Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl asks Gunjan if she is in her senses, that Rachna and KT may be given time for being together. Shayl says she wont let it happen. Seema asks Mayank to take Gunjan inside, he takes her inside to rest. Shayl cries, what if KT does something wrong to Rachna. Seema tells her not to worry. Shayl is determined that this time she will fight and wont let KT play with her daughter’s life.
KT and Rachna comes to a near by shelter. KT says they charged them so much for such a cheap place, will they sleep here. Rachna says they must manage in these conditions. KT says if they sleep here like this, they will fall ill of cold and goes to get blanket.
Gunjan says to Mayank that she doesnt understand why isnt anyone taking KT as someone who can care Rachna. Mayank tells Gunjan not to be worried, as it isnt good for her health. Mayanks says Shayl is her mother. Gunjan says she is her sister, and she has seen Rachna crying for KT, she still went to LUcknow upon her mother’s sayings. Shayl also knows Rachna loves KT and this might be a coincidence that they have met. Mayank asks where is the confirmity that KT also loves Rachna, and why should we give KT a second chance. Gunjan says she also gave Mayank another chance, why cant Rachna do it. Mayank promises that he is with her, but they will talk about it when Rachna has come back.
KT brings blanket for Rachna. She asks what is in the bottle. He says it is beer, she must drink two sips to not feel the cold. Rachna says she is fine as such. KT takes blanket watching Rachna to lie on the bed, he fells asleep. Rachna was still cold, KT watches her, as she was shivering. Rachna sits up, in cold. KT gets worried, and asks if she is feeling so much cold. He brings his blanket as well and covers Rachna. He pours the beer into a glass, and says she wont be able to suffer more, and makes her drink some. He says she must take his blanket as well, and asks her t rub her hands together.

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KT asks Rachna if there was some difference, she denies. He rubs Rachna’s feet himself.
Rachna watches him so, she says she feels good. He looks at her, she begins to smile and then laugh. He asks why she is laughing. She says Gunjan used to say to her, that when they get married she must make him care for her. See, we didnt get married, still there has been so much care.
She drinks further. He says what she is doing, does she know what will happen to her. She asks what will happen, she laughs and asks why is everything moving in circles. She stands up and runs out dancing. She shouts I love you KT!. KT takes hold of her as she fell on his chest. He takes her into his arms, she was consiuosless, he stares at her face as he gets her into her sleeping place. She holds his hand, while sleeping. He recalls she said in his house, a few days ago that she won’t be able to forget him.
KT says I still love you alot Rachna. He gets into a realm of what he is saying, then says he is bound not to say this to her.
In the morning, Rachna wakes up, and had a head ache. She watches KT sleeping, still sitting near her. He wakes up too, they both stand up. KT says good morning to her, she says she doesnt remember what happened last night. He says she took some sips of brandy, as he brought blankets. Rachna gets flashbacks of her yelling, and KT’s confession. She asks KT, about what else happened. KT tells her about the washroom to get fresh as he will arrange for the bus.
Rachna comes out of the washroom, the towels fell off. She and KT bend together to pick it up. Rachna hugs KT. He asks what she is doing as he backs up. Rachna asks did he say I love you to her, last night. KT looks away saying nothing such happened. She had taken brandy. She says he had said so. He says he drunk the whole bottle, and leaves to take bus. Rachna says to herself, that she heard KT’s heart beating for herself then why he is hiding the love. She says she will make him confess her love from him, this time.

PRECAP: Rachna comes hand in hand with KT. Shayl asks KT who gave him the right to do so. Rachna says she will love KT till death. Dayal holds hand on Rachna.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hey Sslk fans

    It is confirmed that new show titled “Hello Prathiba” is going to replace SSLK.

    For those who wants to save our show plz start requesting ZeeTV to consider to telecast SSLK in a new time slot as the show still has great potential. They can’t take this drastic decision to end the show since Kabir has just entered the show and the story has lot more to show!

    Plz keep posting in ZeeTV official page , and mainly plz tweet to zeetv !! Plz include hashtag ‪#‎NewTimeSlotForSSLK‬ in your every tweets. Do not forget to tag @ZeeTV !!

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  3. Is anyone there guys I am new I hope I will get new friends over here

  4. rachna please stand up to your family and let them know how you really feel do not let anyone deny you of your love fore kt if your family do not like it to hell with them they lived their lives already now it is time for you to live yours happily ever after as for bindiya it is time they find her out and send her packing

  5. I want Rachna to walk out the house with me! Lol.

  6. super epis

  7. we can comment on zee tv facebook as a last chance. sslk fb page has 14k friend. rabir and mayan fb page also have so many fans. if we post so much comments and request over there and like each others post may they agree.

    1. sorry, if i told something wrong. actuaaly after hearing sslk ending, i am not in my world. i criedso much that my mom told it feels as someone close to me died. really this serial is very close to me

  8. I love this show , good episode , I can’t believe it will end in two weeks

  9. I do not understand that family. They already know that Rachna will always do what is in her heart and what she thinks is right. Consider the girl walk out their house on her wedding day to say she taking care of a sick man (Bittu). So they think she won’t fight for her love!?!?!? She would leave them for him too I am sure . So then why do they think they can control her, when they haven’t been able to before. lololol Btw I love Rachna eh lololo

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