Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Karan is feeling hungry as he studies the files. He calls his peon and asks for his lunch but no tiffin has come for him. he paces worried / hungry. He places his lunch order from outside.

Sharda prays to Kanha ji. Forgive me, I know you told me to go and study but I couldn’t do it. You saw how everyone was laughing at me! However much you soak a dry branch with water but no leaves sprout on it. I will tell the truth to Sakshi. She is a bit stubborn she wouldn’t agree but I wont be able to do it. She cries. Sakshi comes and hugs her. She is holding Sharda’s diary. I am very happy that you learnt so much so soon. Sharda recalls how that girl did her homework. I knew that my ma is an expert in everything. No one learns all this so soon. Plus you are very strong that you

went and came back all alone. Sharda is feeling uneasy and tries to say something but Sakshi continues praising her. she is ecstatic. You worked so hard for me and took such a big step which I know isn’t easy for you yet you did it for me. From now onwards, our relation will be stronger. Sharda tries to explain when Dadi calls out for Sakshi and she has to leave. Sharda apologizes to Kanha ji. I wanted to tell her the truth that your ma isn’t as brave as you think her to be. Instead she ran off from there but I have never seen you so happy. I dint want to hurt you. Forgive me, I agree one should speak the truth however bitter it is but if that truth is going to hurt your own people then what to do!

Suresh comes home. Sharda helps him with the coat. She asks him about Karan’s first day. Suresh says it was good but I think he will have to change his outlook. He doesn’t explain but leaves for his room after telling her to send his tea in their room. She obliges. Karan too comes home. She asks him about his first day and what his dad said. Karan says I don’t like change. I haven’t even changed my socks since last 3 days and dad wants me to change my perspective. Business isn’t my cup of tea. One, I don’t like it and then when I say something then he always counters it. One day was enough. He has a headache so she makes him sit and massages his head. She talks sweetly to him asking him simple questions. Did you learn to ride bicycle in one go? He denies. She explains that one cannot learn anything in a day. We make mistakes, fall, get up and then learn to walk again. If you wouldn’t have tried again when you fell in the courtyard on your first day then would you have learnt how to ride a bicycle? He denies but dad scolds a lot. She asks him not to give up on the first day itself. One has to hurt the stone to carve an idol out of it. He understands the point. He asks her why she dint send her lunch in office. She is surprised. I told Sakshi to send it. He is alert. Sakshi…that is what I thought! I knew mom wouldn’t forget a thing ever then how she forgot my lunch. Sakshi would do that only. He leaves for his room.

Karan walks in angrily in his room. Sakshi is intently noticing the look on his face. She asks him on his insistence if something is wrong. He says it was wrong of me to go to office but this wouldn’t happen again. I was so happy earlier before I got married to you because of which I had to go to office. You wont interfere in my life from today onwards. She cross questions him….how not to, as I am your wife! He reminds her that she forgot to send him lunch even though she remembers she is his wife. She apologizes. But it wouldn’t be such that you haven’t had your lunch. You don’t look hungry. Why create a scene now? he replies that everything went wrong since she has come in his life. Dad used to think me as a useless person and I used to think of him as Hitler. We were happy in our set roles but you came and started your mission of making me an obedient son and finally sent me to office too. Why don’t you understand that I am not interested in becoming a perfect person like you? Let me be me….disorganized, cool Karan Modi. She is hurt by his words. You think I am not worried about you? I thought you would be tired from your first day in office so was cooking since afternoon for you. I thought to make something special for you for lunch as you had to eat your lunch from outside today. He notices the food kept in their room. He says this wont help. You think your mistake will be rectified because of this? He paces angrily and tells her she wont be able to understand him ever. She asks him the same question. Have you ever tried doing that? Before blaming me ask this question to yourself once. He leaves in a huff.

