Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shanaya wakes up after seeing a bad dream so Sharda comforts her. Shanaya asks for her mom repeatedly. Sharda calms her down and caresses her face. She sings a lori for her. shanaya feels at peace. Sharda is sad for Karan as well. Karan is unable to sleep in the jail. He recalls the incident as to how Shanaya got injured because of him and Sharda is upset with him because of the same. Sharda too recalls everything. Sakshi too is in tears as she is missing Karan.

Next morning, Sunita brings tea for Sakshi and finds her sleeping next to the bed. She wakes Sakshi who immediately asks her what time is it. she is shocked to know it is 8 am already. She has to make breakfast for everyone. Sunita tells her to have tea. Ma ji has sent it. she came back a while ago and is in kitchen right now. Sakshi goes downstairs to talk to her.

Sharda has made food for everyone. She has packed something for Karan as well. Sakshi wants to know why she is doing this. Sharda tells Sakshi that she is a mom. She cannot differentiate between any of her kids. You know how much I love Karan. When a kid is hurt then his / her mom is in pain. When a mother herself punished her kids then she herself bears the pain of it. mistake is Karan’s but I too am getting punished for it. I have handed him over to the police. There is no bigger punishment for a mom than this. A small crack can break the strongest things. I have become strong after a lot of difficulties don’t weaken me again please. Sharda leaves while Sakshi cries.

Suresh is with Shanaya when Sharda brings breakfast for her. She wants to go home and be with everyone. She knows her dad can call doctors home for her. We anyways have to wait so its better to wait at home instead. She insists so they both give in. Suresh does not want Shanaya to face any problem at home. Sharda assures him about it. He leaves to talk to the doc.

Padma calls Sakshi. She has forgotten her phone at home. Dadi picks it up. She tells her that Sakshi forgot the phone at home as she was in a rush. The landline rings. Dadi asks Aarav to pick it up. Padma and Dadi are quiet all this while. Aarav is happy to know that they are bringing his sister home. Aarav shares the good news with Dadi and Padma also overhears it. She tells Dadi that she will talk to Sakshi later. I am coming there to meet you all very soon. dadi ends the call. Padma is upset with Sharda. Shanaya is coming home while my SIL is still in jail. Sharda ji is not doing the right thing. she has so much sympathy for Pallavi’s daughter while she is behaving so mean with my daughter. I wont let her ruin my daughter’s life.

Karan tells Sakshi to let mom do what she wants. I know that she cannot be angry for me for long. Sakshi can understand her pain as well. Her eyes say everything. She has got special permission to bring food for him in his cell. She feeds him with her own hands. Karan realises that his mom has made this food. She nods. Ma cooked this, packed it and then gave it to me to bring it for you. They both get emotional. He starts getting hiccups. She has forgotten water bottle in the car and goes to get it. Karan is thinking something.

Shanaya comes home. Doc tells them to be very careful. She needs much more care. A nurse will stay with her all the time and I will also stay in touch with you all. Please call me in case you need anything. Suresh nods. Chirag goes to drop him till the door.

Shanaya thanks Sharda for bringing her home. I was feeling suffocated there. Latika calls them all for lunch. Sharda wants to stay with Shanaya. She also asks Sunita to bring Shanaya’s lunch here in the room only. They all leave. Sharda assures Shanaya that she will be fine very soon.

The constables discuss Karan’s case. They discuss about how they should break his leg and can lie in front of everyone. Sakshi hears this and is angry. She reminds them of their duty. Inspector warns her not to talk to on duty policemen like this or she can be arrested for it. She tries to tell him what the constables said but Karan tells her to go. Don’t come back. He looks at her sadly.

Everyone is seated in the living room when Padma comes there. They are all surprised to see her here. She asks for Sharda and is told that she is with Shanaya. Just then Sharda comes there. Padma asks about Shanaya. She will be improving as you are with her. you are with your daughter but who is with my daughter? My daughter who has supported you in everything, she even spoke to me badly the other day at the factory for you, but she is left all alone in her hour of need. She always gets in trouble because of you. When your whole family was against you then it was Sakshi who stood by you. She left home with you forgetting her identity to help you make your new identity. She also encouraged you when you chose to come back to this home to fulfil your responsibilities. She asks Suresh if he forgot what all Sakshi has done for his business. Don’t forget that you got very good shares because of me after Karan-Sakshi’s marriage. I never expected anything from you anyways. But I had a lot of expectations from Sharda ji. I knew that I can leave her side once but you will not do it ever but you actually did it! sharda tries to explain what Karan has done. Padma tells her to see the reality. Come out of your dream / ideology world. Will you punish your own son for your ideologies? She asks Latika, Suresh, Chirag and Dadi who all answer in negative. You could atleast have got him bailed. Padma points it to her. Karan is your own son, your own blood but Shanaya? Sharda stops her right then. She tells her not to remind her who is her own and who is not. shanaya might not be my real daughter but she is still a part of me. even Yashoda Ma dint gave birth to Krishna but she was still called his mother. And for Karan, a mother only spoils her kid with her love and when he makes mistakes then she only punishes him. the bigger the mistake, the bigger the punishment. I hope you would have understood it now as to why I sent my son Karan to jail for Shanaya. Padma shakes her head angrily. Dadi notices Sakshi standing there and calls out for her.

Precap for Monday: Dadi talks to Sharda about Karan. You are punishing him for his anger then you too should be punished for your mistake. You are doing the same thing what he did. He has got his punishment. Sharda declines. Shanaya has got punishment for his anger / mistake. He wont become a good human being till he realises his mistake.

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