Nadaan Parindey 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone waiting for Sameer. Bebe gets worried. Mama asks is Purab at home. Channi says no. Mama says maybe they went together. Meher says scold him when he comes. Bebe says yes, Mama will scold him. Sameer comes from jogging. Meher scolds him for not informing anyone before leaving. Bebe asks where did you go. Meher says great scolding. Sameer says I went to jog. Meher says liar, did you wake up yourself, this can’t happen. Sameer says I used to jog during my training. Mama asks him to tell them before he goes somewhere. Sameer agrees.

Bebe says she was so worried about him. Sameer says fine, punish me. She asks shall I slap you. He says yes. She says I forgot its your breakfast time, I came in Meher’s words. Meher says you melt seeing his face. Bebe says I can bear anything but not my son’s hunger. Bebe asks Sameer to sit and she will serve him hot parathas. Sameer says I will have a bath and come. Meher says he became smart, what did the border people make you eat. Purab says I also have to find out what happened in these six months. He talks to his senior who says maybe Sameer is in trauma.

Purab says he is my brother and I m sure there is something fishy. His senior says he is a national hero now. Purab says maybe he was brainwashed before being sent here, so he has changed. His senior says don’t think of so far, fine, the matter can be serious, keep an eye on him, the truth will come out. Purab says I m feeling sad that I m doubting my brother but its important to do my duty.

Bebe brings Sameer to the Dargah. He asks why did you bring me here. Bebe says when you went on war, I had a mannat that I will come with you here, come lets pray. Sameer comes inside and Bebe signs him to take blessings and pray. Sameer prays. Dargah Baba comes there and is happily shocked to see Sameer. Sameer ties a hanky on his head while praying and closes his eyes. Baba meets him and praises Sameer for coming back so soon, what miracle did he do. Sameer says I will tell you in detail later. Bebe says lets sit for some time. Sameer says next time.

Bebe says come and they leave. Baba says Sameer. Sameer stops and looks at him. Baba asks Sameer to hug him, as he has missed him a lot. Bebe asks him to hug Baba. Sameer hugs Baba. Baba blesses him. Purab comes to meet Meher at the Dhaba and says I need to talk to you. Meher asks what happened. Purab says Sameer is not talking to you well, you both were getting married, he should have been happy seeing you, but he did not why. She says he said he has faced much and he needs time to get normal.

Purab says I understand he is upset, but how can he be away from you. Meher says what doubt do you have. Purab says that he is not our Sameer. She asks what. He says I think he is not our Sameer. She says you are mad. He says I m an army man, I know how far can enemies go low to take revenge. He says its good you and Bebe freed him, but how so soon. She says no, he is our Sameer. He says my heart says this, but not my mind, maybe he is broken and he has been brainwashed, so it means he is in danger.

He asks her did she find any change in him. She says enough. He says I can see doubt in your eyes, you said he is not our Sameer, find out, talk to him about old days, try to know whats the truth. He convinces her to find out as its not of any harm. Meher goes. Purab smiles as he has put doubt in her heart, he wants an answer if he is Sameer, why is he quiet, why is he not telling anyone that he tried to kill him.

Many people give respect to Sameer. The people leave. Sameer looks on. Purab talks to Sartaj. Sartaj laughs and says he won’t spit any truth. Purab asks him to tell the truth behind the people who came back and offers him biryani. Sartaj sees the news. Sartaj is shocked to see Sameer. Purab says lets be friends now. Sartaj says I won’t eat this, congrats for the soldiers who came back. He leaves. Purab takes the CD and gives it. He thinks his smile said something else, I can see many things proving, it’s a big plan, there is some secret which I have to find out soon.

Meher comes to talk to Sameer. She asks why is he lost, and not talk to anyone, what happened with him. He asks what do you want. He asks can you listen, can you feel my fears and the time spent in that horrible jail. She reminds him of their childhood. Purab looks on. She tries to remind him and sees his blank face. She says the lines which they used to say. She repeats it to him and starts leaving seeing no response from Sameer. Sameer says the next lines. Purab is shocked knowing its Sameer. Meher turns to see Sameer happily. She smiles and they tell the lines together. She says Sameer and hugs him. Purab gets angry seeing them hug. She says you remember everything. Sameer acts rude and says I remember everything, but you forgot many things. He says you forgot the hall ticket and I brought it. He says you went on border, and I broke your marriage. He says I did only two of your wishes true. Purab thinks he remembers everything, is he really Sameer, did he stay alive?

Meher walks towards Sameer’s room while he is offering Namaaz.

Update Credit to: Amena

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