Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna with teary eyes says Abhiman she cannot stay with her son even for a moment and requests him to come back. He says he will, but she has to give his 22 years back which he spent with his mother. He describes all the difficulties he went through while growing up and his loneliness and asks if she will change those 22 years. He then says only she can. She asks how. He says she has to send her other son Raghav away (vanvaas) for 22 years. Everyone are shocked to hear that. He says just like he spent alone a tragic life for 22 years, Raghav has to spend 22 years of same life without her. Ratna asks how can she do that. Daada asks how can a mother keep a son near her and separate with another son. Ratna says she wants him stay with everyone as a family, but he wants to break family. He says when his family can stay without him for 22 years, why can’t his brother stay away. Daadi says well all love you, but that does not mean we will send Raghav away from us. Ratna says I want my both sons to hug together. He tries to walks out, and she stops. He says her employee can stop, but not her son and says she must have fulfilled Raghav’s all demands, why can’t she fulfill his demands now. She stands silently. He says nobody would like to bear troubles, though its mom or brother and says he will leave if she does not accept his demand. Deepika asks him to stop. He says she made a drama by hiding the truth and says it is not her mistake, when a mother does not understand him, why will his friend.

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Ratna gets a panic attack. Soniya’s sisters stop Abhiman and request him not to go. Abhiman says they are not related to him and he does not want to misbehave with them, so they should not stop him. Ratna calls Abhiman’s name. Raghav gets nervous seeing his mom’s condition and says Abhiman that all his demands will be fulfilled, he will leave this house with his family. Abhiman says he will come back with his bags then and says it is good he accepted his demand as this property is nothing in front of the pain he went through, as a brother he wants Raghav to go through the same pain and wants Ratna to see all this. He says he has to transfer all his property share before leaving and he has 3 days. Deepika tries to run behind Abhiman, but Anjali stops him.

Abhiman comes home. Suhasi greets him in and asks if Ratna accepted his demands. He says yes. Ratna on the other side asks Raghav why did he accept Abhiman’s demands. Raghav says he had to for her sake and says Abhiman demanded all this in anger and will understand it soon. Daada says Raghav that he accepted all his decision, but not this one as he is wrong this time. He says Abhiman knew the secret before and who must have told it. Suhasi on the other side brainwashes Abhiman that Ratna kicked out her brother/Abhiman’s dad and she a black mark on womanhood. Abhiman says he will take revenge. Soniya says Ratna that though Abhiman demanded to send Raghav away, it must be someone else’s idea. Ratna says she cannot send Raghav away for Abhiman.

Raghav says Ratna we all saw Abhiman is very angry and we have to use his own way to calm him down. Daada says he agreed with Raghava and Soniya’s plan and once Abhiman comes there, they can calm him down.

Suhasi asks Abhiman why did he give 3 days time, he would have kicked out Raghav right away. He packs back and leaves. Deepika comes there and asks why he wants to stay there kicking them all out. He says he does not want to mix their friendship and relationship and if she forces him, he will break their friendship. He says she can stay with him, but not Raghav and family. Deepika thinks she thought of proposing him after everything settles down, but Abhiman made it more complicated.

Precap: Abhiman says that he wants to stay in Raghav’s bedroom instead of guest room and asks Raghav to take out his and Soniya’s items within 10 minutes.

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