At night, Latika is surprised to see her room fully decorated with candles and roses. There is a gift for her on the bed too. She wonders about the same. Pratik comes there telling her this is for her…their anniversary gift. She thanks him and appreciates his efforts. He wanted to make it special for her and she confirms that this is. But I haven’t brought any gift for you. He is happy. this means I will get whatever I will ask for. He asks her to promise it and she agrees. I want you to spend your whole day with me (their special day). I have cancelled all my meetings and everything. If you give me this gift then I will think that I am the happiest husband of the world. She agrees. Diya also joins them. latika promises her her way.

Sharda wishes Latika. All the preps for the dinner tonight is on. The menu is as per your and Pratik’s liking. Latika thanks her. the call ends. Sharda sends off Kaveri to check on the cleaning and also gives her the phone to keep outside. Sakshi comes there. Sharda notices that she looks upset. She tries to talk to her about her coaching but Sakshi cuts her. I am very upset. This is wrong. This is not just my fault but Karan’s too. I only want him to go to office and he scolded me so much yester night. What if I forgot to send him lunch box one day? It wouldn’t be so that he wouldn’t have eaten something. Why did he make it such a big issue? You know I cooked dinner for him with so much love but he got upset with me. It’s ok if he will stay upset with me I will do the same. Karan calls out for his mom telling her that he is leaving. Sharda goes out to talk to him and Sakshi too comes out to hear them. you shouldn’t be so upset with Sakshi like this? Now that you will go to office and have so many problems but this doesn’t mean that you will bring them all home with you and direct them at Sakshi. She is your wife, your companion. You cannot continue on your journey if you fight with your companion. I understand that your first day wasn’t good but this doesn’t mean that you will ruin her day too. She doesn’t even know what happened with you in the office. We can win war with stubbornness but love can only be won with love. karan leaves without saying anything.

Suresh comes calling for Latika and asks Sharda about the same. He is surprised to know she hasn’t come till now. sharda says she should spend her special day with her family but Suresh doesn’t understand it. Anniversary will come next year as well but if we lose client once in business then we wouldn’t get it back. He calls Latika and asks her to come to office for their client is important. You are handling him since the beginning. She agrees. She turns and notices Diya and Pratik planning out something. Diya tells her that they have made plans for whole day. Pratik notices that she looks worried. Is there a problem? She tells him she will have to go to office urgently. We have a very important client and only I handle him. She apologizes while Pratik looks sad.

Karan comes out in the parking area (of their house). He recalls his own harsh words to Sakshi yester night. He realises he shouldn’t have said so much. Maybe she was trying to do it right. I showed my anger at the wrong place. You should say sorry to her. just then Sakshi comes out to talk to him. They both start talking at the same time and then stop. He asks her if she has come to say that (sorry). She says sorry….but this you should say to me. Anyway I came to tell you that I have ordered a gift for Latika di and Pratik jiju from our behalf. We will give it together like a couple. He jumps at the word. Where was your wife-ism at night? Hope you aren’t a split personality. she calms her anger. If we hold onto yesterday then how would we look at the new day? I am only saying that if we give gift together in front of the family then we would look like a perfect couple. You haven’t got gift so I got it. It is one and the same thing. He denies. you and I cannot be we ever! What do you want to show by buying a gift? I will buy a gift for my sister on my own. She mutters that its good that quotes on togetherness, love were made long before this khadus (Karan) came or people would have changed their minds. I got married to him but it is so not possible to become this khadus’s wife. Karan is hearing this from a distance.

He asks her if she said something. She declines. he starts to go but she stops him. I am sorry for yester night. You don’t want to say it then its ok but I am sorry. You have to go to office forcefully, without any interest that’s why I am sorry. He doesn’t take it positively. You pushed me in the pit and now you are apologizing. You don’t have to worry about me. he turns to go but then stops and apologizes to her. she cannot believe her ears and is happy.

Precap: Sakshi tells Sharda (who is busy cooking) that it is 1 already. You have to go to coaching class. Sharda declines. I have so much work to do. Till now I have only made lunch. The dinner is yet to be made. Sakshi doesn’t buy it. You don’t have to make excuses like kids. I will handle everything here. Sharda begins to tell her about yesterday and is fumbling.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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