Sinhasan Battisi 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, rishimoni says these asteroids are leaving their position n are falling on ground, raja vikramaditya asks why are they leaving their position n to know the truth we need to find a solution, raja bhoj asks wat was the solution, jaylaxmi says its who u shd tell wat is the solution, raja bhoj says its rahu the reason for changing position of asteroids, jaylaxmi says ur right it was rahu. Rishimonis inform vikramaditya that rahu is changing position n so these asteroids are getting affected, raja vikramaditya says why is he changing direction n going to pushyanaskshatra, rishimoni says to destroy it bcoz this nakshatra which is reason of eclipse n if rahu destroys it sun moon all will disappear, lord indar decides to stop rahu, raja vikramaditya is informed if pushyanakshatra iss destroyed water oxygen food life all will vanish away. Lord indra asks rahu to stop n asks him to go back to his position, rahu says where shd i go i have no positions, lord indra says anywhere but u have no place in heaven, rahu says bcoz of u i have lost my existence now bear the consequences, raja boj asks but why is rahus existence endangered jaylaxmi says bcoz rahu cheated with gods, rahu tells indra dev that he will destroy the planet earth, indra dev warns rahu not to do such thing, rahu says no one can do anything to me. Rishimonis tell raja vikramaditya that in 21 days rahu will reach nakshatra n they have to stop rahu in these 21 days. Lord indra orders god of fires to turn rahu to ahes but rahu remains unaffected, lord indra dev tries to attack rahu but nothing happens to rahu, rahu says its impossible to defeat me so leave my path n says this war is abt my existence n so i will definitely live. Raja bhoj asks jaylaxmi wat happened next did rahu win, jaylaxmi says the gods couldn’t stop rahu n so it was difficult for raja vikramaditya to stop rahu aswell, raja bhoj gets confused, jaylaxmi says wat happened, raja bhoj says ask the question, jaylaxmi says wat did vikramaditya did u think, raja bhoj says mighty king like raja vikramadiytya surely didn’t give up he must have gathered all his knowledge n strength to fight rahu.

Rishimonis suggest raja vikramaditya to arrange a pooja to please rahu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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