Ek Hasina Thi 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya saying the old man got his sight back. Durga is very happy. Shaurya says I told you I will help him. He holds her and smiles. Raj and Sakshi come there and see them holding hands. Sakshi thinks I should have understood Shaurya is doing all this for Durga. Durga greets them. Raj says I m proud of my son. Durga says how come you guys here. Raj says we came to meet the man. Durga says what Shaurya did today is amazing, I can’t express it in words. I always wanted to do this and like he heard me, his operation was successful. Raj says congrats. Durga says I have seen a new avatar of Shaurya. Sakshi says we too for the first time.

She asks how did this miracle happen. Durga says I always go to the ashram and saw him there. She says the old man stays there, I feel connected with him, I told Shaurya and he said he wants to do something for him today itself. Shaurya says doctors did the miracle. Raj gets a call and leaves. Shaurya says I m trying to be a good man. Sakshi asks whats his name. Durga says Madhusudan Babjee. Sakshi is shocked. She thinks of him as he told him that truth will not hide and one day she will be punished. Shaurya asks what happened mum, are you fine. Durga thinks how can she fine.

She asks you took tired, you should sit here and rest. Sakshi says I m fine, I think the day is hectic. I will go and freshen up. Durga tells Shaurya that she is very happy. The manager says media came here and asking about you. Raj says they don’t let us do good work with peace. Shaurya asks Raj did he call the media. Raj talks to the media and they ask about the old man. Shaurya tries to gain sympathy and get his name raised acting helping. Raj says my son does not need publicity, please leave.

Sakshi looks at the old man. She says this can’t happen. She thinks she offered him money but he rejected her offer. She comes to him. She says its me. He is shocked and gets up. He says who. She says don’t you know my son Shaurya Goenka helped you. She says you might be feeling you life turned, you lost your eyesight because of us and we returned it today, don’t think you will get your daughter Divya. He asks where is she now. She says if you want to meet her, but you won’t know her address if you open your mouth.

She says you don’t know us. Don’t tell about us, else you will lose Divya. He cries and says I won’t tell anyone, tell me where is she. She says I will tell you soon if you stay silent. Durga comes and Sakshi starts caring for him. Sakshi says take care and leaves. Durga talks to him and asks what did she say. He says you were right. Durga thinks she already told him about Goenkas and how to react seeing them. She says we will get your daughter back, trust me. The man says I have to be quiet else I can’t meet Divya.

He cries and says they took away my daughter and I lost my eyes in that fight. Durga says Sakshi will scare you always. Sakshi comes home. Raj and Shaurya come and says you should have seen the press. He asks why did you come so soon. She says someone has to clean the dirt before Shaurya falls. Shaurya asks what did I do now. She tells him about the old man. Raj says it does not matter, its good publicity for him and us.

Shaurya thinks of Divya and how he has beaten the old man. Raj says what, he is the one. Sakshi says she was witness of Shaurya rape case and Payal’s friend, whom we could not buy. Divya was the witness of Shaurya and his friends raping Payal.

Shaurya talks to his friends and says Payal’s sister Nitya, how can I forger her, Durga reminds me of her, both stubborn.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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