Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda and Pallavi do Ganpati’s aarti while Suresh too is on his way to the temple. Aarti ends and Pallavi is waiting for Suresh. It feels like he has gone to buy a taxi instead of hiring one. Sharda smiles. Pallavi dials Suresh’s number and Sharda again misses to see the wallpaper on Pallavi’s phone. His number is not reachable. Sharda gets Prasad from the priest. She offers it to Pallavi wo suggests to take it from the priest herself. Sharda tells that if it is written to divide something amongst us then we cant help it. Pallavi takes it from her. She gets a call from her friend where Pallavi and Suresh were heading for breakfast. Pallavi agrees to reach on time. Pallavi tells Sharda that she hates to wait, be it anyone whereas Sharda loves to wait. We can wait for those forever who we love. Pallavi calls Sharda’s husband a lucky man but Sharda considers herself luckier to have him as her husband.

Suresh finally reaches temple. He steps out and stops in his tracks to see Sharda standing on the stairs. Sharda is very happy to see him there. He knew that she would be here only. You came here all alone today? She shakes her head. I came here with your business friend, Pallavi. Suresh looks shocked but is relieved to know that she left a minute ago only. You could have met her if you would have been here a minute ago. Suresh feels relaxed. They leave for home.

Sharda apologizes to Suresh for hurting / doubting him. He gets a call from Pallavi but disconnects it. I am sorry that you had to spend the night outside and outside food doesn’t even suit you. Suresh doesn’t reply to her. Instead he tells the driver to drive fast. He drops her home as he wants to go to office. She requests him to eat breakfast atleast but he taunts her about it. I couldn’t even call my two international clients after what you said to me yester night. You say whatever comes to your mind as you know I might go anywhere but will come back to you only. But my international clients wont come back if I do something like this. They will never do business with me. Now you go as I am getting late. She gets down sadly and Suresh tells the driver to hurry up.

Suresh calls Pallavi. He lies that his phone was on silent. Please forgive me. She replies that I never forgive anyone for their mistakes. I am not Sharda (which shocks Suresh). She found her like a typical housewife. Suresh is worried about their growing friendship. He talks about her return tickets. She is not in a mood to go back so soon and makes it clear to him.

Sharda has completed Meeta’s patola saree. Sakshi excitedly goes to show it to everyone and they all love it. Latika calls it nice but tells Sharda that she could have asked for more time from Meeta. You dint have to stay up the whole night to complete it. She is a very big businesswoman and I am sure she would have bought too many sarees for her daughter by now. Their views clash over business and emotions. Latika leaves for office. Sakshi makes Sharda sit down to have breakfast and goes to keep that saree in cupboard.

Sakshi gets a call from her friend who shares her happiness over finding a partner for herself. Sakshi keeps the saree on a chair and continues talking to her friend. Maid comes to pick clothes for laundry and Sakshi tells her to take them. Maid picks up the saree as well while Sakshi is busy on the call. The maid brings the sarees to Sharda. The laundry guy counts them one by one. Sharda misses that saree as Chirag comes at the exact time to give his clothes for laundry. Sharda doesn’t notice it even as the saree peeks from his packet as he leaves.

At office, Karan asks his manager about Mr. Ajmera in whose account a huge amount of money has been transferred. The manager has no clue. He simply obeyed Suresh’s orders. He leaves. Neither of them have any clue about any Mr. Ajmera. Latika leaves for the conference room. Karan is still thinking about it when Suresh walks in. He asks his dad about it. Suresh retorts that he doesn’t have to share all his business transaction / client details with him. whatever I do is for the benefit of my business only. Karan replies that internally they should know about it just like they know about his client. Suresh mocks him. You dint get that client because of your own but because of my name and reputation. He leaves from there. Latika who had come back to get some papers leaves too. Karan is in thoughts.

At night, Sharda is looking at her jewellery. I think we should get them polished. She asks Suresh’s opinion who is busy in his files. She is worried about his health. You dint even have food at home tonight. He tells her that he ate outside with his client. He gets Pallavi’s call and receives it too. He lies that he is outside. She is confused as to why is he talking to formally to her. He lies again that he is at office with his accountant. She asks about her necklace. He eyes the necklace which Sharda is holding and agrees to bring it very soon. She is missing him and wants to meet him. She insists so he agrees to come there.

Suresh picks his clothes to change. She asks him if he is going out. He makes an excuse of going to meet his clients from Singapore. She catches his another lie of being in office with his accountant. If you would have said that he is at home then they might not have called him at this hour. Suresh gets worried thinking that Sharda has started to understand English. I will have to be very careful. He talks about work and money. She suggests letting Karan go. His client is very important and only he can attend it. I might have to stay with the client at the hotel only if the meeting goes on for long. He goes to change.

Karan is taking his anger out on his lappy. Sakshi asks him what happened. He is upset that his dad never likes whatever he does. Sakshi explains that he has seen Latika di’s style of work so he might like her style of doing things only. You will have to wait for some time and work hard. He will definitely see and understand your style too. You are my hero and cannot give up. He gets happy. He shares about the money transfer with her. Not even Lattu di knows anything about it. Dad is so relaxed as if there is no person by that name. Don’t know what has happened to him. Sakshi too looks confused.

Next morning, Sharda comes to Sakshi’s room to ask for her saree. She finds Karan working on his laptop and is surprised. You dint went for that meeting with your Singapore clients? Karan replies that no one came from outside. Who told you? She backs off saying that she might have heard it all wrong. She is in thoughts as to why Suresh said that to her when no client came from outside.

Precap: Sharda shares with Suresh that Meeta loved the saree that she made for her daughter. She has invited me with family for the wedding. She shows the invitation to him. He agrees to go with her. Pallavi asks Suresh to suggest a gift for her friend’s daughter. He suggests saree but she explains to him that she is Meeta Manchanda’s daughter after all. Suresh looks shocked.

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