Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th January 2014 Written Update

Sakshi apologizes to Karan. Everyone is upset because of me especially papa. Ma had to listen to so much because of me. it wont be repeated ever I assure you. Please forgive me. Karan says you haven’t done anything so there is no point of forgiving you. I love my mom a lot. I respect what you have done for her. You did it all for her with a pure heart. It was my anger towards my own self that I cannot retort to dad whenever he says something to mom. This is why I reacted badly. She tells him to keep the anger inside you only. It shouldn’t be led to the heart as if it reaches your heart then the person who you are angry from wont reach your heart ever. She calls him for the puja. If you don’t come then everyone will be upset especially ma. She gives him a yellow kurta to wear.

He agrees to come down wearing the same kurta. She is about to go but he surprises her by saying thanks. I know you are doing all this for mom as you love, care and respect her a lot. This matters a lot to me. Thanks for that. She smiles. He thanks her for selecting such a dull colour. She points out that one has to wear yellow in Saraswati Ma’s puja only. Come down fast. You will look very cute in this. He agrees but then goes quiet. She leaves from there. He mutters to himself. I don’t understand why girls find everything cute! He goes to get ready.

Pratik is talking to someone who is coming over. Latika comes there asking him if he is ready to go. He agrees. I have called the priest here. She is confused. Puja is at home (Modi House) right? He says this is our house. We shouldn’t celebrate every anniversary or every occasion from that place. I want that Diya gains values from our own home too. I want the puja to be here only. Sharda calls him up and he tells her about what he has decided. We will come in the evening to have Prasad. Sharda is confused / thinking as she ends the call. Latika doesn’t look too happy.

Priest calls for all the married couples of the house. They have to make swastiks together and write a message for the goddess. He asks for Karan. Suresh taunts Sharda for not teaching the value of Ma Saraswati to Karan as she herself is miles away from studies. Karan comes downstairs. Sakshi and Karan make the swastika together. Sakshi and Karan keep looking at each other in between and smile cutely. Once they are done the priest calls for Suresh and Sharda. Sharda grabs the pen before Suresh and he retreats. Priest points out that they have to write it together. Suresh makes the swastika with her. sakshi and Karan are happy. Suresh stops Sharda. If you are done with your designs then leave the pen now. I will write the message on my own. This ritual takes so much time every year. If I will keep writing it with you then all my time will be wasted. I am getting late for office. Sharda sadly lets go of the pen. Sakshi feels hurt for her. She folds her hands in prayers. Show my mom a way too. I want to teach her but not by force. Give her the gift of knowledge…only you can instil the inkling in her to study.

The neighbouring ladies have come. One of them has brought a design which they challenge each other to attempt and see who finishes first. Sakshi is watching them from a distance. Sharda finishes it first and is overjoyed. They are surprised at her speed. One learns things so fast when people sit together and compete. Sharda very sweetly explains that there is no fun in doing something alone. When people work together then their fates join. The success will anyways come in no time. They thank her for her love and patience. She gives them credit too. You tried that’s why you succeeded. Till the time we don’t try we don’t get to know if we will lose or win. We cannot learn alone as fast as we can learn in together in a group. They agree with her. We will do it together only. Sharda recalls how Sakshi has been encouraging her to study; Suresh’s words on how he doesn’t think that Sharda wants to learn. Sharda notices Sakshi and she too notices her.

Sakshi turns to go and Sharda excuses herself. She stops Sakshi. I want to say something. Sakshi knows what she wants to say. I know you don’t want to study. I don’t want to force you too that’s why I am going to keep them all in the almirah. Sharda denies. Now you don’t have to force me. sakshi is confused. Sharda asks her to forgive her before she can explain her point to her. She leads Sharda to the temple while the title song plays in the background. Sharda shows her the pen. She picks it up and makes a swastika. Sakshi looks at it full of emotions. Sharda asks her if she wont hold her ma’s hand today and teach her how to write. Sakshi nods and together they write SHARDA. Sakshi reads it out for her. Gurur Brahma plays.

Sharda prays to Saraswati Ma. She tells Sakshi that she was right. The blessing has to be asked that’s what I did just now. I have full faith that my prayer will be answered as Ma Saraswati has sent you already to fulfil it. Today I accept you as my guru in front of Ma Saraswati. I will work hard to learn what you will be teaching me along with the other household work. This is my promise to my guru, to you. Gurur brahma chant is playing in the background. Sharda bends down to touch her feet but Sakshi stops her / backs off. It will be a sin. Sharda shakes her head. You will be blessed for bringing the light of knowledge in my life. Sakshi says the hands of elders should be raised in order to bless. You start with it and I will be with you in every step of the way. Bless me that I am able to fulfil my aim and your prayers. She gives the pen to Sharda who happily accepts it. Sakshi takes her blessings but Sharda stops her. they both hug.

Suresh and Latika are in the office. An employee is called for. suresh tells him there were a few mistakes here and there. Sakshi comes there too. Suresh suggests him to learn computers. I know you have been doing it on the paper but learn working on computers. You are very intelligent you will learn soon. There is no age bar to learn something. Mr. Nath agrees to try. Suresh notices Sakshi and welcomes her. She says I tried to teach ma at home but. The problem is not in her but is in my way of teaching. I sent her once to the coaching centre without asking you but now I need your permission to do so. I want to send her to the coaching centre once again. Suresh isn’t too keen at the idea. He asks her to drop it. She points out that just now he was motivating Mr. Nath then why not give a chance to ma too. Which is right for Mr. Nath would be right for ma too? Give her a chance atleast. Latika is surprised. You said with so much confidence that you will teach ma then why are you thinking about sending ma to the coaching centre again. The ladies of Modi House aren’t that weak. How are you so sure ma will manage everything this time and wont come back home running? Sakshi tells her her own point only. The women belonging to Modi family aren’t too weak. Ma is also a part of Modi Family only. Latika says the point is that the lady of such a big empire cannot go out and study in a coaching centre. People will mock us. I genuinely feel that you should drop the idea. Sakshi thanks Suresh for his time and turns to leave sadly but Suresh stops her. You can send her to any place you want to. I don’t want you think that Sharda Modi remains illiterate because of Suresh Modi. I know you will be disappointed anyways. Sakshi thanks him for giving this one chance to her.

Back home, Sakshi shares the good news with Sharda. Now no one will stop you from studying ma. Sharda is happy.

Precap: Sakshi has come to drop Sharda to the coaching centre. Sharda enters the class hesitantly. The teacher is calling out for attendance and Sharda sits on a chair as the students look at her quizzing. Sharda marks her attendance with a present.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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