Sasural Simar Ka 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanju hugs simar. jhanvi says I was asking her what she saw last night? simar says don’t cry sanju mama is with you. Jhanvi says don’t cry sanju. simar says doctor asked her not to talk about the incident. jhanvi says I understand but I was worried so I asked her. forgive me. simar says its okay.

Uma says mata ji sattu has slept. rajhinder says its good for his health. Sujata says aman did you find anything about shurti? Sid says we shouldn’t talk about this. She isn’t roli. This is my roli, that girl is jhumki I don’t know what she is here for. Aman says I heard same name from simar who is this jhumki? sid says she is roli’s doppelganger. She came here before. aman says even if she was jhumki and she wants to take roli’s place then who was the woman sattu saw? Was she roli? sid says you mean jhumki? Aman says shurti or jhumki we have to find what all this is. sid says you are confused and making us as well. She is jhumki and wants to take roli’s place. aman says why she came here as shurti then and why she ran? We followed her. she was confused and tensed. Simar also saw the pain she felt.

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Simar says we followed shurti and got to know she has been living with family for some two months there, prem says she cant be jhumkii because she didn’t have any parents. Sid says she isn’t roli and sattu saw him that night that is why he attacked the photo. aman says that photo was of roli I mean of the old face. sid says what you wana say? Aman says maybe he was pointing at roli not shurti or jhumki because before accident roli had the same face. Maybe sattu wants to tell us something about roli. Simar slaps him. simar says I wont bother someone doubting my sister. She is my sister and we all trust her. Simar says don’t worry roli you are our roli and it doesn’t need any proofs. prem says aman I apologize on simar’s behalf she is worried for roli. simar says don’t apologize him, how can he doubt roli when it got proved that she was shurti. Roli has to give many tests after accident. She asks them to leave.

Simar says roli don’t worry its better for them to leave our house this time. We will solve our problem like we always do. aman and calendar leave. aman and calendar are outside the house. Calendar says what are we doing in this neighborhood again? aman says keep quite for some time. They go in a house. Calendar says what are we doing here even after so much insult. Aman says if you want to ask something, ask her she will tell you.

Percap-jhanvi brings milk for sanju and Anjali. She sees that sanju is sleeping.

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  1. i dont think i am sure that new roli is behind all this

  2. yar it is roli (sarakhan) behind all this she is som one else, who is able to change her self to other people

  3. this series is getting interesting day by day

  4. ya… new roli s behind all of these… jahnvi s just portraying bcs viewers to gt confuse… also shruthi’s parents & new roli have some connection

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