Ek Hasina Thi 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with someone coming to Payal in a godown. The man brings a bag and makes Payal’s hand right. He drinks the water and his face is shown. Its Rishi. Durga asks Akash where can he Payal, where will Sakshi keep her, I m afraid she can do anything again. Akash says trust me, I will find her, I have the list of Goenka properties. Durga cries. Shaurya tells Mukherjee that we have to find Payal, she is the imp player of the game. Mukherjee says he can’t help, as he has pressure, we have to be careful. Shaurya says I understand, but your time is going to change soon. Mukherjee says I m sorry, I can’t help you, but the danger is on your family. Shaurya gets angry. Shaurya calls Tarun and asks where is Payal, if we all don’t have her, it means someone has her, this is bad news.

He says he would have failed Durga by using Payal. He asks Tarun to get Rishi and come home. Durga misses Dayal. Dev comes to her and is shocked seeing her crying. He asks what happened. She says its good you came and stops thinking Dev can’t bear this and will fight with Sakshi. He will risk his life to find Payal, she can’t tell him anything, Akash will find out soon. Dev asks what happened. Shaurya looks on. Durga lies to her. Dev asks what is she hiding. Shaurya thinks wow, see their chemistry, concern and love. Dev holds Durga and says he knows her that when she is lying to him, and she knows he can’t see her worried.

She cries and he asks what happened. She says Payal is kidnapped. Dev is shocked. She says she is missing. Dev says what, but how did this happen, who did this. She says I was telling you when she went missing. Dev sees the shadow and stops her. Shaurya leaves. Dev goes out and sees none. He shuts the door and Shaurya hides outside. Dev asks Durga on whom she doubts. Durga says Sakshi told me that she will give Payal when I take her to Nitya, she will free Payal after she gets Nitya. Dev gets angry and says he will not leave her. Durga stops him and says you will risk and Payal’s life. He says what if her attacks start, she can’t bear it.

Durga says I know it, but Sakshi knows she can’t reach Nitya without me, Payal is our weakness and she took advantage of it. She says Akash is checking Goenkas properties and we will find Payal soon. Dev thinks Shaurya is involved in this and he was peeping in here, I will keep an eye on him, I m sure he will take me to Payal. Payal wakes up and sees Rishi sitting. She recalls her rape incident. The FB shows Rishi going to Payal. Payal asks him to leave her. Rishi realizes what he has let happen, as his friends have raped her. Rishi says he is not doing anything, and makes Payal run away from the place and she won’t tell this to anyone, not even Nitya, if Shaurya knows this, he will not leave me, and asks her to promise.

Payal promises him and runs. Rishi comes out and says Payal has run guys. He says she had a vase, she has hit me and run. Shaurya scolded him. In present, Payal asks who got her here, and where is Durga. Rishi says don’t shout, I m not going to hurt you, I m sorry to trouble you, I m living in my guilt and would have died, I m alive to apologize to you. I did not have courage to face you. I m a coward to not take a stand for you, Shaurya’s family committed more crimes to cover one, when Shaurya planned to kidnap you, I got you here from the hospital. He gives her water.

Payal says you are not coward as you saved me that night and made me run. He says I m coward as I was quiet in the court and was against you. She says we should tell Durga and Dev about us. He says yes, even I feel the same. Shaurya asks Tarun where is Rishi. Tarun says he is missing since we planned to kidnap Payal. Shaurya says he is coward and would have run leaving the city. He says he has plan B and tells him. He whistles. Dev thinks why did Tarun come at night, my doubt is not wrong, Shaurya is involved in Payal’s kidnapping, I should follow Tarun. Tarun calls someone and says bring that mad girl at the jungle and I will meet you there. He leaves. Dev hears him and thinks he should go there before he hurts Payal, I will not tell Durga as she will come along and get into risk, I have to go fast.

Tarun tells Shaurya that he gave wrong location to Dev, he was following me. Shaurya says tomorrow;s headlines will be Dev’s death. Tarun asks why did he target Dev now. Shaurya says do as I say and be quiet. He whistles. Rishi calls Durga. She calls him rapist and asks why did he call her. He says Payal is with me. Durga cries and says don’t dare to hurt her, where is she. She says she will not live him alive and scolds him, asking why did he do this, on Sakshi or Shaurya’s saying. Rishi says nothing like that and makes her talk to Payal. Payal talks normal and Durga asks is she fine. Payal says I m fine, I m safe, Rishi did not bring to harm me, but he got me to safe me, talk to Rishi, he will tell where we are and you come here soon. Durga says yes, I will come.

Rishi says he will message the address. Durga takes the car keys and leaves. Shaurya comes to kill Dev and smiles seeing him come in the jungle. He says I have played a good game, the prey will come to the hunter himself, let the hunt begin. He aims at Dev to shoot him. Dev looks around for Payal. Shaurya says he will send Dev to Dr Thakur, and Durga will be mine. Dev says where can be Payal here.

Shaurya shoots at Dev. Durga comes running and pushes Dev. She falls and faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. WOW SUPER.I think Rishi will be the life partner of payal.because he is a good person.RISHI be careful.because shaurya is dangerous.

  2. Durga wont b hurt much,Rajnath , Sakshi,shaurya wil land in jail n dev n Durga marriag wil b compromised

  3. Dev is a v good guy acting ok others overact in fact durga also overacts best is sakshi like a snake shaurya tries but no he cant act his actions r so bad that we just dislike him and thats ok cause he is very very bad i wouldnt just send him to jail i would castarate him

  4. what is this ya? Dev is doing his job correctly and you guys why u are disliking lovable dev? Whomever dislikes u doesn’t matter. I love u and ur character so much dev.

    1. ya snowy i agree wid u…
      v wil not care who evr dislikes dev…. i like his acting and his character…

  5. Rishi and Payal def look good together. ESP as partners against evil Shaurya.

  6. Rishi and Payal def look good together. ESP as partners against evil Shaurya.
    Sorry. Not hating on dev. He’s a really good guy and so loyal and in love with nitya/Durga. It’s just the story line didn’t give him much to work with but he was awesome in the board room. And the tea episode with Shaurya.

  7. Y is this serial being close
    close dose horrible daily dramas like nisha n cousins or natik akshra

    1. yeh this nisha aur cousins just vry BORING… they must End tht….. yeeeks. 😛

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