Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lathika annoucnes tent building competition. Sakshi and Karan build and all other try to build respective tents. Aditya builds tent first and everyone claps for him. Karan scols Sakhsi for losing because of her. Lathika congrats Aditya and asks him why he is always in competetive spirit. Aditya says he wins everything, but lost his heart and looks at Sakshi. Aditya sees Karan preparing barbeque and says his barbeque is old. Prateik says Karan prepares best bareque. Karan then challenges him. Lathika sees Karan has not lit his barbque yet and asks Aditya to help him. Aditya goes towards Karan and says he cannot handle his things properly. Karan’s friends hear that and get angry. Karan asks them to call down.

Sakshi calls Sharda. Sharda asks her why is she sounding tensed. Sakshi says Lathika invited Aditya for picnic and he is trying to compete with Karan in every game. Sharda says she sent Karan and Sakshi to enjoy and says she should defeat Karan in all games and make him feel his loss.

Lathika starts antakshari game and asks Karan and Sakshi to join. Saskhi and Karan and their friends form a team and Lathika, Prateik, and Aditya with their friends form their team. Sakshi sings a song.. Aditya signs after that. They both compete and Sakshi wins. Aditya says she will win if anyone from her team sings from Ma. Sakshi sings mera mann.. song and wins antakshari competetion. Karan gets happy after their win. Prateik congrats them for a win and says let us have barbeque now.

Sakshi sees Aditya loading nonveg for the bareque and says nobody liekes nonveg here. Lathika says she has brought vegetables and will give it to Aditya. Saskhi and Lathika get busy preparing their dishes. Karan sees them turning other side and pours water in their bareque. Sakshi checks the bareque and finds water in it.

Chirag informs Sharda that he is going for studies with his friends and will not come tonight. Sharda asks him not to stay overnight. Suresh comes and asks Chirag to go, he scolds Sharda for interfering in their kid’s freedom and says kids are grown up and he does not want her to control them.

Karan checks bareque and scolds Sakashi thinking she poured water in it. Sakshi says she did not pour water and says he brought wet coal. She asks what to do now. Karan says she should go to Aditya now and says there is something between them. Sakshi says there is nothing between them. He says she told lie to him once and can lie many times. Sakshi gets sad and starts crying.

Sakshi calls Sharda and informs about Karan scolding her. Sharda says she will tell her the secret of happy marriage and says they should stop blaming each other and says at least she should stop fighting with him. She says they should spend some more time together and says she will also speak to Karan.

Suresh asks Sharda what is she doing. She says she is preparing for her exams and is unable to spell the exam’s name. He insults her saying she does not even know the name of exam and says literacy does not come easily.

Sakshi looks at Aditya and says she will teach him a lesson.

Precap: Suresh gets heart attack. Sharda tries to read his medicine name, but is unable to read it.

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