Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with kumari calling mahadev and mahadev moves towards kumari but narayan stops him. Narayan says, mahadev, it would not be good to step ahead. Mahadev says, parvati is calling me. Narayan says, if you will not stop then i will use my power. Mahadev moves ahead then narayan again alerts him and says, you have already alerted me about the whole incident and i have given oath to you and i will fulfill it. Mahadev says, parvati is feeling so pain. She needs me and i had given her oath that i will always with her all the time. Narayan says, but you already knew that mata parvati will feeling pain. It is not good that my God will distract his motive for your faith. Mahadev says, nobody can stop me to go to near to parvati. Narayan again alerts him. Mahadev says, you cannot fight with me with sudarshan chakra. Narayan says, if you think that i cannot fight with you by sudarshan chakra then i will throw this chakra on me. If you will not stop yourself then this chakra cut me. Decision will be yours. Mahadev stops sudarshan chakra.
Kumari says, mahadev, if you will not come then i am taking oath that i will meet with you again forever. Mahadev says, now i must meet with parvati. Indra meets with bhram dev and says, what is happening here. Now situation is more critical. If mahadev will not stop then situation is untolerable. Bhram dev says, if mahadev will stop then also situation is untolerable.
Mahadev comes in different face. Kumari ask, who are you? Mahadev says, mahadev is everywhere, you can get mahadev everywhere. If you can identify him then you can get him. Kumari says, if you will on my situation then you will know. Mahadev says, if person can accept truth then he will know everything. You have to change your view then you will know about mahadev. Mahadev says, banasur death is also must. Release world from him. You have to call your whole power. Kumari says, mahadev has denied my proposal. Mahadev says, if someone will be yours then he will be yours by anyhow. Kumari says, now i know mahadev is not mine. Mahadev gone from there.
Narad ji says, it is adi shakti’s insult. Bhram dev says, mahadev will have to pay for it soon.
Mahadev remember the whole incident and again goes into meditation. Menawati says, why narayan, why parvati and mahadev is feeling so pain, why they are far from each other. Narayan says, only they can do it. mahadev taken poison in his throat and bahan parvati also helped him. It is impossible to get bahan parvati but shiv and shakti will again associate again.
Menawati ask from kumari, mahadev didnt come. Kumari says, mahadev is already present here, look he is everywhere. He will come. Banasur come and says, he will not come.

Precap:- Kumari kill banasur then narayan inform to mata parvati that mahadev gets disappeared. Mata parvati says, i will bring back to him.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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