Tumhari Pakhi 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pakhi blaming Veer for everything. She scolds him and says you can go and celebrate that you won and I lost. She says you made me helpless, you have failed me. She says always remember this, you are the one who ruined my family, you took my son’s innocence and my courage. She says she curses him as she has hurt a mum’s love. Veer is shocked. Anuja says this is not right, whats the need for Veer to talk to marry, if he wants to go, he should go. Lavanya says Pakhi is very clever, don’t know why she did this. Girish says your mum is playing games and taunts Anuja. He says Lavanya is blind that she can’t see her games. Pakhi asks Veer to leave as her aim to ruin everything is over. She pushes him our and shuts the door crying.

Veer gets angry. He comes downstairs. Everyone look at him. Pakhi comes out and looks at them. Veer says he is ready to do this marriage. Pakhi and everyone are shocked. She thinks she was fooling around saying she will marry Veer, but he really said yes. Maha ji says congrats to him and Pakhi. Ayaan says Maa, uncle agreed and will become my dad. Ashok says we knew it, we are happy, thanks. Bhaisa asks Pakhi is she sure for this decision. Bhabhisa says she is happy for Pakhi and blesses her. Pakhi comes to her room and cries.

She sees Anshuman’s pic and says see them, they are playing with my emotions, he said yes to marry me, its his plan, I m so helpless, I don’t know what to do, I m very lonely. She says your Pakhi failed. I m sorry, forgive me. Girish asks Veer what is this new game. Veer says there is nothing left now, he has broken up and can’t see in his eyes. He says Pakhi was right, I did a mistake, but it changed Pakhi and Ayaan’s life, I have made them stand at this point, I did not think what will happen if things go wrong. He says he did not leave any option for Pakhi, it will be hell for Pakhi both ways, I can atleast make Ayaan’s life good.

He says he will always support Pakhi always after knowing Bua’s truth, I assure Bhaisa that till I m here, no one can touch Pakhi. He says Pakhi did this for Ayaan, and I can’t let Ayaan’s mum fail. Girish smiles. Pakhi cries. Saiyyan………………….plays…………………… She says she will always be his Pakhi forever. She hugs his pic. Ayaan thanks Veer for becoming his dad and Maa’s best friend. Saiyyan…………………..plays…………. Pakhi comes downstairs. Anuja asks Pakhi to forget everything, free Aryaman and bring him home, why to marry Veer, you don’t even know him, decide whether you want to sign or Mandap.

Pakhi goes to the Mandap. Lavanya says stop Pakhi, what do you want to show, you are ready to marry Veer, what about my brother Aryaman, you want to ruin everyone’s lives. Anuja sys stop Lavanya, if she decided, let her marry, if they both want to marry, who are we to come in between them. Anuja says its true that I was not happy with this marriage, I was thinking if everyone agrees, we will be happy, its fine Aryaman can’t be happy, you stay happy. She says Pakhi is our daughter and will always be our daughter, don’t worry for her. Veer says things look good if change slowly, if fast, it looks bad, be careful. Anuja smiles and says a person says a lot in anger, I m your Bua, won’t you forgive me. I always regarded you my son, you know me. He thinks yes, that’s why I know a big plan is behind this. Anuja thinks Veer can’t understand her, he does not know that he was used.

Pakhi and Veer sit in the Mandap to get married. She thinks about her and Anshuman’s marriage. Veer makes her wear the mangalsutra. He fills sindoor in her Maang. They exchange the garlands. They take the rounds. She thinks about Anshuman. Anuja looks at angrily. The wedding is completed. Everyone clap. Veer and Pakhi sign the legal marriage docs. Veer tells Anuja that now I m in between you and Pakhi, so think and do what you want. Anuja smiles.

Bhaisa and Bhabhisa leave. Lavanya says she will leave. Ayaan says take Dadi along, as she did not like my Maa.

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