Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi thinking that Raunaq’s truth is known to Kinnari now and she can live her life happily. Ankita is happy to see Mansi happy. Mansi says, I could not tell you anything. She says, I was tensed about Shashank’s aayi and baba. Ankita asks, is everything alright? Mansi says yes. Naren says, she is lying? He says, I knows everything. He says, your smile is because of Shashank. Mansi says, I am happy for you both. Naren pulls her leg jokingly. Mansi smiles. Naren says, when two people love each other then they do smile looking at each other. He says like Ahana smile at me. Ankita says, we shall not disclose our secrets infront of anyone. Naren compliments Ankita’s smile and says next time I will take your photo. Ankita blushes. Naren goes to bring Shashank.

Ovi is talking to Pia and she says I am going to do internship soon. She says everything is cool but you are not here. Arjun comes. Ovi disconnects the call and asks Arjun, why you are tensed? Arjun says, Purvi is not doing the right thing. Ovi asks, what happened? Arjun says, I came to know about Rishabh Kapoor. I went to meet RK. I came to know from Chadda that RK framed me in the drug case and then freed me. He says, Purvi is connected somewhere. Everything is planned. RK was calm when I went to meet him. Purvi is not listening to me. I don’t know what to do. Ovi asks him to tell the truth to Purvi inorder to save her from RK. Arjun says, I can’t tell her anything. I don’t want her to come back in my life. I want her to be happy with someone but not RK.

Naren brings Shashank to Mansi and asks him to look at Mansi carefully. He says, Mansi’s smile is exclusively for you. Shashank says, I am not understanding. Naren says, Mansi smile is for you and she is blushing. Shashank says, you are experienced and you are right. Naren counts his experience period and asks Shashank to follow him. He says, I have revised all the wedding vows and emailed to myself. He says, girls are very clever. They make us made the promise during the wedding. He clicks Ankita’s photo and then Shashank and Mansi’s pic. Pavitra Rishta music plays.

Raunaq comes to Mansi’s sangeet and peeps through the curtains. He says, you have spoiled my wedding night and enjoying at your sangeet. I will ruin you. But can’t do. You are looking very beautiful and I want to love you. You are looking beautiful in my dress. Mansi is enjoying her sangeet function with others. Soham falls down in inebriated state. Raunaq is hiding behind the curtains. Ankita asks Prashant to take Soham inside the house. Prashant takes him inside with his friend’s help. Raunaq smirks evilly.

Mansi gets Raunaq’s message from Ankita’s mobile. The message asks her to come to the terrace as their father Soham is drunk and Ankita wants to talk to her. She asks her not to tell anyone. Mansi tells Shashank that she will be back in a minute. Shashank holds her hand and asks her to come soon as he is waiting for her. Mansi smiles and looks at him while the song plays….Prashant takes Soham inside and asks his friend to take care of his dad. His friend agrees. Pranav sees Ankita’s phone outside and wonders. Raunaq comes to the terrace and awaits for Mansi. Mansi doesn’t see Ankita and passes by her. Pranav gives the phone to Ankita. Mansi comes to the terrace and calls for Ankita. Raunaq comes infront of her and smirks evilly. Mansi is shocked.

Mansi tries to leave but Raunaq stops her. Mansi says I will shout. Raunaq says, everyone are dancing and no one will hear your voice. He says, I got married today and might be enjoying wedding night with Kinnari but you spoiled it. My wedding night will be with you. Mansi tries to slap him but he holds her hand. It starts raining. Everyone wonder about the unsuspected rain. Shashank asks his parents to go and he will come later. Raunaq says, I will not let you go with my insult. I will return the insult with interest. He laughs. Mansi is crying. Raunaq says, I will enjoy wedding night with you. He says, you will remember all your life. He asks her to shout and scream. Prashant take everything inside. Naren asks Ankita to sit. Ankita says, all the guest left. She says, I am tired. Naren offers to massage her legs. Ankita refuses. But Naren is adamant. He massages her legs. He says, I remembered something and tells about their favourite restaurant in London. Naren says, you forgot everything. Ankita thinks to know about his past to brighten his future.

Mansi comes inside the home. Ankita asks, where were you? She hugs her and cries miserably. Ankita says, I know why you are crying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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