Ek Hasina Thi 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi going to see Shaurya. The doctor says don’t see his face, its damaged. Sakshi cries and scolds Durga saying go and celebrate with Payal, my son is dead. She says Rajnath has killed him, you all are responsible, I will not forgive anyone, you all will be punished, everyone in this room will be punished. She says the war will end when I end it. Karan sees the news about Shaurya and Tarun’s death in major accident. He is shocked and goes to tell Basu.

Akash and Rishi are also shocked. Akash calls Durga and Dev takes the call. Akash asks Dev is this true about Shaurya. Dev says yes, Shaurya and Tarun died on the spot, they are dead. Durga says I trusted Durga Maa and she broke my trust, she has failed me. She cries and says its justice failure, you tell me will any Payal not get justice in this world, Shaurya died and I could not get him punished.

Rajnath scolds someone. Dev asks doctor is he taking body for post mortem. The doctor says Rajnath and Sakshi did not sign consent form. Sakshi says I will not sign, I will take my son to his last rites. She says she will take him with love and no one will come with me. She asks Rajnath not to come else she will kill him too. She takes Shaurya’s clothes, hugs them and leaves. The media gives this news to everyone. Shaurya gets back in the news again, and his death will shut rape case again. Sakshi burns Shaurya’s body and does his last rites. She thinks she will play her last move and ruin all her enemies. She comes to the revenge room/servants quarters and sees Durga’s pic. She says I m coming and I will end everything.

Rajnath comes and asks did she do last rites of Shaurya. She smiles and they turn to see Shaurya hidden in the servant quarters. Rajnath and Sakshi smile, as Shaurya whistles. Shaurya says what a masterstroke mum. Rajnath says it looked so real. Shaurya says he thought the plan will flop, but you are the best. In FB, Shaurya asks Sakshi why did you call me. Rajnath says so this is the room where Sakshi has made dangerous plans. Shaurya says flop plans dad. She says it flopped as we made it all alone, and asks Shaurya to shut up as he failed to kill Dev thrice and Rajnath also failed, Basu is their enemy now. She says this is our last chance, as Dev, Durga and Nitya are ruining us, if we are not together, we will be ruined.

Shaurya says he is in no mood to listen to her. She says I think you will hear it, as my plan has your death. He asks what? She says Durga and Nitya want to punish Shaurya. This is their motive and I will take it from them, when their motive ends, they will be lost and we will benefit from it. Shaurya claps and says wow, fantastic, my dad wants to give me to police, and my mum wants to get me killed, every child should get such parents. She says control your sarcasm and listen to my plan, first Rajnath will threaten you. She says promise me, you will do as I say. Shaurya promises her. He thinks fake death and fake promise, it’s the same thing.

Shaurya thinks how he has fooled everyone and told the secret to Tarun that he is on his feet. He sends the servant with Tarun and asks him to get wine. He says he will free him from Sanjukta and gives his clothes. He asks Tarun to pick up his GF from the highway. The truck driver hits the car in which Tarun and servant were travelling. He says I m upset for Tarun, as he was my best friend. Sakshi says when Nitya will know Shaurya is dead, she will come infront, and they will take time to make new plan and we will take advantage of it, I will hit them before they hit us, and Shaurya you will be going to New Zealnd with fake passport and name. She gives him. He thinks he is part of her plan, to think how will the death news shake our enemies, but there is time to leave, I have a plan to do before leaving. He smiles.

Akash tells Durga that we should shift Payal now. She says not now, we have to be careful. Dev says till this war ends, Payal should be safe here. Shaurya sees them and comes in disguise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sravana bhargavi

    Wow the goenkas trio had done a great job how could durga win in this battle of justice nd how did shaurya get over there??????????

  2. i wonder how will it end in 3 more episode


  4. It’s a awesome show…. It’t the best serial i have ever seen….

    1. Me too nadia

  5. I have seen the quality of serial going down as it has progressed. Few reasons –
    1. Initially Durga was always one step ahead. Now it is the trio villains who keep making fool of them.
    2. Wasted an excellent opportunity to build up romance between Dev and Durga. Even revealing of Durga identity was done in such casual and ineffective manner.
    3. The earlier bold avatar of Durga looks quite weak and vulnerable in front of Devils especially Shaurya. This kills the main spirit of serial.
    I have stopped watching it and now only read updates because of earlier attachment to this serial

    1. im sorry i respect ur view but i very much disagree with ur view cuz this isnt any romantic serial.. watch any orther serial and ull find plenty of unwanted romance.. this serial is all about mind games and it started as an interesting one and its ending the same way!!

    2. Why are you people so desperate to see “love scenes”? REALLY? It is just embarrassing! Like adeeti said if you are desperate to see some cheap romance where the hero kisses the heroine on her forehead like he is her grandpa, watch other stupid cheesy serials. Next, this is not 80s and earlier Bollywood where the main person is omnipotent and the villians are idiots. Villians can be equally smart, beautiful and glamorous and even kind-hearted some times, just like the hero of the story. So you really should update your taste.

      1. I totally agree with u whatever and aditi

    3. Totally disagree. In a battle both side get a chance to attack each other. Durga was getting victory in everything e.g getting the cassette which had Rajnath killing Arnab, making Goenkas against each other, having Kangana on her side, etc.

      Now it was Sakshi’s turn to play her game and we all know she is not so dumb like other show’s villains! she is as smart as durga is.

  6. I knew this will be the master stroke by Sakshi. She is evil. But how are they gonna end in 3 episodes.

  7. I will agree with raj completely……..what’s going to be end?????…..just we have to wait and watch …..
    It’s not that much interested as before episodes……

  8. How many people should be killed or cheated or raped by shaurya.. Is this indian justice system???

    1. Abselutely not. That’s why we call Shauria dog.I really hope for his punishment.

  9. The best serial I have ever seen…

  10. Telly buddies it will be Rope a Dope. Watchout for deadly counter attck by durga. Terrific end will happen. Sakshi Rajnath Shaurya all will go for toss.

    1. Nice serial.thanks 2 ameena to update

  11. thanx 4 d update! nice epi! i thnk there might be 1 extra special episode of 1hr or so! otherwise how will the story end in just 3 epi?! just my view

  12. This is so cool! Finally my country New Zealand is being recognized! Oh and this serial is amazing! I can’t believe that it’s going to end! :'(

  13. Durga said that she would confront Shaurya within 3 days… This being desperated and sad may be a plan of her… Sometimes She is using sakshi’s plan to confront shaurya coz she knows how ego shaurya is. Any way Sakshi.. you looks dangerous in black saree…

  14. OMG…!!! this is da best drama i hv evr seen…m gonna miss ‘ek hasina thi’…lv u so much durga & nitya…hats off 2 the writers,actors,…etc…lc dis show so much.. <3

  15. ohhhh shourya how mean you are….??? you r really such an idiot jaise maa baap waise hi beta apna mat lab keliye kuch bhi karega…….how could he kill his best friend

  16. awesome…this seriel hv turned other side..so how it gonna to end???i agree that now it nt interesting like before episode!!!

  17. I expert what’s 2day epi

  18. Ek Hasina Thi Best serial show I’ve ever watched. I would like to see Ek Hasina Thi season 2. In season 2 build Dev and Durga relationship. Rajnath, Saskhi and Shauraya get released or escape jail for revenge. Wait and see.

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