Qubool Hai 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanam walks towards Ahil. Another girl is talking with Ahil. She looks at Sanam and Sanam stops walking. The girl tells Ahil she’s the one who got fired. Ahil turns back to look at Sanam, but now Sanam has turned her face away. Both walk in opposite direction.

Dilshad is getting worried for Sanam. Depressed Sanam is walking on the road. She says she thought she would earn money and make new dhaba, but now she doesn’t even have enough money to go back. Even if she goes back, what she will say to her badi ammi? She hears prayer and does the namaz. other hand, dilshad and haya also do the namaz. Dilshad says that city took away everything from her, but allah is there with her Sanam and he will show the right path to her. Other hand, Zoya asks allah to show her the right path. After she finishes her prayer, she sees Anwar. She tries to stop him, but he leaves in an auto. Sanam takes another auto and follows him. Following him, she enters Ahil’s mansion. She gets some memories from her childhood. Zoya’s voice, Dilshad’s voice. She hears someone’s noise and hides. After they leave, she tries to leave the mansion, but she’s stopped by Latif. Latif misunderstands Sanam as their new cook and asks her to prepare some snacks for the guests who have come for nikah. Sanam thinks Anwar came to rob them and decides she won’t let him succeed and expose him.

Sanam comes to the kitchen. Latif follows her and asks how she knew where kitchen is, she came to this house for the first time. Sanam gets into thoughts. Latif asks her to start working and he will check other preparations. Sanam wonders how she knew kitchen is here. She again remembers about Anwar and starts working. She says things are so messed up, how people can work in such dirty environment.

Azhar’s family has come to see shazia. His mother doesn’t seem to remember certain words, her husband completes her half sentences. The families have a talk. Azhar’s parents go crazy hearing about properties. They say they like shazia a lot. Mother asks for the sweets .Latif comes to the kitchen and asks Sanam if she only cleaned kitchen or cooked something as well. Sanam shows him a tray. Latif picks it up, but Sanam stops him and says she is there to do that work. Latif reminds her that he’s the boss, so don’t try to overtake his position. He comes in the hall with Latif. Latif stops her and takes the tray with him. Sanam tries to look at the guests thinking anwar is one of them. Shazia’s dad says, from their side, anwar bhai will look after all preparations. Sanam goes all around the hall to see anwar, and in end, she says it’s some other anwar. She wonders where other anwar went.

Outside, someone tells anwar, his work will be done. Anwar requests him to do it quick, he will be grateful to him.

In mansion, Sanam tries to leave. In hurry, she destroys some property. Latif goes to her and takes her back to kitchen. Sanam says where she got stuck because of anwar. She again tries to leave, but this time, she’s stopped by Azhar’s parents. Azhar’s mum asks her what about the loss that they suffered because of her. She tells her she is lucky because her son’s rishta got final today. Azhar’s dad asks her if she made the snacks. Sanam says yes. He then tells Azhar’s mum to keep her in this house, there can’t be a better punishment than making her cook for them. He puts snacks in her mouth and she agrees, she asks Latif to explain everything to Sanam. They leave. Latif tells Sanam, she will get 10,000 every month, out of which 10% will go to Azhar’s parents, and 10% will be his. Sanam gets shocked and asks him, they will take commission from her in their own house. Latif tells her, it’s not allowed to question here. He asks if she will work or no. Sanam thinks she will still get 8000. She recalls manager’s harsh words. Latif asks her, qubool hai or no. Sanam says, “Qubool Hai”. Screen freezes on her face.

Too many new characters since I last watched. Excuse any mistake.

Precap: Sanam is passing by Ahil’s room and sees him changing tshirt. He throws it and it goes on her face. She removes it from her face and is shocked to see Ahil. She drops a container. Ahil turns to look.

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