, men are fools, ill mannered, they don’t have sense, my husband left us and leaving country as he feels he is making our lives better, he does not know he is ruining our lives, I don’t know my husband loves me or not. TPI says listen to me, you did mistake and saying we don’t worry, Delhi police is with you.

He asks the flight time and says they can’t catch it. Ishita says I will call Raman, maybe he will stop. Raman does not take the call. They worry. Ishita says men don’t care about anyone. TPI says he has an idea to make them reach airport on time. Raman hears a man telling his Appa that his flight is at… Raman asks whats the problem. The man says don’t love ever, my father in law is Tamil and I m Punjabi, I can’t communicate. Raman talks to him and gives the message to the guy. The guy asks how does he know Tamil as he looks Punjabi. Raman says my wife, my ex wife was Tamilian, so I learnt. The man asks why ex. He asks why did you leave her for whom you learnt this difficult language, your face shows you love her, love does not have expiry, go to her. Raman goes back to his seat.

Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita are on the way and thank TPI for helping them, as he takes them in an ambulance. Raman is asked to proceed towards gate. Raman thinks he has to go, sorry Ishita, forgive me. Ishita says I won’t forgive you Raman. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla reach the airport and thank TPI. The airport guards stop them. Ishita says my husband is there, I have to talk to him. He says everyone has cellphone, talk to him on phone. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him and shouts Raman. Mr. Verma recognizes Ishita and says I m grateful to you for treating my son at night. Mrs. Bhalla says my son is leaving, please let us go. They hear the announcement. Ishita says my husband is leaving for Singapore, and we have to meet him. Mr. Verma says he can take her inside. They say its fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go and get Raman here, she will beat him and take him home. She shouts Raman don’t go.

Raman and Ishita fight. He runs away from her, as she goes after him to beat him, calling him a cheater. She says talk to me Raman, and beats him, for asking help from people on airport. She shows the divorce papers saying he has sent this to me. The people join hands to stop Raman. (Too much!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 6hrs left… i m excited like hell to c d moment when ishu n raman will c each other
    n our madrassan will beat punjabs sher for giving divorce to his tigress…
    luv u ishra….

  2. 5 hours left. ……ab aur intezar. ……nahin. .tohta. ………….pagal. .madrasan. …..jhansi ki rani. ……ban kar. ……raman. ..karo. …….uss ki. ………bewaqufi. …….keliye………….saara airport. ..hila de gi. ……….raman. .ab. ..tum. ..kaise. …bacho ge. ……….but. .At the end…………A big. .hug. ……………ye 5……hour. ….kaise. …Kate ge. ……….

  3. guys guys be patient. advice is to not to expect much today bcos whenever we expected, something unwanted happended and we were disappointed always. yesterday in BCL, karan was very angry and I thought Divyanka would come and stop him as she usually does in the show YHM. the makers shld have directed something of that sort as the show is a pre planned one to create an unnecessary drama.

  4. Are yaar. ..yhm. .TRP. .main. ..3……position. ..per hai. ..

  5. 4 hours to go. …….

  6. 4 hours left yarr i’ m eagraly waiting for love confession super exicted hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. 3 hours left for the love confession k liye. ……………..

  8. Kya kisi ne spoiler padha??? Itne achhe mood ki dhajiyaa uda di…..

  9. Kya yaar kuch dino tak to IshRa ka romance chlane do baad mai yeh Drama dikhana……

  10. haan. …hum. .kya soncha. …tha. ..aur. .ho kya. .raha. .hai. …………Sara mood. …spoil. ….hoga ya.…New. …spoiler. ..ko…padh kar. …..
    …hayy . IshRa. …ka kya. ..hoga. …..phir se rona. ..dhona. …… mihika. ..ishita ko. ..akka. .akka. ..bol. .k. ..har bar ishita. ..ko. ..hakka. ..bakka. ….kar.…..aapni. …..utpatang. ….harakkaton…………pata. …nahin. ..aage. ..kya. ..hoga……..

  11. Jitna enjoy karna hai inn 2-3 episodes mai hi kar lo kyonki uske baad wohi purana wala drama shuru hone wala hai……

  12. Yaar yeh IshRa room ke bahar ki pareshaniyo ko bahar hi chood kar apne room mai to apni personal life jee sakte hai naa….

  13. prayosha u r. …right. …….jitna. …..iss. ……moment ko enjoy. .karna. ..hai. …karlo. …….I think. ….Monday. ….se.……..drama. ….shuro. ..ho jai. ..gai. …..

  14. 2 1/2 hours to go. ..

  15. For me 5 hours & 45 min. left for special episode….
    Iss ke baad aur kuch special nahi hoga…….to bas ab to isi ka intjaar hai…..

  16. jit kal.….khush ……thi. …….love confession scene k liye. …….aaj. .itna. …….duk ho raha hai. ……ye. ..New. ..spoiler. ….pad kar. ……..maine kyun. …dekha. .ye. ..spoiler. …kash main nahin dekhti. …….

  17. only 2 hours to go……

  18. Yaar yeh spoiler kal nahi aa skata tha achhe khase confession ke mood ki wat laga di……
    Par koi baat nahi yeh confession ke baad IshRa saath hai ab Shagun ke wapas aane se un dono ke Romance mwi fark padega par unke pyar mai koi fark nahi padega…….always togathere…………

  19. 2 hours to go

  20. Where are you. ..P. ….

  21. 1 1/2 hours left. ..

  22. After Ishra’s confession, i will stop watching this show. ab Ishra ke beech baigan bhi romance nahi hoga to dekhne ka koi matlab nahi hai. sirf I love u bolna nahi bolna ek hi hai agar physical love nahi hoga to. bull shit. Shagun back in raman’s life with Adi, woh free space nahi milega. yeh to too much family drama ho gaya hai. love story bilkul bhi nahi hai.

  23. aaisa mat bolo. ..123. …shagun ka drama bhi. …….kuch din k liye hai. . ..phir sab thik hojae ga. ….

  24. Only 1 hour is left. ….

  25. half an hour. …is left

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