Ek Boond Ishq 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ leaving Tara behind to fetch water and on the other hand Tara sees policemen and gets scared thinking they might be on the lookout for them. She runs behind the building and sits on the floor and decides to call MJ but her cell battery is low. MJ meanwhile has got water for her and he gets a call from Tara but no sooner does he pick the call that her battery dies down. MJ is worried thinking y her call got disconnected and maybe she is in trouble and here Tara is irritated. MJ reaches the spot where he had left Tara and on not finding her there, he starts looking for her everywhere and shouts her name. He tries calling her but is unable to reach her. He thinks maybe she headed back to the mansion and he is tensed. He goes around the place asking people if they had seen Tara. Tara now comes out when she realises that the policemen have left and she is worried for MJ. Tara too starts enquiring for MJ. She asks for a florist and he tells her that he had seen MJ and maybe he was looking for her only and also says he was worried. She asks him if he saw where he went but he says he doesn’t know. She thinks of calling him from a PCO. MriAra are searching for each other. Tara asks a guy for a PCO and he says nearby there are no PCOs and she asks him to borrow his cell but he says he doesn’t have one. Tara is about to be hit by a car but at the right moment she turns back and the guy applies the break. He curses her.

Mithi is arranging clothes in her cupboard when she hears the door opening and she thinks Adi came back. She gets very happy and without turning back she thanks him for dinner and introducing her to all his friends. She says she is very happy and its all thanks to Tara and then she realises her blunder and stops right there. She turns back saying what I meant is but she sees its Nimmo. Nimmo asks her what she meant and Mithi is tensed. She asks her what did Tara do that you want to thank her and Mithi says that Tara selected the dress for dinner and that’s it. Nimmo asks her if she got a call from them and when they are coming back. Mithi blurts out saying yes but corrects herself and says no, not me but maybe Jayraj got a call. Nimmo doesn’t buy it but doesn’t argue and says its strange and it took barely more than 4 hrs for her to come back from there and y its taking them so long. Mithi says I donno and she asks Mithi to fetch her green tea. Just then Nimmo gets a call from Rudra who asks her if she got any info. Nimmo says something is cooking for sure and even Mithi isn’t even willing to divulge anything when she herself saw her talking to Tara. That means she is hiding something and she tried her best and Mithi is being careful. Rudra instructs her to use any means possible to extract the info from Mithi and find out abt MriAra. On the other hand Kala starts singing. She says what kind of a fool I am. I am seeking help from a human when I should goto God and he will know everything.

MriAra are busy searching for each other and in this process the water bottle falls down and water spills out. In the background ‘Tum Hi Ho’ is played. (Chalo kuch aur nahi toh gaana hi sahi and of course some lovely flashback MriAra scenes ) Tara finds a tap and she drinks water from that. Tara sees a temple behind and she remembers her mother’s words that when you lose hope, then you fold your hands before God. MJ is worried for Tara as she was thirsty and hungry and she could barely walk and from where will he find Tara.

Radha is running or limping on the streets while Kala’s henchmen are chasing her (Priyal has been replaced with Aanchal). Radha too goes to the temple.

MJ pulls out Tara’s pearl and says that her pearl is with him but she is his pearl and wonders where she has gone. Kala’s men come searching for Radha and she pulls the dupatta on her head and hides behind the grills of the God’s worship place. Tara too comes there and prays to God to unite her with MJ and she can’t breathe without him. He has barely been away from her for few minutes and she is in such a bad state and she dreads if he goes back to jail, how she will live. She begs God to never separate MJ from her. Here MJ too is in the same state and thinks if he cant be away from her for sometime then how will he be able to live without her when he goes back to jail and he will not even be able to die without her too. He prays that Tara should come back to him. He is determined to find her and when he goes to keep the pearl back, it rolls away from him pointing in the direction of a shrine. MJ looks up at the skies like he got a clue.

In the temple a priestess finds Radha and asks her what’s the matter and she notices the wound on her shoulder that is bleeding now. She is concerned for her and offers to take her to doctor and Radha gets scared thinking that the doctors will figure out its gunshot wound and the news will spread and the goons are also near. Radha tells her no and the priestess tells her that the wound will deepen else but Radha says she is fine. She then asks Radha if someone is with her and Radha lies saying she isn’t alone. The priestess gets her water and Prasad and asks her to take care. Radha says she is in God’s house and he will take care of her now.

Tara finishes her prayers and she again misses Radha. Here Kala is climbing up the stairs of the temple and Tara is getting down. Tara clashes into another woman and her cell falls down. She gets up to pick her phone and Kala passes by her, neither noticing the other. Radha sees Kala and she hides. Tara sees that her cell is on but battery is still low. She calls MJ and she is trying to tell him but MJ is unable to say anything as the bells are ringing. Tara turns back and cribs to God that she couldn’t even tell MJ where he she is and tells him you separated us so now you will unite us. MJ tries calling Tara but cant reach her again. MJ realises that he heard the sound of bells and deduces that it was coming from a temple. He asks a passer by and he guides him. Here Kala is praying to God and outside Tara is praying as well. She turns back and sees MJ standing there and runs and hugs him.

Precap – MriAra and Radha meet at last MJ is emotional seeing Radha.

Update Credit to: mandy

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  1. Wow,superb epi..I luv MriAra much more,mj n tara are deeply in luv….But wen will they confess..

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