Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali requests Soniya to beat and slap her, but to forgive her. Deepu asks how can she betray Soniya and break the rules. Ratna interferes and says now Anjali is part of her family and she should be more angry on her. She says Soniya that she should listen to Anjali once and says children make mistake and it is our duty to forgive and correct them. She asks Rathi to take Anjali to her room and says Soniya it is good media was not there, else they would have made an issue out it, says she will not tolerate if anyone ruins Roy family name. Soniya says Anjali broke her trust and betrayed her and she will not forgive her. Raghav goes and stands next to her. Ratna then apologizes her for being too rude and says she does not want her family’s name to be ruined by any one person. Soniya stumbles hearing that. Raghav says Ratna that nobody saw them in party and there is nothing to worry. She asks him to have food first. He says he and Soniya are fasting today. She says she understands Soniya is a girl and is fasting, but why is he fasting and says she will send food to their room. They both leave towards their room. Suhasi thinks Ratna is a big drama queen and congratulates her for good execution of her plan.

In room, Raghav tries to console Soniya. Soniya says she broke Ratna’s trust and because of her sisters, she cannot stand in front of her. Raghav says her sisters are not as bad as she thinks and everything will be alright soon.

Anjali starts crying continuously and Rathi tries to console her. Deepu asks Rathi why is she consoling Anjali who broke Soniya’s trust who took care of them like a mother. Rathi says Soniya saw their fights and knows about it. Deepu asks how does she know. She says she saw Soniya when they were fighting and crying, so she and Raghav have kept fast today for their unity and peace. Anjali starts crying even more vigorously. Deepu says they came home hungry and went out to search Anjali. Khushi says we all should go and feed them.

All sisters reach Soniya and Raghav’s room with food, apologize and request her to have food. Soniya says she could not take care of her sisters as she promised her parents. Khushi says she should not have told about Anjali. Anjali asks Soniya to have food. She reminisces Anjali inebriated and stumbling in party and starts crying. Raghav tries to console her and asks sisters to leave. They all walk out sadly.

Raghav consoles Soniya and asks her to control herself. Soniya says if she forgives Anjali, she will not get her back. He says he will not interfere and she can take a decision alone and feeds her food.

Rathi gets milk for all sisters and ask them to have it. They all still crying. She then asks Deepu to sleep now as she has to go to office tomorrow morning. Raghav on the other side massages Soniya’s head and makes her sleep.

Raghav wakes up in the morning and does not find Soniya next to him. He calls her, but does not get reply.

Precap: Servant says Raghav that Soniya went out in the morning. All sisters also get worried about her. Raghav calls her, but her phone is switched off.

Update Credit to: MA

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