Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha leaving in the car. Nafisa asks Rubel to come with her on shopping and she will help him in choosing a gift for Payal. Nani brings Adi on the spot. Adi misses to see Ayesha and Nani calls Harish as Adi did not see her. She calls Harish and tells him the problem. Harish says fine, I will call Ayesha, don’t worry. He calls Ayesha and asks her to take U turn as Adi did not see her. She says fine, I will take U turn. Her phone falls. Ghalib talks to someone and asks him to come as he has to talk about Ayesha. Ayesha takes a U turn and Nani sees her coming.

Nani makes Adi see her. Adi is shockd seeing the tyre coming out. Adi says I have to go. Nani says you can’t go. Adi says her life is in danger, I have to go. Nani gets tensed. Adi follows Ayesha. Ayesha says now I have to take turn on coming left. Adi calls Ayesha and horns. Nani thinks Lord save them, how to tell Harish that Ayesha’s life is in danger and Adi went to save her. She cries. Ghalib meets Bauji. Bau ji says I m Pankhudi’s grandpa. Ghalib says she is not Pankhudi, but Ayesha, since childhood. He says she is married to me, I m her husband. Bau ji is shocked.

The stunt masters try to talk to the truck driver. Harish gets tensed. He sees Adi following Ayesha and is shocked. Ayesha sees Adi and thinks why is he following her. Harish calls Ayesha. She thinks what to do now. She does not answer the call. Adi shouts Ayesha. Nani says she has to reach Harish soon. The truck gets ready and waits for the black car. Adi speeds up and says why is Ayesha not stopping the car, how to warn her. Harish keeps calling Ayesha and Nani.

Bau ji says Ghalib he should not joke, Ayesha is Pankhudi. Ghalib says no, she is Ayesha. Mama comes and meets Ghalib. He says I m Ayesha’s husband, who is cheating you all being Pankhudi. Adi calls Ayesha coming ahead of her and says your car’s wheel is coming out. Ayesha speeds up. Ayesha says how can I take left turn now. She says the left turn got behind, what to do now. Sje tries to take left but Adi stops her. The man says Ayesha went straight. Harish is shocked and asks to stop the truck driver.

He panics seeing his plan fail. The truck driver sees the black car which Ayesha is driving and gets ready to hit it. He starts the truck and goes ahead to hit the black ca. Ayesha and Adi see the truck coming. Adi’s white car gets hit my mistake. Ayesha is shocked as Adi’s car flies in the air and falls. She shouts Adi. Ayesha stops her car and runs to him crying. Adi gets badly injured. Nani comes there and is shocked seeing Adi hit by the truck. Harish too comes there and is shocked.

Rubel and Nafisa are on the way for shopping. He talks about Payal and she gets annoyed. He says I just hope Payal likes this gift and thanks for helping me. Rubel gets a call from Harish and is shocked knowing about Adi. Nafisa hears about Adi’s accident and is shocked too. Rubel says I will bring everyone to the hospital. Nafisa asks is Ayesha fine, I thought she is with Adi.

Sheela talks to Shanky and says Ayesha is Pankhudi’s ghost. Sheela taunts Payal seeing her. Anuj comes and says Adi met with an accident. Everyone is shocked. Anuj says lets go to the hospital fast. Sheela says I was scared of this, lets go fast. Nafisa calls Ruksaar and says Adi met with an accident. Ruksaar asks about Ayesha. Nafisa says I will find out and let you know. Nafisa asks Rubel not to worry as nothing will happen to Adi. Rubel says I just hope Adi is fine.

Adi is brought to the hospital in bad state. Harish asks the doctors to save Adi. The doctor says we will do the operation, the situation is critical. Ayesha cries.

Rubel asks how did this happen and how did you reach there. The inspector comes and says this is my question, how did you reach there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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